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[Wifi-Warstory] V. Little Green Yoda!

Discussion in 'Warstory Archive' started by Chou Toshio, Oct 16, 2008.

  1. Chou Toshio

    Chou Toshio Over9000
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    Aug 16, 2007
    This battle features two of our very own from Smogon Stark Mountain, LittleGreenYoda and me, ChouToshio. To put a twist on it, this is a Wifi Warstory, not shoddy.

    LGY and I have both spent a lot of time on the wifi boards, and you could say this match has been a long time coming. Despite this being our first match against each other, we go way back—it’s been a kind of “I told you so” relationship. I say something idealistic, LGY says something realistic, and later on when he turns out to be right, he says “I told you so.” That’s how I perceive it anyway. If you have spent anytime at all on the wifi boards (which you should really quit by the way, as the place is getting retarded), you probably know the two of us well in that regard.

    Nothing about that has anything to do with the battlefield though!

    Team ChouToshio (Toshio):

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Nicknames (in Japanese): Ootawara, Agon, Gauo, Tetsuma, Eyeshield, Kakei (Any Eyeshield 21 fans out there?)

    Team Little Green Yoda (Sakura)

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Nicknames: Sur Rly?, Jirachi, Celebi, Basilisk, Pyroclast, Tsunami

    All damage figures are estimates.

    As an interesting anecdote (for anyone who cares), I have 99% confidence that all the pokemon in this battle are legit.
    A) Because LGY is super paranoid
    B) because almost all the pokemon on my team are my own breeds/SRs (Metagross and Heatran being the exceptions).

    So here’s to a great battle between two wifi pokemaniacs! Consider this a tribute to the once less-retarded wifi boards, and to people who actually train pokemon!

    For those with Platinum, you can watch the GTS video here: 70 – 86331 – 84004

    For those with Youtube, I uploaded it here (though forgive my crappy video-editing skills): http://jp.youtube.com/watch?v=5OUH2cNLNrM

    ChouToshio v. Little Green Yoda

    Toshio sent out Metagross
    LGY sent out Smeargle

    I am running one of those new-fangled CB Trick-Metagross leads. V. Smeargle lead, I am not exactly sure where I should be going with this. Probably the best move is to go straight to bullet punch, however I don’t exactly like the idea of revealing I am running bullet punch, and locking myself into it (I want him to think I have Meteor Mash). I decide to go for Trick, as my Meta is running a lot of speed, enough to outrun Max +Speed base 100 if I grab a choice scarf (example, meta tricks zap to get CS for CB), so I decide to go straight to trick. If I can trick before the spore, than I can force him out due to sleep clause.

    Smeargle used spore
    Metagross fell asleep

    >> No go there. I am going to have to switch out. I opt to go to my Tyranitar, both in the hopes of getting a chance to set up and to ruin his sash.

    Toshio withdrew Metagross, Toshio sent out Tyranitar!
    LGY withdrew Smeargle, LGY sent out Swampert!
    [Sand Storm Starts]

    Fuck, you got to be kidding me. This is starting to be a really rock start off. Wonder why I brought my adamant Tyranitar instead of Jimbo’s Lonely HP Grass. Oh well, it can’t be helped. I am obviously going to have to switch out, but at this point in the early battle, I’m pretty happy (and excited) about my next switch in.

    Toshio withdrew Tyranitar, Toshio sent out Shaymin-S!
    Swampert used Toxic!
    Shaymin-S was badly poisoned!

    Toxic swampert is a surprise. I have yet to see one on Shoddy, but in retrospect I have to say this is pretty ingenious. Swampert’s got the bulk to really make it work. At this point though, I’m just glad I’m not ice beamed, and to a lesser extent happy SR is still not up. Thanks to the guys who figured out the AR code to free Shaymin-S onto Wifi battle!! And thanks to Smogon for not testing it yet.

