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Whaa? A 5th gen team with no new 5th gen pokes?

Discussion in 'BW OU Teams' started by shadowh511, Feb 13, 2011.

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  1. shadowh511


    Sep 27, 2010
    7 Ragequits RMT

    Hello all,

    I started this team way back on diamond with abomasnow and weavile.

    Abomasnow to set up hail and stall with focus sash and protect. My weavile's job was to RK for abomasnow, which i used as death fodder.

    By combining this team with various legendaries (I was ten back then), I was able to crush my opponents.

    In Heartgold, I restarted this team with Abomasnow, breloom, walrein, and jumpluff. I then up-converted the team to black and added some new friends, cradily and infernape.

    Abomasnow: Adamant @Focus Sash
    255 atk/255 speed
    -Wood Hammer

    Breloom: Adamant @Toxic Orb
    240 hp/252 atk/(the rest) speed
    -Focus Punch
    -Leech Seed

    Cradily: Relaxed @Sitrus Berry
    252 hp/252 def/4 sp.def
    -Rock Slide

    Infernape: Adamant @Lum Berry
    252 atk/4 def/252 speed
    -Flare Blitz
    -Close Combat

    Jumpluff: Jolly @Red Card
    252 hp/252 speed
    -Sleep Powder
    -Leech Seed

    Walrein: Relaxed @Lefties
    252 hp/252 def/4 sp.atk

    Team Strategy 1: Let it snow!
    Lead with abomasnow, protect, wood hammer, protect if you can, have cradily set up and aggravate people until he dies. Send in either jumpluff or breloom to cause panic and weaken them to use as death fodder, making sure to get off a leech seed for...WALREIN. Have him come in and demolish everything by protecting every other turn. In ideal conditions, this Walrein can stall for 32 turns while getting the WTF factor with thunder, in case it becomes rain. In said ideal conditions, he regains about half of his HP/turn. Infernape is your revenge killer.

    Team Strategy 2: WHY WON'T IT DIE?
    Lead with Cradily, have him stockpile thrice, making sure to keep your health up. Toy with your opponent using Rock Slide and Toxic to wear down at their health. Once he dies due to hax, send out Abomasnow to wear down at those pesky bulky water types (Slowking, Pringles and the like). Once 'snow dies, send out Walrein to turbo-wall for a while. If he dies, or the opponent sends out a electric/grass/fighting/rock type that you can't take a hit from, switch to either jumpluff or breloom to stall them to death. With Breloom, the less stall the better, spore, sub, punch.

    Any comments/item suggestions for my team will be appreciated, thank you for reading this. :)

    It is called 7 ragequits because it has caused 7 people to dc on me when I use it.
  2. haunter

    haunter Banned deucer.

    Aug 6, 2007
    PM me your descriptions in order to get your thread unlocked.
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