BW UU Won't You Stay? [UU RMT Peaked #3]


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So, this is a pretty strange looking team at first glance. While Krookodile, Azumarill, and Yanmega all get a fair amount of usage in UU, they are highly underrated and therefore unprepared for in a lot of situations. This team abuses all of them to the fullest. You may also notice upon reading the team that i lack Spikes and Stealth Rock. To be honest, i haven't found their absence to be overwhelming at all unlike OU, where Stealth Rock is necessary to help check Multiscale Dragonite. Without any further wait, here is team ask me to stay.

@ Choice Scarf
Trait: Moxie
EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spd
Adamant Nature (+Atk, -SAtk)
- Earthquake
- Crunch
- Stone Edge
- Pursuit

Krookodile is quite possibly the most wonderful late game cleaner on a team like this. Moxie is a ridiculous ability, especially coming off of 366 Attack with two solid STAB attacks. Often times i will look at team preview and see what i have to remove in order to sweep with Krook late game (generally i must remove
Hitmontop, his most common stop). The other purpose that Krook serves on this team is Pursuiting Mismagius and Rotom, both of which prevent Rapid Spin from Hitmontop. This is actually an incredibly easy task; as soon as my opponent sees me bring Hitmontop out i will double switch to Krookodile (if i see that they have a ghost, that is) and immediately Pursuit, as even LO Mismagius HP [Fighting] will not OHKO Krookodile at full HP.

Unfortunately, this is generally what i have to resort to in order to stop Raikou as well (although Victini does a decent job revenge killing). Rotom-h can also be a massive pain in the ass, so if i see that it is Choiced and predict an electric attack, i will bring Krook in and Pursuit just to gain a slight advantage on Rotom so it can no longer switch into Zapdos and Victini and be super annoying. The whole team was actually based off of the idea of using Krookodile as a late game sweeper after i heard SoT mention Choice Scarf Moxie Gyarados being an awesome revenge killer in the rain, and i built the team around it (notice i have 3 switch ins to defensive Hitmontop :toast:)

But yeah Krook is actually really awesome and definitely needs more use because people are constantly misusing him and its making me upset -,-

@ Choice Specs
Trait: Pressure
EVs: 4 Def / 252 SAtk / 252 Spd
Timid Nature (+Spd, -Atk)
- Volt Switch
- Thunderbolt
- Heat Wave
- Hidden Power [Flying]

Choice Specs Zapdos is often overlooked in favor of other Zapdos sets like Defensive Roost and Substitute Roost due to cool defensive typing and access to an instant recovery move. However in this case, i still utilize Zapdos' defensive typing to the fullest, just in a different way. Specs Volt Switch Zapdos is my pivot switch in a lot of situations, especially against stall with Chansey or Snorlax. Zapdos is the only thing on this team capable of taking out Milotic without trouble, and is my first switch into Slowbro due to Yanmega's pitiful Special Defense. This can be quite a curse because it seems like Zapdos gets burned by Scald 100% of the time which makes switching into bulky waters incredibly difficult. That is another thing i'd like to fix on this team, to find an easier switch into bulky waters (i currently have trouble with cores of Slowbro + Donphan + Snorlax..) I have once again considered Stealth Rock Roar Empoleon and also bulky Froslass, but I have trouble with replacing pokemon as i dont want to open up other weaknesses.

Hidden Power [Flying] on Zapdos is awesome, it deals heavy damage to Celebi, Shaymin, Donphan, and usually Nidoqueen and company. Since it gets STAB and has no immunities, i generally dont worry about spamming it and usually people are incredibly confused as to what Hidden Power it is (Jubilee :toast:). Heat Wave is pretty much filler, the only time i've ever used it was when i let Curse Registeel get too many boosts. A lot of people have suggested using Life Orb Zapdos with Roost over my current set for more survivability, and i have definitely considered it, because if i play stupid with Hitmontop and can't spin then Zapdos really does have limited longevity. The only thing that worries me about Life Orb Roost is that i probably would have to ditch Volt Switch, which is the crux of this set and helps my team a great deal ~_~

@ Leftovers
Trait: Technician
EVs: 248 HP / 252 Def / 8 Spd
Adamant Nature (+Atk, -SAtk)
- Pursuit
- Close Combat
- Mach Punch
- Rapid Spin

With a team full of choice pokemon that are weak to Stealth Rock, of course i'd need a Rapid Spinner somewhere. Hitmontop keeps things offensive STAB Close Combat and Technician boosted Mach Punch and in general is cool with its Dark/Rock resists. Mach Punch is awesome for Weavile and Houndoom as well as revenge killing Cobalion and other pokemon that may grab too many boosts. I realize my EVs for this are probably pretty fucked up because i just realized now i had 252 Def because i thought i had 252 Atk this whole time but hey i guess it still works!! Anyway i'm considering Sucker Punch over Pursuit to hit Victini and other Ghosts trying to outright kill Hitmontop but i feel like i would lose out in the end by not being able to attack Spikes Froslass and Will O Wisp Mismagius so i'll probably keep it.