    I am running Modest Scarf-min with Hidden Power Ice 68 (12 / 24 / 18 / 31 / 7 / 27), one of my own SRs. I am EV’d just fast enough to get ahead of max Speed Deoxys-S, and am capable of OHKO’ing it with Seed Flare (and 2 HKOing some offensive Zapdos with the special defense drop). Crappy defensive IVs and a sub-par speed IV mean that I had to spend even more EVs in speed and am dealing with some way-subpar defensive stats compared to shoddy, but hey that’s wifi right? Should be happy I can run this set at all. Anyway, the mentality is: Seed Flare, I can beat the crap out of almost anything coming in anyway.

    LGY withdrew Swampert, LGY sent out jirachi!
    Shaymin-S used Seed Flare! ~32% Damage
    Jirachi’s Special Defense harshly fell!
    Jirachi’s Leftovers recovered health! [will be omitted from here out]

    Just missing the 2HKO due to leftovers is too bad. One thing for sure is I cannot afford to let shaymin bite the dust just yet. I’ll have to pull out here. Sending in Scarfran into a possible thunderwave is not fun, but it’s the best I got.

    Toshio withdrew Shaymin, Toshio sent out Heatran!
    Jirachi used U-Turn! ~3%
    LGY sent out Gyarados
    Gyarados recovered with Leftovers! [will be omitted from here]

    This battle is just not going all to well for me. At least my sand showed me he’s bulkydos. See, this is what happens when you go back to wifi. People are still using sets you have not seen in ages, and it smacks you in the face. We’re are all just too lazy to re-EV. Lol Fortunately for me, this is not my shoddy +SpeedRan with damage-reduce-berry, but a Modest scarfran with HP Electric (thanks Twiggy). Again, old sets live hard on wifi. So, I’m going to go for it. Maybe I’ll get the jump on him, as I myself would almost never expect HP electric from Heatran these days.

    LGY withdrew Gyarados, LGY sent out Smeargle!
    Heatran used Hidden Power! ~65%

    Or not. This is how Shoddy distorts your common sense. I ought to know that Twiggy’s is one of the oldest Heatrans around, and probably LGY has fought a hundred of these things throwing around HP electric. It’s not a hard miss for me though. Sleep clause is up, It’s a 2hko, and I can be 95% sure that his swampert is coming in. Despite this, I’m not sending shaymin in. I would if I weren’t poisoned, but as it is I just can’t afford to be taking on unneeded toxic and sand damage, especially when it’s very possible I could just get walled again. LO Gyarados and LO Salamence are going to have to take down something before we can get this game rolling.

    LGY withdrew Smeargle, LGY sent out Swampert!
    Toshio withdrew Heatran, Toshio sent out Gyarados!
    Swampert’s attack was reduced by intimidate!

    Happy to see the intimidate hit the right pokemon. Obviously Gyarados is not taking this thing down without heavy residual damage and probably getting poisoned in the process. However, I know it smacks everything on his team hard, and right now I just got to take something, anything down, even if it means losing a poke or two. It’s obvious that this has become a battle of Offensive-Tanks v. Bulky Sweep, where both of us are playing to our resistances as opposed to using full-blown walls, but while LGY is playing the set-up game, I’m using the direct offensive one. At first it’s going to be (and has been) tough for me, but if I can break through the defensive circles, I’ll be able to gain momentum fast at the end. So far, I’ve been out-played at every corner, but if I play it cool, keep going, and open his defenses, I can definitely clear the way for the sweep. For that purpose, one thing to do: attack!

    Gyarados used Waterfal! ~40%
    Swampert Flinched!
    Swampert recovered with leftovers! [will be omitted from here]

    Great that worked out well. Got to keep attacking though.

    LGY withdrew Swampert, LGY sent out Celebi!
    Gyarados used Waterfall! ~27%
    Celebi recovered with leftoers! [will be omitted from here]

    The amount of damage is at the point where it’s tempting to just nail it with Stone Edge, but low accuracy, and reliance on the critical hit is unappealing. Fortunately if there’s one thing I know about legit Celebi on Smogon (outside the fact that odds are they actually aren’t legit, lol), is that they have very crappy speed IVs. Odds are Gyara can outspeed and screw it with taunt.

    Gyarados used Taunt!
    Celebi can’t used Thunderwave after being taunted!

