Wi-Fi Blacklist: as of January 30th, 2014

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Hate to involved myself, but this is so obviously not hacked, here's how you get an arcanine with both moves:

Level growlithe to 49, it learns flare blitz, evolve to arcanine, go to move tutor in pastoria city, it learns extreme speed.


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OK. After a lot of discussion and thought amongst the Wi-Fi mods, we have decided to add Vlietung to the actual blacklist. This shouldn't affect you much, Vlie, because you don't actually trade.

For posterity, and just so people know, here is all of the "evidence" against him (the combination of everything listed is why we're adding him):
  • His "nephew" and the Charizard. Y'all know the story. Very suspicious etc.
  • The shiny magikarp he was resetting on. No one is so devoted to a breeding project and/or gullible to soft reset on a basically flawless physical Pokemon to get higher Special Attack.
  • Hacking your SID and ID frequently to get legends. The fact that Vlietung hacks his SID and ID all the time to get flawless shiny stuff, and then posts them everywhere, is very odd. Also, the whole "I reset my ID to get this hex 31 Pokemon" is complete bullshit, and after mingot called him out, he reneged and called it a mistake.
  • The whole not knowing what an even/odd number is. No offense to Vlietung, but you can't be changing your SID/ID, abusing the RNG, and writing applets without knowing the basics of math. Negator, another foreigner, knows what Even/odd numbers are so you can't really blame the language barrier.
I may've missed some things but who really cares. I do want to note that we're not trying to run you out of the community, Vlietung, especially since you don't trade. If you have any questions/comments feel free to either PM Toothache, mingot, or myself. Again, I want to note that we're not trying to be mean at all :)

I also want to note that this is not an invitation for other users to start spamming this thread with their reactions; we don't care tbh. Any irrelevant posts will be deleted and the user may be infracted.
I'd like to report The Phoenix.
I shiny chained a 31/31/31/31/31/0 pineco a week or so ago. It's nature is neutral though =/. Do you think it's IV's will make it redeemable or is the neutral nature not good enough? (instead of relaxed)
There is no valid PID combo for neutral natures the only one is hardy which is method 2 meaning it would have had to been on 3rd gen.

Chained shinies don't have to have valid PID combos, as the PIDs are actually modified/fixed during the processed that actually makes them shiny.

Please try to know what you are talking about before posting here.

But of course it's either hacked or the person has no idea of how to check IVs. Since, as far as I know, it's not been traded there is not a whole lot to say or do here at this point.
Look everyone, just to clear things up, I didn't want to trade anything that might be hacked. I had DarkProphet look into it and it did indeed come up hacked. I think one of my friends messed with it when I sent it to him for EV training.

I really like these forums, and I am completely against hacked pokemon. I don't own any kind of cheating device, and I'm really sorry that this pokemon came out hacked.

I am releasing it right now.
I'd like to report RusselCrowe for using legit hacks in our battle and not telling me.
There is also nothing in his sig stating he uses legal hacks. I recorded the battle aswell if that counts for anything.

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I got this response:
RusselCrowe said:
Consider it responded to. I used hacks to obtain pokemon not available in diamond and ev training them. They have legal movesets and the IVs arent even maxed. I didn't know i had to tell him, but in all honesty, he won with 3 shinys on his team so I don't see how this is a problem. At all.
I'd like to report Mediocreman for using legal hacks against me in battle and not telling me. Also, there is nothing in his sig stating he uses hacks.
He also told me via PM that he dosen't use them. He used a NN'd mence in a cherish ball for christ sake-_-
Could you tell me which of these are not redistributable?
I would also like to keep my pokemon redistributable only on smogon also. Having pokes smogon only redis attracts more people, hopefully good ones. Also, it seems odd redising my stuff to a forum who doesn't know who I am and getting flawless pokes. Why give credit to me when they will not know me anyways.
To all, I am extremely srry. When I saw redistributable, I thought they were redis everywhere. I will rectify this immediately and creat a new topic without them. I apologize for any trouble I may have caused. Please forgive me!

Also, are any other Pokes there not redis so I know to take them off?

Would anyone want a sort of consolation for this?

EDIT: Very sorry Blak! No one told me they were just redis here!
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