Hitmontop is my first switch into Snorlax thanks to STAB Close Combat but if it gets burned by Fire Punch its pretty much good game *~* sometimes when i feel daring i will Pursuit Snorlax and Chansey that are trying to flee just to grab some extra damage on them so Zapdos and Yanmega can kick in the door later in the game when everything is weakened. I think i would definitely consider Donphan over Top in this slot so i can actually have Stealth Rock on this team but i'm not sure how it would work as i'd have a bigger weakness to Snorlax and Chansey which is a big turn off. However... Donphan would give me an electric immunity while maintaining a solid Rock-type resist so i'm pretty torn.

@ Choice Specs
Trait: Tinted Lens
EVs: 4 Def / 252 SAtk / 252 Spd
Timid Nature (+Spd, -Atk)
- Bug Buzz
- Air Slash
- U-turn
- Sunny Day

You are probably thinking "you are fucking crazy" when you see this. Sunny Day Yanmega? Yes. After i KO Hippopotas or Abomasnow i can easily bring in Yanmega and change the weather and destroy specialized pokemon that rely on their weather being upheld, like Walrein and Stoatland. Sunny Day is also cool because Victini's V Create is fucking ridiculous with the boost while still maintaining speed from Choice Scarf (it 2hko's some Blastoise in sun. Scary thought huh?). Yanmega is helpful in destroying resistance based cores like Rotom-h + Celebi + Suicune thanks to Tinted Lens and an already ridiculously strong Bug Buzz. The only things that can comfortably take on Yanmega are Chansey and Snorlax, both of which can be played around thanks to U-turn.

Yanmega + Zapdos is pretty much the reason this team is successful. Not only are they 2 powerful special attackers but thanks to U-turn and Volt Switch they can keep momentum in my favor to get an edge on my opponent. With Rapid Spin support, the sky is the limit (corny joke heh). I originally had Scyther here but without Yanmega my team had to rely on Zapdos for all of its special firepower, and eventually the team failed because the strain on Zapdos was just too much; it was the only pokemon that could combat physically defensive pokemon. Not only has Yanmega alleviated the strain on Zapdos, it has allowed it to perform better altogether. Specs Yanmega definitely needs more love, i have barely seen it on ladder at all *~*

Yanmega is also pretty cool defensively because it can switch into Choiced Fighting attacks from the likes of Hitmonlee and Medicham and can even live random stuff like CB Azelf Ice Punch which actually comes in handy. Unfortunately it has pitiful Special Defense, which can really bite me in the ass against teams with Slowbro after i lose Zapdos.

@ Choice Scarf
Trait: Victory Star
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spd
Jolly Nature (+Spd, -SAtk)
- U-turn
- V-create
- Wild Charge
- Final Gambit

Victini is pretty much the best revenge killer in UU, which is precisely why it is on my team. Spamming U-turn early game and spamming V-Create late game is generally the motto i go by when i'm laddering. I always play smart with Victini if i see my opponent has something like Houndoom or Krookodile and will often double switch to Hitmontop or Azumarill in an attempt to save Victini for when it is really necessary. Final Gambit actually gets a pretty fair amount of usage against teams with Milotic after i lose Zapdos (so Yanmega or Krookodile can KO it and go for a sweep) and against DD Kingdra that i have no other option against. Other than that, this is pretty standard Victini.

Victini has some pretty good resistances that i use as a pivot pretty often (ie: Fire, Grass, Psychic) to bring in pretty much everything. Victini is usually my first switch into Celebi as i can threaten it out with U-turn and scout the primary Victini switch in so i can make sure to remove it before spamming V Create later in the game. Wild Charge pretty much never gets used so i've considered throwing Brick Break on just in case i get into an awkward situation late game involving Houndoom. Brick Break still hits Kabutops and Omastar as well. I've also considered Grass Knot just for fun against cocky Donphan, Rhyperior, Quagsire etc while still being able to threaten Kabutops Omastar etc.

