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Discussion in 'TCG' started by Synre, Apr 30, 2012.

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  1. Synre

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    Apr 4, 2005
    Welcome to Smogon's forum for the Pokemon Trading Card Game! While we're obviously a video game site first here at Smogon, more and more of our users have begun to pick up the TCG recently, so we've decided to add a forum for discussion of the Pokemon TCG. We're no authority on the TCG right now -- that's what HeyTrainer and Sixprizes are for, right? -- but we can all discuss the TCG together here. We likely have a lot of players of varying skill levels right now, so let's try and be patient with each other as we catch up to where we're at with the video game here. Or Alaka and Cybertron can carry us. Whatever, you know.


    • Keep the buying, selling, and trading of the cards to other forums for now. Discussion of prices and that sort of thing is fine, but please, don't make transactions involving real world property here.
    • The rules from the rest of the site apply here. Be reasonably respectful to your fellow posters.

    That's about it. Obviously, keep discussion related to the TCG and try not to be outrageously clueless since it'd be a shame if we wasted all our VGC cred being that guy in the TCG...

    Also, #tcg is cool.
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