Gym [WATER] Leader Athenodoros vs C$FP

Match Two: Round Two: itp Athenodoros' sacrifices pay off again

Alright, so he can Illuminate/crit/etc HAX dogfish44 out of a win, and you would think that the water leader's goats would've run out, right? Wrong. So Krillowatt begins Operation: Blizzspam and huge waves of icy wind start tearing into Cyclohm, doing huge amounts of damage. Cyclohm replies by roaring the substitute away, showing that CMFP may still be able to outmaneuver and secure victory. And then he starts bide.

To any newcomers: Bide is the move that will cause most experienced players to shit themselves when they see that the opponent has ordered it against them.

Now, Athenodoros can't actually freeze-HAX C$FP out of a win because Cyclohm has Shield dust, as all sheep-cloud-dragons clearly do, and that blocks secondary effects. So, Blizzard misses. To sumarize how bad this is, on a 13% chance C$FP:

1) Lost 35 points worth of potential damage (net gain of 14, but whatever)
2) Lost an action going second.

Welp, I just have one question. Athenodoros, where do you get your goats from and can you give me advice on how to properly sacrifice them?

Expert Belt
HP: 100
EN: 25

Item: Expert Belt
HP: 35
EN: 75
Otr: Storing energy

Krillowatt: Blizzard: [(12+2)*1.5] 21 damage, 8 energy (522 hit, 5425 no crit)
Cyclohm: Roar: 7 energy, Krillowatt's substitute dissapeared

Cyclohm is storing energy!
Krillowatt: Blizzard: [(12+2)*1.5] 21 damage, 12 energy (3195 hit, 9963 no crit)

Cyclohm is storing energy!
Krillowatt: Blizzard: Miss, 16 energy (8731 miss)

Arena: Still Raining, still 50% RNG adjust towards the gym leader
yeah I'm quite boned

Bide (release), Thunder, Hidden Power
IF Mirror Coat A2 or A3, THEN chill and push actions back

we're gonna have to pull through in R3
Match Two Round Three: No Need for a Title

Cyclohm figures that this is pretty much done, but decides to go out spectacularly by roaring with incredibly power as a blast of energy is emitted from all three of its heads that smacks Krillowatt for incredible damage. Of course, compared to some of the other exchanges we've seen this match, it's not quite so incredible. But that's a different story. Krillowatt responds by unleashing a massive tremor that shakes the arena... kind of. It's not a very strong shrimp, so it really just makes the trainers try a little bit harder to stay balanced.

Krillowatt then unleashes a massive wave of ice that makes the dragon realize how pointless life is when its just one insignificant speck of a three-headed thundercloud dragon in a vast universe of cruel behemoths and Pokemon allowed to retain sheer force.

Oh, and then it faints.

Cyclohm: Bide: [(21)*1.75] 36.75 damage, 24.375 energy
Krillowatt: Earthquake: [(10+2-3)*1.5] 13.5 damage, 7 energy (7775 no crit)

Krillowatt: Blizzard: [(12+2)*1.5] 21 damage, 12 energy, KO (4774 hit, 6401 no crit)
Cyclohm fainted!

Both C$FP and Athenodoros PM me their Pokemon at which point I will post the third round in this thread.





Official Smogon Know-It-All
So this looks like it basically can't be won unless you do something supremely stupid. Which is probably pretty unlikely. Still, here goes:

Mud Sport ~ Focus Blast ~ Earthquake
Metal Burst A2 or A3, use Chill
IF Thunder Wave AND he's not paralysed, use Magic Coat and move actions along
Dear Focus Blast,
Please don't miss

Thunder, Mirror Coat, Magnet Rise
IF Focus Blast misses, THEN use Thunder
(supersedes above sub) IF Focus Blast misses AND Thunder paralyzes A1, THEN use Electro Ball A2
Match 3, Round One: A Change In Fortune

Magnezone and Slowking enter the battle, each primed to fight the gym match to its epic conclusion. Magnezone starts the engagement by using the gym leader's rain against him by creating a massive arc of energy with lethal accuracy that knocks Slowking down by almost a third of his health. Unimpressed by the light show, Slowking creates a small tremor that Magnezone easily floats over, but that stirs up mud all over the arena until it plasters the floor, walls, and both combatants. It doesn't look like Magnezone's offensive capabilities will be nearly so potent in the upcoming actions.

Slowking then takes initiative himself, and forms a powerful sphere of chi energy that he releases at an intense speed to blast Magnezone back several meters through the air before stopps. And spins. And glows. And blasts. A huge beam of energy slams into Slowking, knocking him back even further and outdamaging the electric assault from earlier, putting Slowking well under half his vitality a mere two attacks into the match.

Magnezone sees Slowking preparing a mighty tremor, and slowly repels himself higher, inches at time, until he is high above the rapidly shaking ground and churning waters below him as Nestor unleashes a fury from the Earth.

Enigma Berry (1)
HP: 42
EN: 80
Otr: ---

HP: 79
EN: 71
Otr: Magnet Rise (5a)

Magnezone: Thunder: [(12+3+2.5)*1.5+4] 30.25 damage, 7 energy (3915 no paralysis, 3862 no crit)
Slowking ate his Enigma Berry (+10 HP)!
Slowking: Mud Sport: 5 energy, Mud Sport is in effect

Slowking: Focus Blast: [(12+3-1)*1.5] 21 damage, 8 energy (632 hit, 7160 no SpD drop, 9360 no crit)
Magnezone: Mirror Coat: [(21)*1.5] 31.5 damage, 17 energy

Magnezone: Magnet Rise: 5 energy, Magnet Rise in effect
Slowking: Earthquake: 7 energy, Miss

Magnezone: -21 HP, -29 Energy, Magnet Rise (5a)
Slowking: -57.75 [58] HP, -20 Energy, -1 Enigma Berry
Global: Mud Sport (3a)

-Rain (Inf)
-Mud Sport (3a)

C$FP orders, Leader Athenodoros orders
this is going rather well so far, hopefully nothing goes wrong

Thunder, Thunderbolt, Thunder
IF Focus Blast AND you do not have a Substitute up, THEN Mirror Coat
IF Yawn AND you do not have a Substitute up already, THEN Substitute (15 HP) and push actions back


Official Smogon Know-It-All
I suspect that you've forgotten Mud Sport. Which means that I think that this should just work.