    That worked out well. Now time to switch into the on-coming grass knot and go for the wall breakage. I’m going to switch to my naïve salamence for this. Naïve mence is my pride and joy, and it’s mix-sweeping capacities are just what I need to get over this hump now.

    Toshio withdrew Gyarados, Toshio sent out Salamence!
    Celebi used Psychic! ~30%

    . . . and LGY, knowing that said mence is my pride and joy, sees this coming from a mile away. Still, I have the stuff to keep fighting. I could go straight for the Draco Meteor here, but I’m weary of Jirachi switching in and putting a pre-mature halt to my sweep. I got to take something down here at all costs, which means ramping up the residual damage first. I’m going to go with Flamethrower to take down Jirachi/Celebi, and plan on switching to Brick Break/Dragon Attack as needed.

    LGY withdrew Celebit, LGY sent out Gyarados!
    Salamence’s Attack was lowered.
    Salamence used Flamethrower! ~20%

    No problem here. I said I needed to take something down at all costs, and I’m about to get that here. Looks like Outrage will be taking a back-seat today. Draco Meteor Away!

    Salamence Used Draco Meteor! ~77%
    Gyarados used Waterfall! 45%
    Sandstorm brewed,
    Salamence fainted
    Gyarados fainted

    5 - 5

    The sand blows, and both mighty dragons fall to the ground. I am kind of sad that I missed finishing off his Gyarados (and saving my salamence) by a measly 2%, but I achieved my goal of taking down one of his pokemon. With this, I’ve just increased the power of my own Gyarados and Heatran significantly. Now it’s time for a fun quiz game though—what will the enemy switch in next?? Double-switch in is always fun. For me though the answer is clear. Shaymin can probably defeat any pokemon on his team 1-1, and this is the best chance to bring in a poisoned pokemon. I also think his swampert has a very high chance of coming out, as it seems to be his “pseudo 2nd lead” following smeargle.

    LGY sent out Swampert
    Toshio sent out Shaymin-S!

    Alright. Now the question is what to do. I could go for the Earth Power to hit his Jirachi switch, but lets face it, Celebi could always come in too and that’s not fun. Also on shoddy I’ve seen way too many vaporeons/swampert/suicune stay in on Shaymin to try and out-predict or get the seed flare miss. Therefore, I’m sticking with seed flare. Believing in the power of modest seed flare is what this set is for.

    LGY withdrew Swampert, LGY sent out Heatran!
    Shaymin-S used Seed Flare! ~18%

    . . . but most people have the common sense not to leave Swampert in on Shaymin.
    No leftovers! Who guesses scarfran? :D It’s good to know that he has a heatran though, and I have plenty of viable heatran switch-ins, including my own heatran. Right now though, I feel that Gyarados can get the jump on this. It’s also a good idea to use Gyarados now as opposed to later, as after watching LGY battle I know he must have SR on his team despite that I’ve kept it off the field so far.

    Toshio withdrew Shaymin, Toshio sent in Gyarados!
    Heatran used Earth Power!

    Bingo. Now, another fun quiz-game—DD or Waterfall? Oh fuck it, I’m going to water fall. Simple as that.

    LGY withdrew Heatran, LGY sent out Celebi!
    Gyarados used Waterfall! ~25%

    Overall, I’m satisfied with the move. Having to risk the celebi kill on a single DD Stone Edge is not my ideal situation. Knowing that I out speed, I’m going to guess he goes straight to an attack, as Gyara is low on health. I’ll forego the taunt and switch straight to Tyranitar!

    Toshio withdrew Gyarados, Toshio sent out Tyranitar!
    Celebi used Thunderwave! Tyranitar is paralyzed!

    . . . today is not my day. Paralyzation on TTar isn’t the end of the world, but it is a hard loss for me, mostly because of potential para-hax preventing my attacks. I got to try and take down celebi though. Crunch-time.

    LGY withdrew Celebi, LGY sent out Jirachi!
    Tyranitar is fully paralyzed!

