Completed Waterwarrior's 2K: A travel across the universe!

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Aaaaand now, the long-awaited third round!

Well, I have recently heard that Betty White is playing Mags in Catching Fire. There is no way in hell I'm going to get through that scene now. It was sad enough already ;~;

Pre-Round stats:
King Serperior:

HP: 26
EN: 81
+1 Atk
Swarm activated

Yarnus of Bethany:

HP: 88
EN: 81
-1 Spe
Paralyzed (25%)


HP: 77
EN: 72


Heavy Artillery
HP: 40
EN: 74

Action 1
Metabee went into the Cornucopia!

Mangroovy received an Occa Berry!

Moo received a Lum Berry!
Moo nommed on her Lum Berry!
Moo was cured of paralysis!

Heavy Artillery used Perish Song! (15 HP)
Oh my god, you son of a bitch...

Action 2
Heart Stamp -> Metabee (4 EN)
RNG roll (to crit) 5 = no crit
RNG roll (to flinch) 80 = no flinch
(8+(4-3)1.5)(1.5) = 14.25 DMG

Metabee got a Toxic Orb!

Psychic -> Metabee (7 EN)
RNG roll = irrelevant
(12+(4-3)1.5)(1.5) = 24.75 DMG
Metabee fainted!

Vine Whip -> Heavy Artillery (2 EN)
(6+3+(5-3)1.5)(1.5) = 18 DMG

Action 3
Moo used Milk Drink! (11 EN)
Moo restored HP! (+12 HP)

Surf -> All (6 EN)
Moo- RNG roll (to crit) 14 = no crit
(9.5+3+(4-3)1.5) = 14 DMG
Mangroovy- RNG roll (to crit) 16 = no crit
(9.5+3+(4-3)1.5)(.67) = 9.38 DMG

Vine Whip -> Heavy Artillery (6 EN)
(6+3+(5-3)1.5)(1.5) = 18 DMG

Heavy Artillery's Perish Count fell to 2!
Moo's Perish Count fell to 2!
Mangroovy's Perish Count fell to 2!

RNG roll (for arena) 10 = Star Wars

As our players are dropped outside of the gigantic golden horn, they look carefully at the gigantic store of valuable items, and out of the golden bows, silver swords, dozens of razor-sharp throwing knives, and more, three of our competitors rush right into it! Metabee makes the first move, running as fast as he can into the middle of the Cornucopia, and begins to dig at a pile of arrows, searching for the Toxic Orb that lies beneath. Mangroovy floats right on into the front, grabs an Occa Berry to brace the incoming Fire-type attacks (which there are none of anyways...), then flies right back out to join the battle again. Moo goes down on all fours and limps into the opening, where she not only grabs a Lum Berry, but gobbles it up as well, and suddenly, she is able to stand up and fight, as her paralysis from the Basilisk has been completely cured! Wait, so where is- OH DEAR GOD THAT'S WORSE THAN FRIDAY. Well, that answers that question. While the others were planning on building themselves up, Heavy Artillery just decided to troll them all by singing a Perish Song, putting all the pokes on a timer!

Now the fastest Pokemon on the field once again, Moo gathers yet another heart-shaped ball of energy, which hits Metabee for a lot of damage, but doesn't deter him from searching as- *BOOM* Wait, what the hell?! We actually have cannons rigged here?! Looking at the damage, it looks like Metabee retrieved his precious Toxic Orb after all, but Heavy Artillery threw Metabee straight into the back of the Cornucopia the next second, where he fainted on impact! Mangroovy, realizing how much of a danger the poke who had the first kill of this match must be, takes out his vines again and whips the shit out of Heavy Artillery once more!

