War Story - Top 32 at Seattle Regionals

Hello everyone. I guess for better or worse I will be remembered as the guy that haxed skarm to death in Round 2 of this year's Seattle Regionals. My team was designed as an anti-Trick Room team, ordered by number of kills:

Conkeldurr @ Toxic Orb
Adamant, Guts, 254 HP/252 Attack/4 Speed
Mach Punch, Drain Punch, Rock Slide, Protect

Thundurus @ Electric Gem
30/31/30/31/31/31, HP Ice 70
Naive, Prankster, 252 Sp. Attack/252 Speed/6 HP
Discharge, Thunderbolt, Hidden Power, Protect

Golurk @ Ghost Gem
Adamant, Iron Fist, 254 HP/252 Attack/4 Speed
Earthquake, Shadow Punch, Rock Slide, Safeguard (big mistake)

Druddigon @ Life Orb
Adamant, Sheer Force, 254 HP/252 Attack/4 Speed
Dragon Claw, Sucker Punch, Rock Slide, Protect

Stoutland @ Normal Gem
Adamant, Intimidate, 254 Hp/252 Attack/4 Speed
Last Resort, Protect

Chandelure @ Focus Sash
Timid, Flash Fire, 252 Sp. Attack/252 Speed/4 HP
Heat Wave, Shadow Ball, Trick Room, Protect (never used it, but there's the moveset)

Round 1:

I am terrible with names, so I don't really remember, sorry! He opened with Cofagrigus and Gigilith, I opened with Conkeldurr and Golurk. He blew up first turn and I used Protect first turn, so I started up 4-3. Shadow Punch put him in critical. It was downhill from there really, he teamed in Reuniclus and Psychic'd me for the kill on Conky. I finished him off switching in Stoutland for the last kill. I believe it ended 3-0, and I can't remember his fourth. Yah, I am the one guy that used Last Resort in the tournament. I couldn't get my Stoutland's happiness high enough for Return that morning, so a gimmick was born.

Round 2:

Me vs. skarm. I'll go ahead and let him post the full warstory because I don't want to reveal his team in case he goes on to do well in the Last Chance Qualifier, but basically I Mach Punch crit him through a Chople Berry, had Discharge trigger paralysis at least once (I swear it was twice) and won a speed tie (?) twice for the win. Sorry! This is why I like Double Elimination.

Round 3:

Another fellow who I can't remember the name of. He lead with Archeops and Whimsicott, I lead with Conkeldurr and Thundurus. I Discharged and Protected first turn, and he Protected on his Archeops, so I blew my gem on 25% or so on his Whimsicott. His Whimsicott Taunted me to prevent Tailwind, which I didn't have but good idea. Second turn he Charmed my Conky, I Mach Punched his Archeops in case it was Sashed, and Thunderbolted (or Discharge? I doubt it, it's hard to remember when you are nervous!) for the KO. He switched in a third, but I can't remember what it was! I think Terakkion or Conkeldurr, no clue. I believe I survived a Rock Slide with 1 HP on Thundurus that turn and KO'd with Mach Punch and Discharge? Anyway, his Whimsicott got paralyzed either that turn or the turn before, but got off another Charm before it went down. His last was Scrafty, which I killed with Drain Punch and Thunderbolt. I believe this was 4-0.

Round 4: BYE

Round 5:

me vs. ThePickAndPlay, I lose. Edited out for now while I wait for permission to post about it. It was an interesting game, to say the least.

Anyway, I had a blast, and I do plan on playing again next year. Thanks for reading!


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Well, to be honest, if I had to lose I'd rather it be to someone from Smogon that knows what they're doing. It came down to some dice rolls which went in your favor, and thus, whatever. It happens I'll probably very likely end up in Indianpolis LCQing it anyway.

Best of luck next year!