    Case in point. At this point, all I can do is assumed Jirachi has a Steel attack, such as Iron head or Luster cannon. I’m confused as to why Jirachi > Swampert though. Neither of the poential steel attacks scare me enough to want to switch out, and I’ll try go for the hit with Fire Punch before anything else. I could always get some burn hax, maybe.

    Jirachi used U-Turn! 30%
    LGY sent out Swampert!
    Tyranitar used Fire Punch! ~lol
    Tyranitar restored health with Leftovers! [Will be omitted from here out]

    Oh, that’s why Jirachi. >> I just played perfectly into LGY’s hands . . . No burn hax for me neither. At this point, I’m facing a hard uphill battle. None of my current pokemon are really going to want to switch into Swampert, and I’m facing the fact that this could be a lost battle for me. I decide though as the rest of my pokemon (save Gyara maybe) outspeed Smeargle or are already status’d, I can afford to sacrifice Metagross. He’s not doing much for me this game anyway . . . >>

    Toshio withdrew Tyranitar, Toshio sent out Metagross!
    Swampert used Ice beam! ~equally lol

    Alright, I’ve brought Metagross in! Right . . . well, continuing my sacrifice . . .

    LGY withdrew Swampert, LGY sent out smeargle!
    Metagross: zzzzz

    Ah, a conservative play. Metagross outruns and can KO with Explosion if it wakes up. At this point, I decide to wait for gross to wake up, hopefully. Having him back in the battle would be really helpful . . .

    Smeargle used Stealth Rock!
    Metagross: . . . Mom, I want a purple unicorn . . .

    Knew those rocks were coming up . . .

    LGY withdrew Smeargle, LGY sent out Jirachi!
    Metagross: . . . No! Garchomp! Why are you back!! Mommy!!! . . . zzz . . .

    Oh? Maybe he’s getting close to waking up?

    Metagross: Damn it! Ice Punch you bastard!!
    Metagross woke up!
    Metagross used trick!
    Jirachi used thunderbolt! ~40%
    Metagross recovered with leftovers! Jirachi didn’t! [omitted from here on]

    OH YEAH!! My metal mustache is back in the game! And he tricked a special jirachi into Thunderbolt! Did I mention I can outrun base 100’s with no speed ev’s with my evs too? :D Ootawara is surprisingly fast for a massive metal tank. Great thing is, I out-speed, and he’ll probably switch for fear of Earthquake. Oh, sweet. I know what to do here . . .

    LGY withdrew Jirachi, LGY sent out Celebi!
    Metagross used Ice Punch! ~60%
    Celebi is frozen solid!

    Yay for freezing the Natural Cure Poke who's going to switch out anyway! Hell yeah though! Without CB I’m not KOing, but Celebi will feel that tomorrow! It’s like at 13% now! It knows I outrun (lol crappy speed IVs), so I’ll just keep my offensive going!

    LGY withdrew Celebi, LGY sent out Swampert!
    Metagross used Ice Punch! ~15%

    Oh right, next victim! Nothing nice like an exploded frog!

    Metagross used Explosion!
    Swampert: Mommy! xP


    Metagross goes out with a bang. Awesome run Metagross—our side is back in the game! Time for another fun quiz! And you that my side is going with . . .

    LGY sent out Smeargle!
    Toshio sent out Shaymin!

    The fucking Chibi of course. He’s not the team ace for nothing! It might be really, really obvious, but that’s why we’re going with it!

    LGY withdrew Smeargle, LGY sent out Jirachi!
    Shaymin used Earth Power! ~70%

    His whole remaining team can eat my Earth Power!

    Shaymin used Earth Power! Jirachi fainted!

    4-3 Toshio

    LGY sent out Celebi!

    I’m not running, I’m going to finish it off. 13% health? Screw you! Modest 120 base special attacks says you can go to hell.

    Shaymin used Earth Power! ~12%
    Celebi used Recover!
    Shaymin lost health to poison, Shaymin fainted!


