[Warstory] Overprotective - Now with Pics!

For those who don't know me, I've been kinda spamming around over the last month or two, having found Smogon a year ago for the last VGC (first one I entered). Last year, I lost in Rd 2 in a match I.. really should've won. This year, I was determined to do better, and spent ages planning my team, changing it left, right and centre before the big day. Having attended the Bristol 1-Up Events tournament, I knew my team had potential, but decided to make a couple of last minute changes to cover a horrible weakness I had to Conkeldurr/Mienshao. So, without further ado, my team~!

Most of these are pretty standard - Scrafty has Chople Berry because Sigilyph has the Life Orb. Whimsi gets a Sitrus Berry because Mienshao had the Sash and Whimsi is defensive. Scarf Vanilluxe.

Standing in the queue with a few friends, we get talking to one guy who is pretty awesome. He's apparently not been playing competitively for long and goes on some site I'd not heard of, so I kinda advised he try Smogon - telling people how one of the most notoriously elitist sites on the net has improved a lot on that front apparently works wonders for attracting people to the site!
Registering, one of our friends is held back for waaaay too long and we begin to wonder what the hell is going on. Turns out, we'd misprepared his team and, as such, he had two Scarves in the team. They let him change it, but he had nothing else on his (incomplete) file so just dropped the Scarf from his Jellicent, haha.

Nearing the end of the queue - I've just sat down on the furthest table, opposite the guy in red who's standing up.

As we reach the front of the queue, we say good luck to each other and the awesome guy goes off for his match. We decide we're friend-ruling between the ones who'd travelled up, so a few people step forward to play against us. One friend thinks one of the opponents looks pretty easy, so he elects himself to play them, and the rest of us are left with people who seemingly know what they're doing. >.<

As I sit down, me and my opponent introduce ourselves as I put out three Yoshi dolls on the table, much to his amusement. :P We wish each other good luck (a few times, actually, methinks) and begin our battles.

Rd 1: Gary Robinson
- So I see this guy's team. A load of really slow Pokemon and a Cofagrigus. Yeah, that's not subtle. (It was something like Terrakion/Scrafty/Druddigon/Cofagrigus/Bisharp/Amoonguss)
Predicting the Amoonguss/Cofagrigus lead, I go with my anti-TR lead of Mienshao/Whimsicott and hope his Cofagrigus isn't Mental Herb'd.
He leads with Scrafty/Cofagrigus, meaning my strategy doesn't change - Fake Out Scrafty and Taunt the Cofagrigus. Scrafty Protects from the Fake Out and Cofagrigus fails to use TR. YES!
Next turn, I assume he has no reason to use Protect again, so decide to lock him into it via Encore, while Mienshao hits it with a Drain Punch, coming close to KOing. Scrafty fails the Protect and Cofagrigus Shadow Balls Mienshao, knocking it to 59/141 and lowering SpD.
Not thinking, I attempt to hit Scrafty again, despite the Protect. Whoops. Whimsicott Giga Drains Cofagrigus who kills Mienshao off and loses a Taunt. Ugh.
I send out my Scrafty, knowing Sigilyph is screwed here. Taunt his Cofagrigus again and succeed in killing his Scrafty with my one's Drain Punch. Whimsi is hit by another Shadow Ball, going to 98/167 and.. getting the SpD drop again.
Terrakion comes out and gets immediately Giga Drained to pretty low health, but Sitrus Berry activates and it Sacred Swords Scrafty, activating a Chople Berry and still doing nearly half. Eep. Cofagrigus dies to a Crunch from Scrafty and Eelektross comes out.
His Terrakion and my Scrafty both Protect here, assuming the other would attack. Giga Drain is Protected and Flamethrower from Eelektross kills Whimsicott, so I switch in my remaining Pokemon, Sigilyph.
First turn, I predict a Rock Slide/Thunderbolt and Protect with Sigilyph, except he Sacred Swords Scrafty and KOs it. Derp. Next turn, Sigilyph is hit by Rock Slide and Thunderbolt, only managing to kill Terrakion before falling.

So that was it. Rd 1 and I was out already, despite swearing blind that I'd do better this year than last. Annoyed, I leave through the side to see one friend's lost as well while the other two made it to Rd 2. One lost there to a TR mirror match, while the other (in his first VGC - the guy with the itemless Jellicent, who only learnt the metagame this week) gets to Rd 3 before losing to a Rock Slide miss.

All in all, I had a good time there, spoke to a few interesting people and... well, glad I went, even if I did badly. :) Considering going to the Southampton 1-Up Event now, although not sure I'll be able to, unfortunately. Still, always next year, eh? ;)

Pictures to be added in a few days once they get sent to me~

Edit: Herpderp forgot to put props/slops like I meant to.

