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When you wish upon a jolt (OU RMT-capped at #3)

Discussion in 'Past Gen Teams' started by snorlax, Jan 3, 2010.

  1. snorlax


    Jul 1, 2006
    Well, this is my first RMT, with a team I have been using for the last 6 months. I was hesitant to post this team because then other people would be able to reference it when battling me in tournaments and such. Then 3 things happened which changed my perspective greatly.

    Strike #1- my team lost in the 1st round of secret santa, meaning its not as easy to understand as I assumed it would be

    Strike #2-I lost in the 1st round of the smogon tournament, meaning the team is not as flawless as I believed it was.

    Strike #3-Justinawe posted a warstory when he used my team. At first I was annoyed, but when he admitted that he used my team and liked my team design it made me feel proud that I had created a team that other great players are willing to use. It also showed that my team was more popular than I expected, and that I might as well take advantage of the popularity and try to correct the flaws of this team.

    Just for reference, the theme is a balanced team that relies on immunities/resistances to allow for easy switches. Its also 5/6 immune to toxic spikes, which is one less annoyance to deal with. Anyways, onto the team!

    The lead

    @lum berry
    Clear body
    adamant nature
    -meteor mash
    -bullet punch
    -stealth rock

    Metagross starts this team off by doing what every lead should try to do-put down entry hazards while countering certain other leads. In this case, lum berry allows him to use meteor mash to KO breloom, roserade, and smeargle leads while the attack evs allow it to take on aerodactyl and azelf. Should azelf have reflect, meteor mash will still 3HKO, although an attack boost allows bullet punch to finish the job. Bullet punch also helps to finish off weakened sweepers. Explosion works nicely to ruin the pace for duel screen-based teams, as well as to finish things off when metagross is at the end of his run.

    Naturally, this lead will never defeat bulky ground or fire type leads. If the lead is hippowdon or swampert, i will usually stay in to take the EQ just to lay down rocks, since its very important for the team to have rocks down. If the lead is heatran or infernape, then i switch to...

    The tank
    adamant nature
    -stone edge
    -dragon dance

    My answer to every fire and fighting type is the ever popular bulkydos. Gyarados is my primary counter to anything physically offensive, including salamence, machamp, scizor, and even other gyarados. The defensive evs with intimidate usually allow me to survive a stone edge in order to retaliate with a KO from my stone edge on gyarados and salamence. This is where moving 36 speed evs to attack really helps. Taunt is also incredibly useful in this metagame, as stopping skarmory, DD kingdra, and agility empoleon from setting up is quite useful to help the rest of my team. Dragon dance is there for a late game clean-up if I see the opportunity to do so.

    Naturally, gyarados attracts electric attacks, which allows a free switch to...

    The core

    volt absorb
    timid nature
    -baton pass

    This set looks absurd, but theres a good reason why it made it onto the analysis page. With these evs, jolteon's sub can block and counter quite a few pokemon, including porygon2, togekiss, cresselia, defensive celebi, and blissey without seismic toss. Zapdos and magnezone also have trouble fighting jolteon, but they can actually break the sub using heat wave/hidden power respectively. This is where wish comes in and makes jolteon incredibly tough to break. Not only does wish help greatly to revitalize the rest of the team, but it can allow jolteon to become a difficult wall to break. baton pass is naturally used to pass subs, but it also helps against pursuit ttar and dugtrio.

    Since tyranitar and swampert are the primary switch-ins to jolteon, its only natural that my #1 baton pass recipient is...

    The stall-breaker

    @toxic orb
    poison heal
    adamant nature
    -focus punch
    -seed bomb
    -mach punch

    My new favorite physical sweeper, breloom is quite a monster to behold. I usually get breloom in on EQs aimed for jolteon/metagross, and then breloom can really tear into the opponents team. I have lost count of how many swampert breloom has taken out with seed bomb, mainly because everyone expects spore to be the first attack. That said, seed bomb also allows breloom to be a makeshift gyarados counter, as without bounce or ice fang gyarados cant really do much to breloom. Breloom is also my primary stall-breaker, as not even skarmory enjoys taking a focus punch followed by a spore. Sleep-talkers arent really a problem because seed bomb does alot of damage to them. Mach punch is primarily for clean-up, as most pokemon under 20% health are doomed to the priority attack. Thanks to focus punch, this happens quite often. Additionally, mach punch 1HKOs DD ttar with SR support and is also my main answer to sub/agility empoleon.