Earth Power ~ Earth Power ~ Earth Power + Earth Power

And if you parahax me A1 or A2 I'll rage.

EDIT: Actually, wait a sec

DOUBLEEDIT: So I'm assuming the -3 BAP for Earth Power only acts once on a combo (ie outside the *2.25 combo bonus). Otherwise I'd like to change my actions if possible.


QUADRUPLEEDIT: Just so it's clear, this won't work because by some weird twist of logic, Slowking doesn't get Earth Power. So now I'm just trying everything. But give me until tomorrow. I'm too tired now.

QUINTUPLEEDIT: Okay, we're alright:

Fire Blast + Fire Blast ~ Cool Down (Fire Blast + Fire Blast) ~ Fire Blast + Hyper Beam
the combo misses A1, use Dynamicpunch A3
IF you are fp'd, move actions along

Assuming FB+HB is a reasonable combo. Otherwise I'd like Fire Blast + Fire Blast if possible. Just that the accuracy is horrendous.
Match 2, Round 4: Athenodoros miscalculates... barely...

Magnezone is undettered by the mud, and blasts out an absurdly powerful pulse of thunder that lights up the sky, but ultimately is shrugged off by Slowking's protective coating of slime and his berry. Slowking then rears back his head and unleashes a massive burst of fire that makes the arena almost unlivable for a moment before the flames are extinguished by the rain, cooling things back down to tolerable levels, although Magnezone did not take the attack well.

As Slowking rests, Magnezone floats back to his position and shoots out another pulse of electricity that tears into Slowking, knocking his health back down, although not by much. Magnezone then makes a phenomenal display again with a thunder attack, as Slowking retaliates with another fire attack, this one an intensely hot beam that sears Magnezone... but doesn't actually kill. Instead, the magnet, through the rain and his sturdy nature, has hung on by a mere one hit point. It looks as if the match is over, as the mud is washed away and Slowking must sit back and watch events unfold for one action as he cools down.

HP: 8
EN: 18
Otr: 15% Paralysis

HP: 1
EN: 51
Other: Magnet Rise (2a)

Magnezone: Thunder: [((12+3+2.5)*1.5+4)/2] 15.125 damage, 7 energy (5866 no paralysis, 8668 no crit)
Slowking consumed his Enigma Berry (+10 HP)!
Slowking: SUPER FIRE BLAST: [(27+3-3-1)*1.5] 39 damage, 35 energy, Forced Cooldown (5042 hit, 8038 no burn, 1363 no crit)

Magnezone: Thunderbolt: [((10+3+2.5)*1.5+4)/2] 13.625 damage, 6 energy (2747 no paralysis, 3634 no crit)
Slowking must cooldown!

Magnezone: Thunder: [((12+3+2.5)*1.5+4)/2] 15.125 damage, 7 energy, 20% paralysis inflicted (660 paralysis inflicted, 9478 no crit)
Slowking: FIREBEAM: [(27+3-3-1)*1.5] 39 damage, 27 energy (5377 not paralyzed, 6640 hit, 8864 no burn, 5592 no crit), Forced Cooldown

Slowking: -33.875 [34] HP, -62 Energy, 15% Paralysis, Enigma Berry Consumed, Must cooldown
Magnezone: -78 HP, -20 Energy
Arena: Mud Sport ended

Leader Athenodoros orders, C$FP orders, I post "The match ended" and rewards.


Official Smogon Know-It-All


This is exactly why I got my new arena. You'd have fainted from a few different things there. Anyway, here we go:

Cool Down ~ Hail ~ Chill

ggs CMFP. Closest 'match' I've had a while.


Official Smogon Know-It-All
So apparently CMFP quit. I guess I'll have to DQ his one remaining HP to open up my queue so that fogdish can finally annihilate me like he wanted.

DQ Called

And don't worry guys, I checked it with myself first :)

EDIT: I don't want to necro this from the depths of hell, but on looking back I'll edit to say that if CMFP ever comes back and sees this, have a chat with me. I'll see if I can organise with the Gym Folks of the day to get you this badge. God knows you'd won this.
And with the return of CMFP to the land of the living Athenodoros has elected to grant him the Water badge on account of CMFP winning if he had not disappeared.

Congratulations CMFP!
I'm really, really sorry about this mess and feel bad claiming from it after not posting rewards for months. This ended immediately as I pondered hiatus, and the lack of a solid conclusion (until during my hiatus) made me wary of posting rewards. However, I will do so now, as apparently at least one side has not claimed.

Athenodoros: 3 CC
-Cloyster: 3 MC
-Starmie: 3 MC
-Krillowatt: 3 MC, 1 MC
-Swampert: 3 MC, 1 KOC
-Slowking: 3 MC

C$FP: 3 CC, Water Badge
-Ferrothorn: 3 MC, 2 KOC
-Rotom: 3 MC
-Krillowatt: 3 MC, 1 KOC
-Cyclohm: 3 MC
-Magnezone: 3 MC, 1 KOC

Rediamond: 15 UC

EDIT: I have no idea what is presently maxed. Adjust as necessary.