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Played against djstringbeans yesterday, he used an illegally hacked Dragonite. It easily took Hidden Power Ice from my max Special Attack, Modest Jolteon. I was skeptical due to it's bulk and attacking power. I asked him his EV spread, and he said that it was 252 HP and 252 Atk. Only thing is, that would make it's speed 196. It outsped my Breloom's 237 speed without having used and boosting moves (also, it was holding Leftovers, not Scarf). That means it needs 164 speed evs to tie, 168 for outspeed. I brought that up, and he started saying he got it from someone else so he doesn't know it's EV spread, after he told me.
Is it illegal for someone to d/c at any point in the match? This guy disconnected on me, I felt confident I was going to win, though I don't know what he had left. I asked him what happened though he never replied, although he was still online afterwards.
Is it illegal for someone to d/c at any point in the match? This guy disconnected on me, I felt confident I was going to win, though I don't know what he had left. I asked him what happened though he never replied, although he was still online afterwards.
Yep, if someone d/c you and refuse to explain why, then s/he can be blacklisted. .-.
After consulting with my fellow mods, we've decided it for the best to add Eco to the wi-fi blacklist. We don't need someone in the wi-fi community who had a sig like:

Eco's signature as of last night said:
Hey, you know that "perfect RNG'd" Pokemon you made? I created an exact replica with PokeGen, and I'm trading it out. umad? RNG, Emulating, Generating, its all the same. One just takes more/less time than the other.
We don't take kindly to people threatening to trade hacks at any time.

See below. Derp.
Eep, I had that for when Colonel was whining to me about his "perfect" Reshiram or something of the sort during April Fools. I don't trade hacks, the sig was mainly for trolling purposes. Hence, why I removed it.

Then why did you give me the green light for the giveaway if you're blacklisting me? ._.
Lucksack2000 disconnected instead of taking the loss when he was down to his last pokemon after being swept

edit: To try to solve the issue i did PM the member to see why he d/c'd and got no reply even though he was still online and active
I HAVEN'T CHEATED. I wanna proofs. This is unfair. I don't cheat. And I have as a proof 40 videos of my battles, uploaded to youtube. I use legal hacks.

You want proof? There's your proof. That's out battle. Guess what? I have a webcam. So you're going to bring a Drizzle S-toss Politoad, as well as a Female Hydration Vaporeon, both of which are illegal? I'm going to get you black listed. Good day to you sir~


Wi-Fi Blacklisted
I would like to report A Very Little Monster for trading me a hacked DW Blaziken. What makes it hacked: It was bred, but since DW Blaziken, you can't breed it to pass on Speed Boost. Another thing is that the OT is "Trev", not "T r e v" like if it was Japanese, and Speed Boost Blaziken has only been available in Japanese games.
I seriously didn't know that would count as a hack. D:
someone from gamefaqs gave me a speed boost torchic to breed with so I did! I ended up eventually getting that torchic as a result of the breeding. So I kept it and EV trained it to a blaziken.

why didn't you tell me it would count as a hack before we traded?
it said on my thread that it had speed boost...i don't believe this....
do you want vulpix back then? i'm really upset right now because i'm getting blacklisted for something I was completely ignorant about. :(

EDIT: i'd also like to point out one thing about this accusation.

"Don't be so quick to report people. Talk it out with the other party first to see if it is a miscommunication, or if the other person is just an asshole. In the latter case, you should report them to us."

He never even confronted or asked me about how I managed to obtain the speed boost blaziken. If he had asked, I would've explained what I explained in post #2806 (above) on this thread and he could've declined the trade and warned me that it could get me in trouble (which i didn't know). But instead he just says, "pick something for the blaziken" without asking me ANYTHING about it. Nor did he ask about if it was American or Japanese.

I sincerly apologize for trading a pokemon I didn't know would be considered hacked; I will never do it again because my trade thread is closed anyway =P
Thanks FtP.

This case is closed.
Obviously I thought Politoed could learn ST with Drizzle. Come on, Im not the guy who has a Jolteon with EQ. Be honest, that was an understandable mistake. I'll take care of these illegal combinations. Please don't be so hard and unban me. Think that it was an error everyone could commit.

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@tjtoot: as I said in message back to you, I need to hear directly back from Miria before I can take that into consideration.

@ELECTIVIRE_1: Which pokemon did you redistribute without permission? Please remind us all. Lame answers will definitely not get you off the blacklist like magic.
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