    . . . to anyone who complains that Shaymin hits too hard, I say no. Just no. Now I have Celebi out there back at half-health. I have a few options here. The most obvious is to go to heatran and burn it. This is I hate guessing games, and that enemy heatran coming in (or not) is a pain in the ass. I’d rather kill celebi hear and now (well, rather I wish I’d killed it just now. For that reason I go with a different option.

    Toshio sent out Tyranitar

    Here’s hoping it has grass knot.

    Celebi used grass knot! ~50%
    Tyranitar used Crunch! ~51%
    Celebi fainted!


    Sandstorm, 252 HP and 120 Special Defense say Celebi is not getting through Tyranitar, period. My worst fear here was of course, Para-hax. But I managed to make due. Unfortunately for me, this Tyranitar neither has Earthquake, nor enough health to take an Earth Power, even from timid (which does around 35% btw).

    LGY sent out Heatran

    At this point in the game, I realize that the most likely outcome of this match is Heatran v. Heatran, winner takes all. My job is to avoid that situation if at all possible, because the only other possible situation is me trapping his heatran between killing my heatran or gyarados. Trouble is, Gyara’s at like 35% health, and between SR and sandstream, it’s not all that likely. I plan to switch it in now, hopefully rising above earthpower, killing smeargle, and sealing heatran’s fate.

    Toshio withdrew Tyranitar, Toshio sent out Gyarados!
    Heatran used Dragon Pulse! Gyarados fainted

    At this point, I’m realizing how stupid I am. If I had just left Tyranitar in, I would have most likely won. Tyranitar survives Dragon Pulse, but even if it couldn’t, it’s essentially useless to me anyway as it dies to the same attack as my own Heatran. I should have left it in. If it took an attack not named eath power, it could hurt heatran and at least tell me what heatran’s attacking with. If it died to earth power, I could bring in Gyarados and the game would be mine. Despite my stupidity though, it’s time for an epic finish—as all it comes down to is heatran, v. heatran.

    Toshio sent out Tetsuma (Heatran)

    LGY withdrew Heatran, LGY sent out Smeargle!
    Tetsuma used Earth Power! ~20%
    Smeargle fainted!


    LGY sent out Heatran

    Fuck you Garchomp v. Garchomp, Heatran v. Heatran is the new epic finish (also the new #1 pokemon, haha!). Tetsuma means “Iron Hourse,” here’s hoping that my heatran lives to it’s name sake, the train that will never stop, and bulldozes the enemy over! It’s all up to lady luck now.

    Tetsuma used Earth Power! ~95%
    LGY’s Heatran fainted!

    My little engine that could! We win the Christmas Bowl! Good Game Little Green Yoda!


    -Trick Metagross coming back for a simply amazing run.
    -Shaymin-S for supplying the pressure needed for a fast-paced offensive. I’ll say that I appreciate Shaymin in the metagame if only because he supplies a much needed check to bulky waters.
    -+Speed MixMence for making the much needed first kill. He doesn’t supply the same threat of a full on sweep as a DD mence, but hurting everything and opening walls is just too damn valuable.
    -Heatran, for being a heatran. Enough said.
    -Platinum video, for being sexy.


    -I really hate bulky waters. And Celebi. And Jirachi. Hell, the only thing that could have made LGY’s team more annoying would be having a rotom-form on it.
    -Not bullet punching off the start was stupid. Smeargle’s crappy offensive and defensive stats mean that there’s nothing worth investing in except speed, so no matter how much I invest Adamant Metagross is not getting ahead. Time to get Negator’s Jolly one then maybe??
    -Forgetting to pack a ground type. >> Paralyzed TTar is not fun.
    -Shaymin for not being able to finish off a pokemon at 13% health. Booh, back to the weights Sena.
    -In general, my plays with TTar this whole game were bad. I did not even sacrifice it at the right time.

    To end on a good note: Having a terrific opponent, and a terrific battle with LEGIT pokemon on WIFI!! Here’s to actually training pokemon! xD
  2. nyczxjay

    is a Tiering Contributor Alumnus

    Jun 30, 2007
    Nice battle. To be honest I didn't read the warstory but I did watch it on Youtube XD. I lol'ed when Celebi survived a Spec'ed Earth Power when it was almost dead to begin with. Just a question though, was this a local wifi battle or something? Since you were able to use Skymin and all.

