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wow im bored

Discussion in 'BW OU Teams' started by ssbbm, Jan 18, 2013.

  1. ssbbm


    May 14, 2010
    now that im knocked out of the tournament im gonna retire one of my better teams that has worked pretty well, although its a bit outdated now. it was really a stronger team during the genesect era where i used it to get reqs for the kyu-b test, but it also kinda works now, where i used it in the t-t / keldeo tests. it peaked #1 and beat a few good players too!

    so the team started based around landorus-t because i really wanted to use double dance landorus-t. back at that time, not everybody was spamming it left and right so it was much more effective and much less seen, so i wanted to take advantage of how strong it was. lando-t was checked by gliscor and skamory, so i had to find a way to beat them, so i beat them by adding terrakion to overload them. obviously i used band because nothing else compares. then i added jirachi + latias core because thats the best core. then i decided to run genesect and politoed on a whim because it seemed like everyone was using them so they must be pretty good! genesect got banned so i just used the other metal bug w/e.

    now this team really has some problems with thundurus-t to an extent, as those threats werent really seen a few rounds ago so any help updating would be nice!


    bulky politoed / spdef jirachi / sub cm latias / double dance landorus-t / cb terrakion / cb scizor


    politoed @ leftovers
    252 hp / 252 def
    -perish song

    so this is the standard bulky toed. i dont really know what he was supposed to accomplish on this team, other than kind of annoying sun and sand teams to an extent, but he was really good suicide fodder! also it's kind of funny because the majority of shitty rain offense teams dont have that many things that they can throw into scald except for their own politoeds so a lot of time i got random chip damage on things that really threatened my teams like thundurus-t.

    how to use: use toxic if they can be toxiced use scald if they cant be toxiced use perish song if they can boost and switch this in when you cant switch anything else in

    jirachi @ leftovers
    252hp / 204 sdef / 52 spd
    -iron head
    -stealth rock

    now jirachi was really initially used to stop the drag spam teams that basically fucked over the meta during the kyu-b test (i initially ran a more physically bulky set). now it really just checks tornadus-t and lati@s. it has sr because sr is cool and wish support because that helps my landorus-t. jirachi is actually really cool if you play him semi-offensively because it's insane how much shit is actually threatened by thunder + iron head - stuff like terrakion is beaten by you 1v1 and basically the majority of stall teams are fucking annoyed as hell by you.

    how to use: use sr if it isnt up, use thunder if they arent paralyzed, use iron head if theyre paralyzed, use wish when youre low at health

    latias @ leftovers
    252hp / 252 spd
    -calm mind
    -dragon pulse

    now latias on the other hand checked a shitton of pokemon, including keldeo and basically every single fucking special attacker in existence especially the almost 99% used sheer force lando (during kyu-b suspect). substitute was much more useful during the genesect era where the majority of teams lacked (and some still do!) a secondary latias check. its a really easy pokemon to use: set up cms and use substitute whenever you can and then sweep. this pokemon singlehandedly beat all those shitty cookiecutter deo-d ho teams during the kyu-b test because it was strong enough to beat even shit like rp genesect if it had a cm boost already. substitute is really essentila on this set imo since it protects you from random twaves or toxics and lets you beat heatran 1v1.

    how to use: use substitute then use calm mind and then use roost. always keep a sub up!

    terrakion @ choice band
    252atk / 252 spd
    -close combat
    -stone edge
    -quick attack

    cb terrakion is probably the definition of power and if you have him on your team then no team can really definitively beat you just by team matchup - they will almost always have to sac something to this so they'll have to have good risk reward understanding at the least. cb terrakion opens up the way for both a lando-t sweep and a latias sweep, as it will almost always lure in and then proceed to kill skarmory or gliscor or whatever. he also kills scizors and brelooms and stuff who always use the inferior move against him thinking that ill switch out lol.

    how to use: get in and use cc gg

    landorus-t @ leftovers
    180hp / 252 atk / 76 spd
    -swords dance
    -rock polish
    -stone edge

    this monster is on a whole fucking different level from everything. so many people try to set up hazards against lando-t with ferro and forre thinking that you're the defensive pivot, but it really doesn't work when you set up a sd, rp on the switch and then proceed to 6-0 their whole team. literally, during the kyu-b suspect test i pretty much had 15 6-0s using this monster. also, this thing sets up against pretty much everything that walls latias. this thing is also incredibly bulky because so dont be afraid to tank u-turns with it or whatever

    how to use: get in use on forre / ferro / deo-d, rp then use sd then win

    scizor @ choice band
    248hp / 252 atk / 8 spd
    -bullet punch

    cb scizor is a shit but he's the best wanna be jirachi. he has decent synergy with latias as he can beat up all of latias' counter, and he also is basically a secondary jirachi because jirachi often cant handle tornadus-t by himself. often times after politoed uses perish song if you can get scizor in when the other team has one ps counter left then you can get off a free u-turn

    how to use: use bullet punch if theyre faster use uturn if theyre slower

    threats: ​

    breloom is annoying since it beats everything so i have to get lando-t in on it then eq it to death (it 2hkoes).
    thundurus-t is annoying because it will always paralyze latias with thunder
  2. Cherub Agent