Moo, becoming alert at the dangers of his opponents (who are still disregarding the fact that there are actual weapons right next to them), starts sucking her own udders
"Wait what?!?!"
"Yes Houdin. That's how Milk Drink works. What, do you think Miltanks get MooMoo Milk on little silver parachutes every time they use Milk Drink?"
"Well, there's one coming down now..."
"STOP SPONSORING THEM, WHOEVER THE FUCK YOU ARE."....oh yeah. The battle. Aaaaanyways, now that she is done healing herself, Heavy Artillery sends out a gigantic wave, washing over everyone in the battle, as well as the Cornucopia! Looks like all that healing was for nothing! Mangroovy, only slightly phazed by that wave, whips Heavy Artillery with more vines, almost knocking her out on the spot! And now, once again, the arena transforms into...

(For those who don't recognize it)

One of Jabba the Hut's favorite ways of killing people (especially after the Rancor died), is, of course, by dumping them into the Sarlacc pit. The battlers are placed on a hoverboard precariously perched over the platform, almost begging to fall in. However, the battlers do seem to have some good footing, so it will be quite hard to fall off. However, if any move with 10 or more BAP is used, there is a 50% chance that they will lose their footing, and fall deep into the pit below. The Sarlacc will make a nice tasty treat of them, but won't kill them, dealing 1/4 of their maximum HP. Of course, you guys will simply avoid using high BAP attacks, won't you? So, we'll add to the fun by sending in some guards! The guards are readily armed and highly dangerous, so any action where a move under 10 BAP (including STAB) is used, they will zap the offender, dealing 5 flat DMG, 10% paralysis for the next action only, and a 10% chance of falling into the pit. However, if you fall into the bit after being shocked, you make for a much tastier treat, and the Sarlacc will take off 1/3 of their maximum HP! Good luck gentleman... You'll need it.

"Waterwarrior, why are you such a fucking dick?"
"I don't know, Houdin. I don't know."

Post-Round stats:
King Serperior:

HP: -13

Yarnus of Bethany:

HP: 86
EN: 66
Perish Song (2 rounds)


Mangroovy @ Occa Berry
HP: 68
EN: 64
Perish Song (2 rounds)


Heavy Artillery
HP: 4
EN: 46
Perish Song (2 rounds)

King Serperior must either post here or PM me his next mon before the rest of you PM me your actions

Lucario [Goku] (male)
Nature: Naughty (+1 Atk, -1Sp.Def)
Fighting: Fighting STAB; ignore weight restrictions on Circle Throw, Seismic Toss, Sky Drop, Storm Throw, Submission, and Vital Throw. Superior reaction time in close quarters.
Steel: Steel STAB; immune to Sandstorm, highly insusceptible to toxic attacks, but can be corroded specifically by Acid and Acid Spray, can be magnetized. Superior senses in high-metal environments like construction sites or factories.

Steadfast: (Innate)If this Pokemon is flinched, it becomes aware of the speed difference and increases Speed by one (1) stage to make up the difference. This Speed boost is maintained at the end of each round.
Inner Focus: (Innate)When an opponent attempts to flinch this Pokemon, it stands firm and continues its attack. If it has another ability that would be activated by flinching, that ability activates.
Justified: (Innate)This Pokemon's body reacts to dark energy, invigorating its passions. When hit by a Dark-type move, the Pokemon's attack will increase one (1) stage. A boost gained this way by another Pokemon's attack will be maintained at the end of each round. Self-targeted attacks do not maintain boosts.

HP: 100
Atk: Rank 5 (+1)
Def: Rank 3
SpA: Rank 4
SpD: Rank 2 (-1)
Spe: 90
Size Class: 3
Weight Class: 4
Base Rank Total: 20

EC: 6/6 Maxed
MC: 4
DC: 5/5 Maxed
KOC: 0

Quick Attack(*)
Force Palm(*)
Nasty Plot

Bullet Punch(*)

Rock Slide(*)
Shadow Claw(*)
Ice Punch
Swords Dance
Dark Pulse
Metal Claw
Bone Rush
Metal Sound
Close Combat
Aura Sphere
Dragon Pulse

Move Number: 26

So....let's just have this arena WHEN I HAVE MY MON OUT THAT HAS NO MOVES ABOVE 4 BAP