    And I train my own pokemon too! *high five* XD
  3. lati0s


    Sep 30, 2008
    how did you get shaymin-s on a wifi battle i thought you could only use him on local battles?
  4. Chou Toshio

    Chou Toshio Over9000
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    Aug 16, 2007
    hi five nyczxjay! But you ought to read the story, then you'd know the answer to the question. :3

  5. BlakBlastoise


    Dec 4, 2007
    There should be more wi-fi war stories like this. Shoddy and wi-fi are very different, something clearly seen in this war story. I don't play shoddy and other people that don't can learn a lot from reading how two great battlers go at it.

    Very nicley writen very nicley played.
  6. Goodbar


    Jul 11, 2007
    Nice battle and commentary Chou, I like to see some wifi battles every now and then. Sad that none of my pokemon were featured, I thought you might be using my salamence *tear* xp
  7. Everstone

    Everstone Now 100% reliable
    is a Contributor Alumnus

    Mar 12, 2008
    Now that's what I'm talking about! Nothing beats actually using the stuff you traded for in battle. I really wish there were more wifi warstories around here.
  8. Chou Toshio

    Chou Toshio Over9000
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    Aug 16, 2007
    @BB-- Yes it is. Shoddy takes away your common sense!!

    @Goodbar-- sorry dude. Next time. Actually now that outrage is out, naughty mix-mence is in. I'll have to figure out a set for it. Probably involving DD because naive is better for straight-out attacking. hmm . . . lol, and I picked up your blissey before realizing I would be come a hyper-offensive player. :P

    @Everstone-- you know it :D Except there were only two non-my pokes. Actually including swampy I bred 5/12 pokemon involved in this battle. :P Might be going for my own heatran too now that platinum is out. Got to get one usable for doubles . . .
  9. Goodbar


    Jul 11, 2007
    And I bred it before I realized the same heh. I need to get me a wifi adapter here for college and maybe we can get a battle eh. Yea Naughty mence can be a scarfmence too I was thinking, they seem to be pretty effective on shoddy, though not sure what set exactly people are using, might be more specially oriented as I see draco meteor fired off at me alot.
  10. Chou Toshio

    Chou Toshio Over9000
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    Aug 16, 2007
    Can't you get your school tech center to register the DS for your school wireless (if you have >>)?

    Scarf sounds good. Something like Earthquake/Outrage/Draco Meteor/Fire Blast?

    We all saw just now why Fire Blast > Flamethrower, stupid gyara living by 2%. >> I personally like Brick Break a lot (especially with Double-Screen DEO around), but Outrage hits harder (barring Tyranitar), and being stuck in it is even crappier than being stuck in earthquake. Stupid Dragonite and your new-fangled Superpower . . . oh, I guess you could always go aquatail. :D

    I'll stop spamming/derailing my own thread now . . .
  11. Goodbar


    Jul 11, 2007
    In two days I'm voting that bitch deoxys out if I can heh, I managed to get my suspect score just right with a crappy team cuz I was too lazy to build one... And I will as well stop derailing your thread and end with thanks for being a beacon of light in a dark subforum ;)
  12. the_artic_one


    Jul 31, 2007
    I still am! (although nobody good is subbing the anime anymore and I haven't gotten around to reading the manga so I'm still in the middle of the Bando Spiders game)

    Great battle man, wifi warstories will always be a rarity due to the increased difficulty of writing them and (unlike shoddy warstories) there's nothing I can do to make it easier for people.
  13. MetaNite

    is a Team Rater Alumnus

    May 4, 2008
    Good battle! Glad to see a wifi story.

    Shoddy doesn't exactly mimic the game like it should, and like Chou said, it takes away your commen sense.
  14. ViVi


    Dec 18, 2007
    great battle, though Im not sure everyone else cares that you were using almost all your own Pokemon as you do..