    Breloom is vulnerable to flying, ice, psychic, and fire type attacks. This allows me to rely on...

    The other tank

    flash fire
    modest nature
    -lava plume
    -earth power
    -sleep talk

    It may look redundant having a sleep-talker when i already have lum berry metagross and breloom for status blocking, but heatran is invaluable in his own way. This is my main answer to jirachi and rotom-A, as well as a backup counter to scizor and zapdos. This heatran can also beat blissey, thanks to lava plume's burn rate and earth power's sp def drop. Lava plume is also incredibly useful for causing random burns to ttar and gyarados that switch in on heatran, as it makes countering them much easier to accomplish. Heatran has great symmetry with breloom, as breloom can absorb water and ground attacks while heatran can come in on fire and ice attacks. The rest/sleep talk combo on heatran has two purposes. the first purpose is to absorb sleep should metagross fail to KO the sleep-inducing opponent (usually due to meteor mash's miss rate X( ) the second purpose is to increase his longevity to absorb dragon attacks for the rest of the team.

    Heatran is also weak to fighting attacks, which allows for a switch to...

    The Cleanup
    @life orb
    timid nature
    -shadow ball
    -focus blast
    -hidden power fire

    When I first saw scofield's unusual set, I thought it looked ridiculous. Now after using it, i can say that it is simply incredible. Gengar works wonders as a sweeper regardless of whether its late game or not. Hidden power fire is a guaranteed KO on scizor and forretress, and will usually KO lucario as well. Protect not only scouts CB scizor's attack, but other locked attacks as well, primarily flygon and latias. The other two attacks have perfect coverage, and with life orb's power can 2HKO all sorts of opponents, including swampert, sleep talk gyarados, and snorlax. gengar also loves receiving sub/wish support from jolteon, as it increases his sweeping time and negates life orb damage.

    So there's my team. After extensive testing, I have found that there are really only 3 pokemon that I have trouble countering.

    #3-latias- Since gengar is slower thanks to the one speed point from hidden power fire, latias can run my team over if I'm not careful. I have metagross/heatran to absorb dragon attacks and breloom/gyarados to absorb surf, but one misprediction and I'm down own team member. Having thunderbolt, hidden power fire, and recover just makes things harder.

    #2-agility metagross- A metagross with meteor mash, EQ, Thunderpunch and agility runs all over this team. my only hope is for life orb variants to burn themselves out by using the wrong attacks (i.e.-switching breloom in on a EQ and gyarados in on a meteor mash) and then finishing him off with mach punch.

    #1-starmie- An all out offensive starmie tears this team to pieces. Jolteon is the only one who can switch in, and he loses about 70% from a life orb hydro pump. My only means of countering is to either get lucky with jolteon, explode with metagross, or getting a mispredict from my opponent and scoring a KO with seed bomb breloom

    This is my first RMT, so let me know if I forgot to include something. If necessary, I'm willing to post a threat list if I have to.
  2. Scofield

    Scofield Ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhh, Kate.......
    is a Battle Server Moderator Alumnusis a Past SPL and WCoP Champion

    Sep 14, 2007
    Ah yes, this is an excellent team. I remember losing to this quite a many times and thinking to myself afterwards that I was very impressed.

    I find it more help today to run jolly and enough evs to hit 245 speed on breloom, just to outspeed zapdos, celebi, and all ttar to the spore.

    On heatran, I often run close to max max calm as i find it allows it to tank a lot better. I also use fire blast over lava plume if you care about the power.

    If starmie and latias is giving you that many problems it might be a good idea to run the special defensive spread on gross and pursuit over explosion.

    Justinawe really should've asked permission before posting a warstory with your team, but great team!
  3. snorlax


    Jul 1, 2006
    Threat list provided, hope sprinkles doesnt mind that I borrow his list

    let me know if I forgot anyone important.

    [​IMG] Aerodactyl- metagross beats the lead variant, and the other variants as well. Gyarados also does well thanks to intimidate.

    [​IMG] Azelf- lead variants usually lose to metagross, unless its something crazy like life orb fire blast lead. regardless, heatran beats it cold, and if i can get it right then gengar can absorb the explosion

    [​IMG] Blissey -heatran can stay in all day against blissey and stall him with rest/sleep talk. without flamethrower or ice beam, breloom and metagross can win one on one.

    [​IMG] Breloom- gengar 1HKOs him, and metagross can KO with meteor mash followed by bullet punch.

