Who would you pick?


my god if you don't have an iced tea for me when i
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Second from the right.

Also, you don't need to make a new thread for every new piece of art, just bump one thread ^_^
Whoa, lots of varied choices. Thanks for your inputs, I'm surprised. I hope to make a game, but I'm not sure what genre it would be. I'm thinking of going with something like Pokemon so that I will be able to focus more on the system.

Then again, I'll probably just end up making this as a web comic or something. :{ Dayum, deciding is tuff.
The roach is really a grasshopper. lol Also, I'm surprised that the H-bug is so popular.

About the fighter question, I was actually planning to make a game that can only be described as a "fast" turn based type. Although a fighter would be neat to make. Yeah, that ape does indeed have a brute style. He and the fighting dragon have the highest strength among those in the image.

Also, I have an updated image that alters some of the sprites. Mainly the knight, the "princess", and dragon. Also, I was looking at the characters concepts and realized that the jester girl has the head correct, but the rest of her design is from the MIME girl. Basically, that stance she has is from her. The real jester girl is a full head shorter and has a slightly different outfit. [Thats what I get for drawing without referencing my original notes. :{ ] I also saw this for the knight and princess, but only their proportions were off somewhat. IF anybody liked the jester girl's fighting stance, it actually belongs to the mime girl, since the jester girl is an illusionist type and wouldn't be able to really do much when it comes to melee. Anyways, the mime girl will be appearing in the next set of sprites which will have also have some villains in it.

Heres is the image with some updated sprites according to the source material. Does it look better? I think the dragon looks awesome. Although, those that liked the dragon before, what do you think now?

I also have a "powerup" version of this image that I'm not done with yet. It's for fun since the designs aren't final but I think it gives a general idea of what they'll look like when using their powerup. For example, the foxgirl will have Nine-tails.
What version of the right dude do you like? You mean the dragon right?

Anyways, heres the WIP of the "powerup" version. I should just make new sprites from scratch instead of just editing those, but for now, I'm just editing, unless for some reason I change the sprite which I will actually do for some since the pose of the old sprite won't match their new form.

For example, the dragon gets wings enabling him to fly[all high tier beings in this game have to eventually fly in order to keep up.] I really want to make this a game someday.
Designs like the H-bug I got right on the initial drawing. Although, some like the Dragon and Knight I keep constantly having to redesign. :{ Although, I think its safe to say the Dragon is finished in terms of design, I finally got its head right. It was always off before due to being unable to grasp what I was seeing in my mind. :}

Anyways, now its the 'knight' and 'princess' that I'm trying to redesign. :{ They just seem off somehow. The 'knight' is suppose to be a high speed armor type, which is why it has thin limbs, although it makes it seem alien in some way. Here are some of the re-designs.

Basically, a more epic version of the sprite design. If in game, its target size might still be small, but most likely medium depending on height. Targets like H-bug are considered tiny, which is less than small. Targeting size affects the % of attacks and effectiveness of some attacks.


This new design is what I'm thinking of going with, with some adjustments. Later on. It looks less like an alien, and in some way more epic. Although, if done in a game, its target size would be medium instead of small like its sprite design.


Original design which I redrew a version of at the bottom middle of this image. Doesn't seem high speed, but looks monish, which works with the other cast of mons. The blank stare type eyes looks neat too.


So far, I'm debating which to pick. For the 'Princess', just the hat/head ornament design and hair type are what I'm debating about myself. Long hair would work with her telekinesis type energy that inhabits her frame. To me, her short hair would seem like homage to some other female character I had drawn when I was younger, although I realize now that its probably originally homage to sabrina and whitney from HeartGold SoulSilver. {Well, this time it was anyway when I designed her with that hair this year. That short hair that Sabrina and Whitney have that sticks out to the sides in points is so weird. @ x@ It's kind of equal to the design prowess of long flowing hair on girls.}
New record! About an hour! Usually an image like this would have taken 5 hours. : }

The dragon didn't come out quite right and I gotta fix that. lol Although everybody else came out exactly as they should. : } By the way, all those in the background are badguys, and its practically all of them are fought by the dragon at different parts of the story. I still haven't decided who the main protagonist is.