    Cherub Agent
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    Jul 6, 2009
    Finally another person who uses DoubleDanceKitty, I'm hoping that this is the next big thing thst catches on. Yo your team seems to have issues with Mamoswine and Gliscor. I know that you can wear Gliscor down with repeated strong hits, but due to Gliscors vast recovery options this may not be the best solution. Mamoswine is another threat since nothing can switch in safely and it always revenge kills your win condition, and outspeeds and KOs jirachi.

    I'd consider running Rotom-W over one of your Pokemon, ppreferably politoed. It counters Gliscor abd Mamoswine, but I dont really recommend the SpD ser now with torny gone. Mabye the offensive tank or a choice set would suit your team better, and like politoed it annoys sun and rain teams. However you may want to keep toed, so then replace it with perhaps scizor, although then you lose dragon insurance... guess you could try scarf trick sr jirachi in that case.
  3. Mr. Green

    Mr. Green

    May 14, 2011
    Hi, there

    I read that you're having trouble in particular with Thundurus and Breloom-T. To solve the problem of Breloom, just put on Latias Psychock> Substitute with Psychock solve the problem of Breloom, and you can hit well Keldeo and Terrakion (not Scarf) for example. Thundurus-T seeing this team I do not seem problematic, you have Quick Attack Terrakion, Bullet Punch Scizor, Latias also have the same which is very bulky, with which you should stop in more Thundurus-T is weak to Stealth Rock I see that the square Jirachi.
    Against Thundurus-T then I'd tell you to gamble away well Scizor, Terrakion and Latias and there are no problems.

    For the restI would some modifications to the various moveset, type of Politoed board 44 evs in Spd to outrun Scizor and when it is in phase with KO kill Scald increased power from the Rain, the Evs spreads would therefore well: 252 HP / 216 def / 44 Spd. Jirachi on board to change the nature of Sassy, ​​a Jirachi those evs in speed are not helpful, you care to stop Latios, Latias, and the various special moves, another thing that can help you against Thundurus-T would put Body Slam> Thunder, so you can also paralyze him and as the evs in SPD is not that they are very useful because as I said there is no need to exceed certain Pokemon Spd tantovale further increase the special defense with this spread Evs: 252 HP / 252 SDef / 4 Atk with Sassy nature.
    While Landorus-T test as items or maybe Muscle Band to increase the power of the attacks, or Yache Berry to withstand an Ice Shard from Mamoswine and kill him, but Life Orb also would not recommend it, it would lose too much HP while using Rock Polish and Swords Dance and die too quickly. That is all.
    Good luck, with your team!

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    Psychock > Substitute (for Latias)
    252 HP /216 Def / 44 Spd (for Politoed)
    Body Slam > Thunder (for Jirachi)
    252 HP / 252 SDef / 4 Atk with Sassy (for Jirachi)
    Yache Berry / Muscle Band > Leftovers (for Landorus-T)
  4. ssbbm


    May 14, 2010
    mamoswine is kinda annoying, but if i see mamoswine in team preview then i going to never set-up and just spam strong moves because it will 99% of the time switch into landorus-t, only to be hit for like 60%ish. gliscor is annoying too, i forgot that. usually i hope to wear it down with cb terrakion (and i set up on it with latias if it's not like ice fang / toxic).

    rotom-w is a pretty good pokemon that i've been thinking about, especially that my politoed is a shitass pokemon. i might also try it over jirachi actually and switch scizor to a more spdef set to keep some semblance of volt-turn + terrakion + latias especially since i don't need to run spdef jirachi anymore

    thundurus is really annoying only because thunder always paralyzes my latias on the first switch-in and then they obviously beat me from there since ill probably get full paralyzed. lando-t ill try yache berry, that actually seems pretty interesting. jirachi i like thunder too much to hit tentacruel / jellicent. latias i need substitute sadly because that's the only way i won't get hit by status. politoed ill change evs though!

    thanks for the rates (:
  5. Cherub Agent

    Cherub Agent
    is a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a Community Contributor Alumnusis a Tiering Contributor Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnusis a Smogon Media Contributor Alumnus

    Jul 6, 2009
    ehh if you put it over jirachi you'd lose Stealth Rock support, unless you slap it onto like Terrakion on something
  6. ssbbm


    May 14, 2010
    well tbh if i run rotom-w i might go the lame route and make landorus into the defensive pivot set to fit the volt-turn theme :x and i'd probably run specs toed i guess

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