    [​IMG] Bronzong- breloom can put him to sleep, gyarados can taunt him, heatran can finish him off.
    [​IMG] Celebi- really depends on the moveset. without earth power, heatran can beat him. With earth power, just have to predict to get gengar in to KO him.
    [​IMG] Cresselia-jolteon can sub up on all but the calm mind version, which loses to metagross. gengar can finish him off regardless.
    [​IMG] Dragonite- rather tough to deal with, but not unstoppable. gyarados is a good switch in, as he can KO offensive versions and taunt set-up versions. Without DD, gengar and jolteon can finish him off.
    [​IMG] Dugtrio-he's kinda a joke, as the only thing he beats hands down is heatran. everyone else either has priority, baton pass, or immunity to arena trap. gyarados beats it hands down.
    [​IMG] Dusknoir-without ice punch, breloom can win with seed bomb and spore.gengar can survive a shadow sneak and KO with shadow ball. without EQ heatran can beat it.
    [​IMG] Electivire-another nuisance, especially if it gets a motor boost from jolteon. my main strategy is to switch between gyarados and jolteon repeatedly to lower his attack and then get gengar in to KO him
    [​IMG] Empoleon-jolteon wins against most versions and subpetaya versions lose to mach punch breloom.
    [​IMG] Flygon-mostly a matter of prediction. if gengar is in, i scout with protect and hit him hard with shadow ball if outrage isnt his move of choice. breloom is a good switch-in, as only outrage can KO breloom. once he outrages, metagross/heatran come in and finish him off.
    [​IMG] Forretress-usually I KO with gengar, but gyarados, breloom, and heatran can crush him as well.
    [​IMG] Gengar- jolteon outruns most versions and can overwhelm him. heatran can come in on all but focus blast for choice scarf versions. Bullet punch finishes off most versions
    [​IMG] Gliscor- defensive versions lose to breloom, gyarados can also beat most versions, but doesnt like toxic. pure set-up gliscor i usually switch in metagross to explode.
    [​IMG] Gyarados- gyarados is the main counter, but breloom and jolteon can counter in a pinch. I can also explode with metagross. Resttalking versions are just a matter of threatening out with gyarados and then weakening with SR.
    [​IMG] Heatran-gyarados is a good counter, and jolteon can finish him off if its not a choice scarf version. Heatran can counter him, as without a boosting item my heatran cant be KOed by earth power..
    [​IMG] Heracross-gengar and gyarados can counter him with ease.
    [​IMG] Hippowdon-gyarados, gengar, and breloom.
    [​IMG] Infernape-Gengar can OHKO him, and gyarados usually wins as well. jolteon can win as well.
    [​IMG] Jirachi- heatran, period.
    [​IMG] Jolteon- surprisingly tough, as specs thunderbolt does like 50% against heatran. jolteon can force specs version to use shadow ball, allowing a switch to heatran. mach punch can finish off weakened versions.
    [​IMG] Kingdra-very annoying, but not unbeatable. first i get them to outrage by using gyarados or breloom, then i either explode with metagross, burn him with heatran, or protect with gengar until confusion kicks in.
    [​IMG] Latias-i mentioned this in my first post. very dangerous if metagross is out of commission
    [​IMG] Lucario-gengar KOes with HP fire. gyarados also wins most times. so does mach punch breloom.
    [​IMG] Machamp-intimidate with gyarados, soften him up with gengar/metagross, finish off with anyone else.
    [​IMG] Magnezone-explode with metagross if maggy switches into him. otherwise i use jolteon to get him to use hp fire on heatran to give him a flash fire boost.
    [​IMG] Mamoswine -gyarados wins 1 on 1, hes also weak to both my priority moves. gengar can survive an ice shard and KO with hp fire.
    [​IMG] Metagross- agiligross is lethal, other versions i put to sleep with breloom and focus punch him. heatran also beats every other version of metagross.
    [​IMG] Ninjask -meteor mash until he's under 50%, then bullet punch him for the KO.
    [​IMG] Porygon2-his ice beam does 24-26% to a jolteon sub. basically i alternate between sub/wish until hes out of ice beam. then i switch in breloom and KO him.
    [​IMG] Porygon-Z -metagross beats it, gengar can use protect to predict it, heatran can beat it, breloom can finish it with mach punch.
    [​IMG] Rhyperior-seed bomb beats him, waterfall beats him, meteor mash softens him up, and hes weak to priority.
    [​IMG] Roserade-metagross beats the lead, heatran beats the other versions. jolteon can use sub to avoid leech seed versions.
    [​IMG] Rotom-a-defensive versions lose to breloom, heatran can beat most versions. anything but choice scarf loses to gengar.
    [​IMG] Salamence- my main strategy is to switch in gyarados regardless of what type of salamence it is. if its DDmence, gyarados can KO it with stone edge. mixedmence is KOed by gengar when SR is down. bulkymence doesnt like taunt.
    [​IMG] Scizor-gyarados and heatran beat him. gengar can protect and win with HP fire if bullet punch is not his locked attack.
    [​IMG] Skarmory-jolteon forces him out every time. in fact, every team member can scare out skarm except for metagross.
    [​IMG] Smeargle -lead version loses to metagross. other versions i absorb sleep
    [​IMG] Suicune-jolteon cant beat CMcune, but he can weaken it to the point where gengar can finish it. Crocune loses to breloom.
    [​IMG] Swampert-breloom KOes it, and gengar can 2HKO. gyarados can beat most versions with taunt
    [​IMG] Tentacruel-jolteon always beats it. so does gyarados. this isnt really a threat to my team at all, as heatran can endure surf thanks to his high sp def investment.
    [​IMG] Togekiss -jolteon beats it with ease. versions without aura sphere lose to heatran.
    [​IMG] Tyranitar - mach punch breloom. next.
    [​IMG] Vaporeon- jolteon and breloom. gyarados can taunt versions without hp electric and set up to deal big damage with stone edge, but gyarados usually loses.
    [​IMG] Weavile-gyarados beats him, and so does metagross. gengar's screwed though...
    [​IMG] Yanmega- metagross can beat most versions, but not by much. should metagross fail then jolteon can finish him off and so can gyarados.
    [​IMG] Zapdos-jolteon can stall zapdos all day, and can baton pass a sub to heatran to get a flash fire boost from heat wave.
  4. gingbino11