    I think the reason mos tpeople dont do wifi war stories is because you have to type out EVERYTHING, which sucks..

    great story though
  15. Chou Toshio

    Chou Toshio Over9000
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    Aug 16, 2007
    @Arctic-- Warmachine is a god blessing. But yeah, some crazy invention to extract log from a wifi battle would be cool. :P

    @Eyeshield topic-- You have to read the manga dude, the art is great, and Hiruma gets to say "Fucking," lol

    @Metanite-- Plus, I suck on Shoddy. Meh, I wouldn't say I'm that good to begin with but . . . I can write! lol

    @ViVi-- yeah, I'm just saying crap. Will apologize if I'm being annoying.

    edit: Wait, no why shouldn't I talk about my pokemon and how I got them? This is a wifi battle, not shoddy, and the IVs and natures of the pokemon involved had just as much to do with the battle as the EVs and movesets. It's perfectly natural that I might want to talk about them during a warstory, as it's totally pertenant to the pokemon's performance. In other words, it's a show of pride in effort, just like someone who creates an ingenius new set. My opinion anyway . . .
  16. ViVi


    Dec 18, 2007
    I wasnt meaning its a bad thing to mention it, or even that it was annoying, you just stated it more times then is really needed imo, Ive actually been trying to put together a team with only my own breeds in it as well, the current team im using has 3 of them, which im stoked about.

    Sorry for the confusion =)
  17. Bourbon


    Sep 10, 2007
    Finally some Wifi action! I would totally make Wifi warstories, but I don't have a video camera. What should I do... scribble down what happens each turn?
  18. the pugilist

    the pugilist
    is a Past WCoP Champion

    Dec 29, 2007
    Decent Warstory. The title also made me chuckle a little lol.
  19. Malfunction


    Nov 29, 2007
    GG dude. I didn't read the whole thing, but I watched the video. It was an awesome battle!
  20. Game Freak201

    Game Freak201

    May 9, 2008
    I thought it was a good battle too. Though I didn't read the warstory, I did watch the video. This is really making me want to get a R14 flash card. Oh well, I guess I'll just have to stick with No$GBA for now. It's pretty nice to see a good battle every now and then. Also, you just have to love that new code.
  21. Articanus


    Dec 2, 2006
    You've just turned me into your number one warstory fan.

    Not because of amazing predictions. Not because of your amazing writing style. And not because this was on wifi. Because, and only because, of the amazing Eyeshield21 references throughout the entire thing.

    I'm surprised Yamato or Shin didn't make the team. I couldn't see them as a pokemon, though, since they'd need to be strong, fast, and take defensive hits well. Maybe a DDTar, but I can see how Gauo fits that so much better. How ironic that on my RMT, Kurita is Hariyama, and that Kurita>Gauo(actually equal, but Deimon won so =P), and Hariyama is one of the best counters to Tyranitar. XD

    Also, was that a Scarf or Specs Skymin? Because you said it's a "Modest SpecsMin designed to outspeed Deoxys-s". Just a little flaw I saw, but it didn't stop me from loving this warstory.

    Easily 9001/5 man. If we get on the smogon server at the same time, you have no choice but to talk to me about ES21. >=]
  22. umbarsc


    Sep 17, 2007
    Shaymin-S works so much better with a Life Orb than Choice Specs, even with residual damage. If you had Life Orb, the only way he couldn't have lost is by bringing Heatran (assuming it was Scarfed) in on Seed Flare or Air Slash.
  23. Shelcario


    Nov 25, 2007
    Nice Wi-Fi warstory, don't see too many of those around as of late, the commentary, well thought out, the battle, great and the final verdict, awesome job man.
  24. Syberia

    Syberia [custom user title]
    is a Smogon Media Contributor Alumnus

    Jun 22, 2005
    At least with battle recorder, you can remember what happened easier.

    umbarsc - maybe in terms of damage output, but if your opponent has Stealth Rocks, Sandstorm, and a couple of resists (the typical Shoddy team has all three), Skymin isn't doing much of anything before it dies.
  25. muttonhead


    Aug 26, 2008
    Nice warstory! I've been a closetchou warstory fan for a while.

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