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Announcement We want YOU to host Smogcasts on Smogon's Twitch!

Discussion in 'Smogon Metagames' started by antemortem, May 20, 2016.

  1. antemortem

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    Jul 28, 2013
    What is a Smogcast, you may ask?

    Smogcasts are a conglomerate of 3 or more Smogon members in which an upcoming event, the state of a metagame, a tier shift, etc. is discussed live for an audience. They are also eventually posted on Smogon's Youtube to be seen by thousands!

    We only have one Smogcast every couple of months currently and want to see them happen more often, so if you're interested in organizing your own to discuss a hot topic, check out the guidelines for applying. For examples of our most recent casts, check these out:
    Simply PM all of myself, Aberforth, and Mambo with your idea and potential cast members and we'll get rolling from there.

    Hope to see more interest!
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  2. Zodiax

    Zodiax PomPomBurd
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    Nov 10, 2013
    Recently we have been experiencing some users who have contributed to Smogon Visual Media in the past and present been acting up on the Pokémon Showdown simulator. So we have made the decision that you cannot participate in Smogcasts if you have been:

    -locked or banned from the server
    -have been permalocked or permabanned

    If you have been locked or banned from the server, from the date of when this happened you cannot participate in any Smogcasts for the next six months. If you have been permalocked or permabanned then you cannot participate in any Smogcasts in the future.
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