You also forgot the part of the arena that gives +2 BAP to everybody, so that Lapras is lower HP.
Leethoof, its not SUPPOSED to be fair. You should have known that. Anyways, that's been fixed, and if anyone's actions are affected by Heavy Artillery's loss of 6 HP, send new actions I guess (although I doubt you would really need to...)
FFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCKCKKKK the third action. If this somehow changes any of your actions, you're fucking kidding me and I will punch you in the face. It's still fixed though. Expect the next round tomorrow.
Yeeeeea.... I really should have banned seismic moves, saying as... well... no ground. But, too late now. Sorry KS.

Pre-Round stats:
King Serperior:

HP: 100
EN: 100

Yarnus of Bethany:

HP: 86
EN: 66
Perish Song (2 rounds)


Mangroovy @ Occa Berry
HP: 68
EN: 64
Perish Song (2 rounds)


Heavy Artillery
HP: 4
EN: 46
Perish Song (2 rounds)

Action 1
Aura Sphere -> Moo (6 EN)
RNG roll (To crit) 7 = no crit
RNG roll (to fall, <=50 fall) 72 = no fall
(9+3+(4-3)1.5)(1.5) = 20.25 DMG

Hydro Pump -> Goku (7 EN)
RNG roll (to hit, <=80 hit) 5 = hit
RNG roll (to crit) 4 = no crit
RNG roll (to fall) 35 = FALL
(12+3+(4-2)1.5) = 18 DMG
Heavy Artillery fell into the pit! (40 DMG)
Heavy Artillery fainted!

Bite -> Heavy Artillery! (4 EN)
But it failed!

Mega Earthquake -> Both ((7+11)1.75 = 32 EN)
RNG roll (to fall) 43 = FALL
Mangroovy avoided the attack with Levitate!
Goku: RNG roll (to crit) 12 = no crit
((10x2.25)+(4-3)1.5)(1.5) = 36 DMG
Moo fell in the pit! (25 DMG)

Guard -> Mangroovy (5 DMG)
RNG roll (to fall) 78 = no fall
Mangroovy was paralyzed!

Action 2
Moo must cool down!

Ice Punch -> Mangroovy (6 EN)
RNG roll (to crit) 2 = no crit
RNG roll (to freeze) 22 = no freeze
(8+(5-3)1.5)(1.5) = 16.5 DMG

RNG roll (for para, <=10 para) 22 = no para
Stun Spore -> Goku (6 EN)
RNG roll (to hit, <=75 hit) 33 = hit
Goku was paralyzed! (25%)

Guard -> Moo (5 DMG)
RNG roll (to fall) 64 = no fall
Moo was paralyzed! (10%)

Guard -> Goku (5 DMG)
RNG roll (to fall) 3 = fall
Goku fell into the pit! (33 DMG)

Guard -> Mangroovy (5 DMG)
RNG roll (to fall) 35 = no fall
Mangroovy was paralyzed! (10%)

RNG roll (for arena) 15 = Hunger Games

Welcome, one and all, to the beautiful, scenic... giant pit of sharp, spiky death! Oddly enough, it seems that after a quick glance, the fearless Goku cares not about the threat of falling off of his perch, and he fires off an Aura sphere, slamming Moo right in the head, sending her tumbling over, almost to the end of the platform! Seeing Goku's success, Heavy Artillery fires off a gigantic Hydro Pump, nailing Goku and sending him skidding back... but it appears that Heavy Artillery isn't as lucky as Goku! Just as Mangroovy is about to close his jaws on Heavy Artillery for the kill, she falls off, and plummets down below, right into the Sarlacc's mouth! Luckily, it spits her right back out... but its clear for anyone to see that she has already fainted! Moo, trying to push her luck, fires off a gigantic Earthquake, so much that it has the power of two attacks (and how the fuck she's doing that, I have no idea)... but Mangroovy simply Levitates over the attack! However, Goku isn't so lucky, as he takes absolutely gigantic damage! While the Lucario stops to take a little breather, the shock from Moo's attack seems to have sent her flying over the edge, straight into the Sarlacc again! Guess he's eating some of the porterhouse tonight.... but it appears that Moo is still able to battle, even after being spit out! While Goku and Moo are still recuperating, Mangroovy is given a swift shock to the back, dealing only a little damage, but paralyzing him on the spot!