- Friend who hit Rd 3 in his first VGC despite barely knowing the metagame.
- My Mienshao/Whimsicott lead for doing exactly what it was supposed to.
- CO for being awesome beyond awesome and trading us, like, an entire team's worth. (Also for being stupidly patient with my Wifi on the first attempt. =,=)
- Elemt for trading me the perfect Sigilyph and supplying my team with its only shiny. :P

- My Scrafty/Sigilyph for not being able to do much of anything despite having been given the most awesome setup possible.
- My Yoshis for not bringing me luck OR people to talk to. :(

Literally no idea who this guy is. My dad drove us there and was taking pics, he was responsible for this. =P

Reshi~! This was the group of friends I travelled with (who I am slowly forcing onto Smogon/POL.) From left to right, we have Terajin (1st Rd), The Ginger Bear (3rd Rd), me (1st Rd) and Dracmir (2nd Rd)

And the starters. We couldn't convince Dracmir to join this photo, he was too annoyed about losing so early, methinks. :<


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Hey dude, it's me, the guy who told you about the 6 flinches mienshao.

<3 the Yoshi's, and I believe that the guy you faced haxxed my friend out round 3. Sucks, but your friend did well (Itemless Jelli to round 3? Sheesh).
Hey dude, it's me, the guy who told you about the 6 flinches mienshao.

<3 the Yoshi's, and I believe that the guy you faced haxxed my friend out round 3. Sucks, but your friend did well (Itemless Jelli to round 3? Sheesh).
Oh, hey! Heh, was such a shame to hear about that hax.

Lamitie: Worst part is that it would have won me this match if I'd not been a moron. :( I was tempted to use it over Sigilyph, but I considered the fact that it would be utterly deadweight if he pulled off TR and it was useless against Terrakion, who was almost certain to see play, so I went with Sigilyph instead. Given the fact that my team was based around shutting down TR and everything was deadweight if he set it up, I really should have gone with it, since Scrafty/Mienshao can easily handle Terrakion. Ah well. Way it goes.
I lost to that Gary Robinson chap in round 3 to hax. No idea who Dogfish44 is, though. x)

I'm running a Trick Room team, with Chandelure as my usual setter, but see he has a pretty dark/ghost/rock heavy team and decide to lead with Amoongus and a support Musharna instead, with Jellicent and Escavalier in the back. He leads with Scrafty and Cofagrigus, so I get ready to set up Trick Room on the 2nd turn after Fake Out. He comments that he has only heard of Amoongus but not played against one.
After an unexpected start of him not using Fake Out, and turning off Trick Room on the 2nd turn, I Spore him up while I nibble down Cofagrigus to avoid Jellicent being outsped when I bring it out under Trick Room. Just about to finish off Cofagrigus, and Psychic misses.
I'm like "Bright Powder?!" and he's like "Yeah?" and I'm like :|
And Amoongus goes splat from Cofagrigus waking up. I bring out Jellicent with one turn left and go for Helping Hand + Water Spout in anticipation of Shadow Ball bringing Jelli's Spout damage down but still want to finish Cofagrigus and at least hurt Scrafty. Scrafty wakes up and Protects, Cofagrigus goes down. Trick Room ends, Terrakion comes out.
Double Rock Slide, Jellicent Protects, Musharna flinches.
Double Rock Slide, Jellicent goes poof, Musharna flinches.
I bring out Escavalier. Sacred Sword on Escavalier, Rock Slide, Escavalier KO's Terrakion with Iron Head, Musharna flinches.
Reuniclus comes out. Don't remember what he did. Protect with Escavalier. Rock Slide Crits Musharna and KO's. Escavalier goes down on the next turn.
Who did you play against at Bristol ?
Uhh.. Two people who hit Top 8, at least. One is Marcoos from SkarmBliss (who I actually met up with at VGC, although he apparently got unlucky in one of the first few rounds as well) and the other was you, if I'm not mistaken. :P
At the time, my team wasn't finished (was missing Whimsicott) so couldn't beat TR, so naturally, I went into a group with two TR users. Managed to beat Marcoos but lost out on a score tiebreaker.
Meanwhile, my friend who hit Rd 2 was also there and ended up in a group with Rees and a friend of his. Apparently should've won both matches too (we did damage calcs after to check) but forgot that Endeavour didn't work on Chandelure. Twice. >_>
It was, haha. I kept the Whimsi/Mienshao/Scrafty/Vanilluxe core I'd planned, but dropped the other two I'd planned to use originally for Sigilyph/Thundurus, since it gave me near-perfect coverage over anything I might face - I was having some serious trouble with Fighting types with my original team. Like I said, though, original team was also missing the Whimsi, so I threw in a random Cofagrigus last minute that I was never going to use. XD

Edit: Now with added pics~! ^_^