    Jan 9, 2009
    If you REALLY want gyara to be bulky, try this spread. 216 HP/64 Atk/184 Def/44 Spd. With an Impish nature.
    216 HP Ev's reaches a total of 385, one more than the maximum leftovers point to yield an odd number indivisible by four (in case that SR could not be removed). The defense investment and nature gives a jump point and allows Gyarados to survive a +0 Outrage from LO Salamence, as well as surviving +2 Stone Edge from Jolly Hyper Cutter Gliscor, each with SR damage accounted for to be safe. Adamant Lucario +1 Close Combat, the most powerful attack most SD Lucarios can muster, only manages 45%. This specific investment gives it the liberty to deal with physical and special Infernape, since it can survive a +1 Infernape Stone Edge and Grass Knot from Mix ape does insignificant damage. 44 Ev's in speed yields 209, enough to beat no speed Cresselia and Rotom as well as Lucario after one DD and all Scarf Heatran after 2 DD's. The rest was put into attack, which guarantees an OHKO on Salamence with Stone Edge after SR and LO damage. Without Stone Edge, this is significant as it means that Breloom's Substitute will always be broken if it runs 4 HP (not a bad idea in itself) and standard Breloom's Sub is broken around 83% of the time.

    Credit for them goes to Kingdrom.
  5. snorlax


    Jul 1, 2006
    @scofield- thanks for the advice, and i agree that heatran would probably perform his role better with a calm nature. I prefer having breloom having a little bulk with the 44 hp evs, and his current speed allows him to outrun defensive gliscor. outspeeding ttar is pointless since I have mach punch to KO him instantly. zapdos and celebi are blocked by jolteon/heatran.

    I going to look at some damage calcs before I try running pursuit on metagross. It would definitely take care of my latias problem, but I cant see starmie losing to pursuit, especially if it decides to stay in and try to go for the KO.

    @gingbino11- your ev spread is slightly off. I just looked at the gyarados analysis, and 44 speed evs does not outspeed anything significant after a DD. also, you assume that infernape's grass knot does insignificant damage, which in my experience is not the case. I'm going to stick with my current evs if thats ok.

    more advice would be appreciated!
  6. Zach


    Mar 17, 2009
    I recommend using this spread on your Gyarados:

    156 HP / 72 Atk / 96 Def / 184 Spe

    This outspeeds Starmie after a Dragon Dance and retains almost identical bulk. The attack EVs on your spread are to secure a 2HKO on Blissey but Blissey is Taunt + DD bait anyway. These Speed EVs also outrun Max Jolly Tar before Dragon Dance.
  7. Santa_Clauz


    Oct 12, 2009
    I agree with Cruchatize me, in my experience, that is by far the best Gyara spread, making for good bulk coupled with excellent sweeping potential. Bring it in on a blissey and DD, taunting if they have a status move, and with 2 DDs, you are almost guaranteed to run through at least half the team. 3 or more is often equivalent to saying gg.