@ Choice Band
Trait: Huge Power
EVs: 240 HP / 252 Atk / 16 Spd
Adamant Nature (+Atk, -SAtk)
- Waterfall
- Ice Punch
- Superpower
- Aqua Jet

Let me start off by saying Azumarill is ridiculously underrated and more people should be using him. With that said, Azu hits like a truck and fufills the much needed bulky water role of this team. It also lures in Milotic so i can double switch to Zapdos and spam Volt Switch and Celebi so i can spam U-turn with Victini or Yanmega. Superpower OHKOs Registeel if i can come in on a double switch and Waterfall smashes slower teams after i remove their water-resist. Aqua Jet is fantastic late game to pick off Houndoom, Victini, Flygon, Cobalion and so many other mons that are around 50%. Before finding Azu, this slot was filled by Stealth Rock Empoleon, Stealth Rock Kabutops, and Shell Smash Omastar. Even though i lose Stealth Rock by opting for Azu over the first 2, i feel like it is a much better fit for this team regardless.

Waterfall trucks through anything that doesn't resist (and even some stuff that does resist!). Azumarill is usually what comes into Chansey after Yanmega or Zapdos have used their respective switching moves, as stall often finds itself hard pressed to switch into CB Azumarill. Generally the best switch in is Milotic, which takes a hefty hit from Superpower and will often have to recover, giving me a free switch into Zapdos. Choice Band Superpower smashes Kingdra switch ins that think they are smart coming into a 4x resisted Waterfall to try to set up Rain or Dragon Dance. Azumarill's Aqua Jet is cool against Kabutops in rain too, and otherwise it would be a royal pain in the ass ~_~. Anyway Azumarill is definitely the most underrated pokemon on this team, and i definitely feel like it deserves more usage than it is getting now.

Thank you for reading and please help me!
This is an awesome team. Fun as hell to play against and probably just as fun to use. I just have a few nitpicks. First, dont forget that Victini learns fusion bolt, which is better than Wild Charge in every way. Second, I really like Frustration on CB Azu because it ohkos Roserade and does significant damage to Celebi, Milotic, and other stuff that likes switching in. I recommend removing Ice Punch which is weak. Other than that, really fun team and props for making it.
you're froslass weak.

anyways, hey august, great team and congrats on your success. i believe i had the pleasure of playing you on the ladder multiple times on my main and 16 bit alts, and i have to say each match was a lot of fun. i've been seeing quite a few 'choice' teams, but your's is definitely the prime example of one. you have pretty much every threat checked reasonably well and unlike a lot of other choiced teams that just focus on the most powerful / fastest mons available, your mons work incredibly well together by systematically chipping away at the opponents team and keeping the offensive momentum throughout the entire match. for this reason, the team reminds me of a revamped strongbots (made by atticus) for bw uu, which says a lot when factoring in the success he had with that particular team.

the only blemish i can think of is that bulky waters get a lot of opportunities to switch in against this team, but your only real 'counter' to them is zapdos, who's sr weak (just in case you can't get a spin off) and doesn't like taking repeated surfs / ice beams or status of any kind. taking that into consideration, like snunch said, you might wanna consider changing ice punch on azumarill to frustration or double edge in order to kinda ease prediction when trying to hit both a bulky grass or water. you have celebi and shaymin covered really well so it shouldnt be too much of a loss, and that switch combined with a well timed death gambit by victini could really help you lure in and take out those waters. again, awesome team and congrats on number 3.

edit: oh and on a side note, i use the same spread on hitmontop intentionally lol. it actually ensures that you're never ohko'd by non lo +2 cobalion, which could really help you against the sub variants that are suddenly becoming popular, and lets you retain a little bit of power with adamant.


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I will definitely use Frustration, ty snunch! and yeah i will use fusion bolt, i'll change that right now heh

16bit - first off, your team was the one on ladder i could never beat because your defensive core was too good :( and yeah bulky waters are pretty much the biggest threat which is why i wanted to fit modest SR grass knot empoleon back onto the team to help against milo and slowbro. also yeah froslass can be kinda a bitch heh

thank you guys!!


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I feel pretty much obliged to tell you this is the only team that made UU slightly enjoyable for me, great build man. I ran into some problems when facing Gastrodon because with SpD investment it can wall a great deal of the team and nothing likes to take a Scald on the switch. I never really used U-turn with Yanmega, so I thought maybe HP Grass could help (could be a neat way of baiting cocky sand Rhydon and Rhyperior thinking they can take on Yanmega under sand too, and free Zapdos and Victini to spam their STABs). I also used Foresight over Pursuit on Hitmontop just because Dusclops was really annoying, because oh god Froslass on Hail is such a whore to get around, especially with Substitute, and because there were times I didn't want to risk a prediction game against things like Golurk, but you probably know how to circumvent those better than I do. Great job.

