[Wi-Fi Tournament] Exploring new UU! (Sign Ups)

*Approved by Sonuis*

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The 32 slots have been taken, but you may still register as a substitute for Round 1 if needed!

UU is a pretty new and exciting metagame that keeps changing drastically with the new merge of the whole BL tier! The last UU tourney was a success and that one used the old UU, which allowed Pokemon like Froslass that was one of the first newly named BL and Leafeon, whom was previously thought of as BL and is now NU!

With this tournament I hope people get to use these new BL favourites and dust off their boxes.

  • Format will of course be UU and below. Check the Pokemon eligible for this tournament: UU / NU - NFE Pokemon are allowed as long as they do not belong to a different tier already (Uber / OU / BL), with the exception being Hippopotas and Snover.
  • Wi-Fi Tournament Rules - You can read and get up to date with all the hosting rules and common clauses for these type of Tournaments.
  • The UU Tournament will allow 16-32 players maximum. The tournament format will be single elimination. There will be substitute places available as there are always lame people who do not complete their matches.
  • Players will be given 1 week to complete their matches. There will be no extensions to this deadline. If a match is not completed, the one whom demonstrated more activity will move on. If neither player showed activity, they both might be dropped or the outcome will be decided based on a flip.
  • All battles will be Singles 6 vs 6 Auto-level 100.
  • Only people who have or have had active trade threads may participate in this Tournament. Sorry generic random Wi-Fi lurker!

  • Sleep Clause
  • Species Clause
  • OHKO moves Clause
  • Evasion Clause
  • NO Hacked Pokemon
  • NO Weather

  • Prizes will be awarded to the top finishers of the tournament. I am currently accepting donations for prizes, but I will only accept 7 prize donations total. So far negator, Tase and Destroyer have donated prizes.

  • Changes to the Rules and Clauses sections have been added so make sure you read them before you get your team ready.
  • I have plans to start an OU Tournament, if it gets approved of course, when we are down to Round 3 for this tournament, so keep an eye out for sign ups on the OU Tournament.

To ensure you have read all the rules, you must include an icon of an UU or NU Pokemon in your sign up post.

  1. Pablo
  2. Scruffy
  4. Macheep
  5. Blak Blastoise
  6. TheForgottenSoul
  7. Jigo
  8. Tri-DarkSouls
  9. Diploman
  10. Deschain
  11. Fightgar
  12. Honchkrow
  13. Slimi
  14. krabs93
  15. Alakapimp
  16. Supe
  17. Geren
  18. asiankid123
  19. destroyer
  20. Eiganjo
  21. Althos
  22. negator
  23. Tase
  24. Mr.Darkrai
  25. sandman
  26. Magik0722
  27. Darkprophet
  28. Harro237
  29. Seafan
  30. Erodent
  31. mikeeeey
  32. wiinry

  • Raistmagic

I guess i can sign up. I don't really play UU much, but i can start. If there are a lot of people wanting to get in, i'll let them take my place, but if you need some people, count me in.
I want in please. I got far in the last one and ill do the same here -_-

How are the limbo pokemon going to be decided?

My favorite. <3 I'm in. And as I told Pablo on IRC, I'd be more than happy to donate something of mine for prizes. Haven't decided what just yet.