    Otherwise this is a very good team, I'm not sure if I agree with the metagross lead, as almost all of my standard leads will only allow it either stealth rock or an attack, not both.
  8. Santa_Clauz


    Oct 12, 2009
    I have been using this team for a couple of hours, and it is excellent, the amount of immunities on the team is outstanding, and the Metagross lead is working better than had expected. I have only lost about 2/15 games, but still have not encountered any of the proposed problem pokemon listed. But so far, great

    After a little time playing with this team, I have found it has some issues with trick room teams, as almost everything is reletively fast, but the 5 turns of trick room can usually be stalled out by taking advantage of immunities and protect on gengar
  9. omgitscal


    Jul 19, 2008
    I don't get how your Gyarados can just come in on any Salamence, take an Outrage/Draco Meteor/Stone Edge and fight back. According to smogon calcs, a +0 DDMence does 82.7% - 97.6% using Outrage which is a surefire OHKO factoring SR, Mixmence does 76.2% - 90% using Draco Meteor, another OHKO. I highly doubt many this Gyarados can survive Stone Edge from Salamence if it could only barely live through those assaults. I guess it makes it a decent Gyarados counter itself but it looks like by the time Salamence gets 1 DD, you can only bait it to Outrage and switch to a steel or else it runs through your team.
  10. Santa_Clauz


    Oct 12, 2009
    this is not really right, as gyarados' purpose is to either come in as it dances or after it KOs something else, or on a predicted EQ. Even if it is KO'd, Salamence will still have lost some of it's power allowing something else to take the next hit better, i.e., allowing heatran to burn it, assuming outrage
  11. Justinawe


    Aug 13, 2007
    Using this team a lot on the ladder, I can tell you it has proved to be really successful for me. I would suggest you make Heatran Life Orb, as the added power really helps for the team, and allows you to blow up on Blissey late game if needed. Those 3 main threats that you posted have been problematic, but with smart playing it is very possible to beat everyone of them. Another suggestion I would like to make is dropping Wish on Jolt for HP Ice. I know that goes against the thread title, (and my warstory!), but it gives you a great option for revenging Salamence and Dragonite at full health. Not to mention hitting Latias super effective and doing roughly 40% on it. I use EQ over Explosion, but I suppose Explosion has the advantage of taking out a pokemon if needed. There really isn't too much more I can say about the team. Great job at making this team, and I hope you don't mind that I have used it so much!

    P.S. I hope you're not too mad about me not asking to make the warstory with nearly your exact same team. Next time I use someone's team I will ask beforehand!
  12. snorlax


    Jul 1, 2006
    @crunchatize me- that ev spread has been working very well for me, thanks for the tip

    @santa- glad you like the team, although trick room isnt really a problem for me at all. Like you said, immunities and resistances help to negate trick room's effectiveness.

    @omgitscal- did you factor in intimidate? because gyarados can usually take a hit and then KO with stone edge 9 times out of ten on salamence. the only times gyarados really has trouble is with bulkydos (who can survive the hit) or bulkymence (who has roost). even if gyarados is KOed then it leaves mence vulnerable to metagross (if locked on outrage) or gengar (outspeeds mixmence and does like 80%)

    @justinawe- seems like both you and Dark Paladin7 think life orb is better. problem is, i run resttalking tank to make heatran the ultimate jirachi counter. still, i might try life orb anyway just to see if the extra power makes a difference.

    taking off wish from jolteon is not happening. HP ice would certainly help against dragons, but then jolteon loses his ability to stall out other pokemon such as porygon2 and magnezone. also, the rest of the team really likes having the recovery option. it negates SR for gyarados and gives metagross and gengar more opportunities to wreck havoc. I called jolteon the core because I pretty much built the team with wishpassing jolteon as the core. Taking out wish kinda ruins the theme.

    and dont worry about using my team, or writing warstories with it. I only mentioned you in the opening thread because it made me realize that my team was good enough for players like you to want to use it. Just keep winning with my team, and we'll call it even.

