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Weather Wars

Discussion in 'BW OU Teams' started by MegasXLR69, Nov 11, 2012.

  1. MegasXLR69


    Nov 11, 2012
    Nothing to see here people...
  2. Jimbon

    is a Team Rater Alumnus

    Jan 24, 2012
    hi there,

    cool rain team, hydreigon is a really cool and underrated threat in the meta, so good job on that. but yeah, one thing that i did pick up when i looked at your team was the lack of a steel type. any team without a steel type in this metagame is just looking to get picked apart by latios, salamence and literally any other dragon, especially if it switches into choice locked tornadus or politoed, or even dugtrio in the case of dragons that are immune to ground moves. you also look very genesect weak, as it hits every single mon on your team hard, the only thing that doesn't take super effective damage from it's coverage moves is jolteon, who isn't appreciating a +1 uturn / +1 bug buzz. i think the easiest way to help with this would be to try scarf jirachi over either of jolteon or hydreigon. jolteon really doesn't seem like the best fit for this team, given that you already have two much better special attacking wallbreakers on this team, whereas hydreigon is very reliant on hazards to sweep and that usually means sacking your dugtrio, which isn't practical in every match. scarf jirachi is a nice compromise over either of these, helping out your genesect problem while also acting as a nice buffer for draco meteors / outrages / hurricanes while still applying offensive pressure. a set of uturn / iron head / fire punch / ice punch with a jolly nature and a spread a 252 atk / 4 sdef / 252 spe should suffice.

    if you go with this spread, you may find that you are less reliant on politoed as your primary scarfer to deal with dragons and that jirachi does a much better job. i honestly think you should switch over to the standard physically defensive toad, as imo it does a whole lot more for your team, mostly providing you with a somewhat safe switch into the stronger physical attackers of ou such as scizor, dragonite and terrakion. bold max hp + max def with a spread of scald / toxic / protect / perish song should do, as you can still force out stuff such as cm latias / jirachi with perish song, while actually providing you with some sort of backbone to your team that you seriously lack. especially when your team is so focused on winning the weather war, you should be prioritizing keeping your weather inducer healthy, which is what this set does.

    if you feel this politoed set doesn't work well for your team, then another alternative is to try out bulky starmie over your current set. just like politoed it helps against variants of terrakion, while also helping you out massively vs keldeo, who you currently lack a reliable answer for, as you have to sack something to revenge it with tornadus. it also helps you reliably spin much easier, as in most situations offensive starmie does not have the bulk to live life orb recoil + any hit. this becomes more important if you go with the scarf jirachi suggestion as you will be continually switching in and out, while you should also think about trying to keep tornadus healthy, as it does not have regenerator like it's therian counterpart. regardless of whether you decide to change starmie's set or not, you should definitely be trying psyshock > hp grass on starmie. it allows you to beat gengar while not having to rely on hydro pump missing, while also hitting gastrodon pretty hard and most importantly tentacruel, who can otherwise wall you and wear you down with life orb recoil pretty easily.

    good luck!

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