Edit: Yeah it learns Giga Drain, kinda forgot that =x


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Thanks Bluewind! Actually i believe Yanmega learns Giga Drain as well, so that could be used for Gastrodon (which i admit i had trouble with as well, a stockpile/recover set)
a solid team boi but you know i already know that xd

im a little worried whatll you be using for team trials now though...

its honestly an almost perfect team im just glad i can say i was a part of it even if it was just watching all your battles hehe

(sorry this isnt a rate its more like a gj post)
genius team :D

i just have one concern, maybe LO would be better on yanmega, the reason being after u use sunny day specs dictates that u must switch, this means a) they can set up b) they can pursuit

good team though


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kd i love you :) also never be worried this negro always has tricks up his sleeve.....

puregenius - sunny day yanmega is ONLY to stop hail and sand teams which otherwise are a big pain in the ass so i usually dont worry about switching because im locked as most hail/sand teams are fish out of water without their weather
Hi there august, solid team you have here, but there are a few suggestions i'd like to make.

Technician on Hitmontop is great and all, and Mach Punch destroys Abomasnow and friends, but I prefer Intimidate over Technician, as it allows you to switch in on things you normally couldn't. It also forces a lot of switches, as many -1 physical attackers won't be doing much. I run a more defensive set with Impish 252 / 252, CC / Sucker Punch / Foresight / Rapid Spin. Foresight is great for those Ghost's coming in to spinblock, and you are almost guaranteed a free Rapid Spin if predicted correctly. Your current Hitmontop has issues with Taunt + WoW Mismagius, as it can burn Hitmontop before it has a chance to Pursuit, and 3 of your Pokemon don't like switching into WoW, and the only one that has an immunity is weak to Shadow Ball. In addition, Yanmega fails to OHKO with Tinted Lens Bug Buzz at full health, and Mismagius easily 2HKOes with Shadow Ball iirc, or OHKOes with Thunderbolt. Your best bet against Missy is probably Krook, though it won't enjoy a WoW. I'm not sure how to address this problem on your team, as your entire team has great synergy and I wouldn't want to break up the effectiveness of your core by replacing a mon. I suppose Missy can be played around with smart prediction, but it'll still give you major headaches.

wow ok ^ tl;dr

Wait... I just realized your team has 5 choiced pokemon....... ._.

anyways, I also suggest changing Victini's Jolly nature to an Adamant one, as it still outspeeds Choice Scarf Heracross, and you shouldn't be trying to win a Speed tie with Choice Scarf Flygon O.o Jolly is somewhat pointless, Adamant for MOAR POWERZ :D

Also, Final Gambit without any HP investment? Most of the time, if hazards are up, Victini will be at a lower health and Final Gambit would probably be outdamaged by V-create except against bulky waters... I personally would put Zen Headbutt there (yes, i know V-create outdamages it even when resisted) to hit Rotom-H which can give your team major troubles if it is Scarfed. Zen Headbutt can 2HKO with Adamant nature (47.3% - 56%) and is a guaranteed 2HKO with Stealth Rock. Wait.... you don't have any hazards >.> I'd probably try to fit in at least Stealth Rock somewhere on your team?? Donphan works well as it can spin away opposing hazards while setting up its own Stealth Rock. I would test out Donphan over Hitmontop, and see how that works for you.

anyways.... really tl;dr but I hope I helped a little :P
Just a minor thing. You mention that you like the idea of LO Roost on zapdos, but that you don't want to sack Volt Switch. However, you also mention how you almost never used heat wave, so maybe you could get rid of that instead?

I was laddering a lot lately (with the team I posted), but don't think I had the pleasure of facing this team ( unless it thrashed me so bad I decided to forget about it :D). Anyway, great team, I like how you've used so many forgotten but still very potent threats.


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chanazn - will o wisp mismagius is usually handled by Krookodile, as there isn't much it can do (and i'd sacrifice krook to be able to rapid spin any day). as for the switch to adamant on victini, i will certainly do that! donphan over hitmontop opens a snorlax weakness unless i use roar, which would mean i have no room for ice shard :\ so for now ill stick to top

scoopapa - i did face you on ladder actually, but with a completely different team (didyoumissme)