    Actually, if you could post your life orb set and the thoughts behind it I would really appreciate it since it apparently works for you. So well in fact that you can win warstories with it :P
  13. Santa_Clauz


    Oct 12, 2009
    Keep the wishes coming

    Wish is actually basically required on Jolteon for me, as I almost always use sub first turn against something I could OHKO, and if they attack, it almost always break the sub, and that's 25% down the drain. In addition, even if they don't attack, the amount of subs my jolt puts up, it really needs wish to keep it alive from priority.
  14. Namexx


    Mar 8, 2009
    pretty standard team setup:

    Steel Lead (Meta, Heatran,..)
    Core: Jolteon + Bulky Gyara + Steel (Altho you picked heatran, a bulky SD scizor can be as good)
    Sleep Sweeper: Breloom
    Special Sweeper: Most of the time Starmie or Gengar

    Now i can give you like 5 famous RMT's that use exact the same team, but you're sets are somewhat unique, like ur jolt is Bulky wish passing instead of Specs etc..

    Anyway nice team! 9.5/10
  15. Rojo23


    Jul 7, 2007
    nice team snorlax

    Have you tried Facade instead of Mach Punch on Breloom?
    When Breloom is behind a sub and you have a moveset of FP/Seed Bomb/Facade, Breloom can really wreak some heavok.
  16. callforjudgement


    Jul 8, 2009
    You look potentially weak to CM blissey (as opposed to the more common status versions); none of your listed counters work there (a CM blissey will normally have enough special attack to kill or severely dent breloom/metagross, and will beat heatran one-on-one due to raising her special defence faster than heatran can lower it.) You need to watch out for HP ground on Porygon2 as well; some of them have it for beating heatrans, but your Jolteon's unlikely to like taking it.
  17. Justinawe


    Aug 13, 2007
    Sure, here is the spread I use:

    Heatran (M) @ Life Orb
    Ability: Flash Fire
    EVs: 4 Atk/252 Spd/252 SAtk
    Naive nature (+Spd, -SDef)
    - Earth Power
    - Fire Blast
    - Hidden Power [Grass]
    - Explosion

    4 attack EVs are for slight boost for Explosion. Max special attack and Speed are givens for a Life Orber. Fire Blast for STAB, Earth Power covers other Heatran, HP Grass takes out Pert nicely, and Explosion for when you are running low on health. Makes a really great partner with Heatran, able to take every attack that Breloom is weak to and come in.
  18. Anachronism


    May 6, 2009
    This team has always given me trouble, and I attribute that mostly to the facts that you include threats that are difficult to handle for standard stall and offensive teams like breloom/restalk heatran and gengar/jolteon. What really seems lacking from this RMT is an explanation of the team synergy. If you could explain the purpose of this team as opposed to just explaining what every member counters, that would be appreciated. I can't really see any innate synergy. It just appears that the team uses its general ability to recover to recover and/or hit hard and fast depending on the situation, using various things that are difficult for the opponent to counter in certain matchups. Is that all this team is, or is there some synergy that I am missing? I see none of the lures or walls that you see traditionally in other good teams to break down certain counters for other members.
  19. snorlax


    Jul 1, 2006
    @namexx- thanks for the high team rating. Also, I'm well aware that the idea behind the team isnt very special, but I feel that the sum of its parts more than makes up for this.

    @rojo23- facade really would help with type coverage against stuff like salamence/dragonite, but mach punch is invaluable for picking off weakened sweepers like azelf and jirachi. It also helps to finish off scizor, who outspeeds with bullet punch otherwise.

    @califorjudgement- CM blissey is extremely rare, I dont think I've ever battled one. If it did exist, then metagross would probably win with meteor mash/explosion, and breloom outspeeds and can put him to sleep or do 40-50% damage with seed bomb/mach punch

    @Justinawe- good heatran set, but I would prefer HP ice/dragon pulse over HP grass simply because latias is a bigger problem for me than swampert is. I need to test this out to see if it works in my current team lineup, since I rely on heatran's ability to tank.

    @Anachronism- I think I know what you mean, but my team does not work like that. There isn't really a plan like "set up for a gyarados sweep" or "get gengar behind a sub to wreck havoc." I basically counter the opponent's strategy until I see an opportunity for jolteon to BP a sub. Based on the opponent, I either swap to breloom, gyarados, or gengar and attempt a sweep. If that's not what you mean by synergy, I'm not sure what else to say.
  20. -FUCK-


    Dec 31, 2009
    It's refreshing to see an original team that does so well without resorting to the likes of scizor/tyranitar/latias/rotom/ect.. I don't really have advise to offer since this team just seems so well made, their really isnt any holes to fix up since you can still switch and play around the threats it has trouble with most, just wanted to say you made a great team here.

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