While Moo just sits there, cooling down from the massive energy loss, Goku, who is now able to stand up, cloaks his fist in ice and slams it into Mangroovy, doing quite a bit of damage! Mangroovy, on the other hand, just sprays spores all over Goku, paralyzing him on the spot! The guards, after seeing that somewhat boring display, rush up and shock all three battlers, and Goku seems to have taken the hit so badly that he falls off the platform completely, making yet another good snack for the Sarlacc. Looks like this is not his lucky day... however, things can always change, especially when you're in:

In a never fully-explained building, far away from the arena, the tributes' mentors collect tons of money from sponsors from all over the Capitol, as well as the Districts, and decide what to do with this money. They can send bread when their tributes are hungry, specialized weapons if they lost theirs (or never found them), much-needed supplies and medicine, and more. Here, each trainer will take the position of his Pokemon's mentor, and divide up CC for their use. Of course, this CC will come from the audience!

Rules for audience members:
-Each audience member can only sponsor ONE battler
-Each audience member can supply their favorite battler with 5 CC simply by posting "Sponsor -insert trainer's name here-" i.e. "Sponsor King Serperior" or "Sponsor SoS"
-The period of sponsoring will last ~24-48 hours after this post is made, where CC totals will be tallied up, and the players will be allowed to purchase items
-Sponsors can actually sponsor me as well. After all players have made their purchases, I can use the CC I was given from you guys in order to do... well, whatever the hell I want. It can mean that someone is given a Sticky Barb, or someone is given a Super Potion.

Rules for battlers:
-Do what you must to get sponsors.
-After the CC totals are tallied up, you will send me what you are purchasing with your actions (in other words, DO NOT SEND ME YOUR ACTIONS UNTIL SPONSORSHIP IS DONE)
-Any battle item, berry, or TLR exclusive item that can be bought (barring Revives), is up for grabs, providing you have the CC for it
-You may not purchase any items after this round is over, so go all-out, no matter what.
-Not all held items need to be equipped immediately, and not all TLR items must be used immediately
-When using a TLR item, it must be used before a round begins, and does not take up an action
-As always, a Pokemon can not be made to hold 2 battle items in this way

Happy Hunger Games... again!

Post-Round stats:
King Serperior:

HP: 8
EN: 82
Paralyzed (20%)

Yarnus of Bethany:

HP: 36
EN: 34
Perish Song (1 round)
Paralyzed (10%-1a)


Mangroovy @ Occa Berry
HP: 41
EN: 54
Perish Song (1 round)
Paralyzed (10% - 1a)


Heavy Artillery
HP: -36

Sponsors may begin posting now, and SoS will send in his next poke through PM or posting here while the sponsoring period is taking place.
Mamoswines may or may not have a chance at possibly being better than Bastiodons.

Hi everybody, my poor little Mangroovy (with no moves greater than 4 BAP) has one round left to live, save him. With enough CC, you can save a life with a Perish-Song-Removerator.
1. Soo... Glacier/Classical, are you sponsoring Leethoof or not!?
2. KS, you suck at getting sponsors. Lucario is a jackal -.-
3. Sponsor me, or the next few arenas are going to purposely suck.
My next Pokémon will be Elphaba the Salamence. Defy Gravity!

C'mon guys. Salamence. Everybody loves Salamence! And I'm going to be the only one of these goons getting any reasonable use out of whatever I buy ;)

(Note: Any offence caused is unintentional, SoS is just trying to sell himself above you all. Play to win!)
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