WSC Megathread IV ~ Challenges #5 and #6 underway!

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Guys, I really like this thread, the sprites, the polls, but if only one person does a sprite, then it's just wasting their time, as there are no more entrants. Therefore, I suggest a break from this competition as school and exams are interfering with this thread.

Take this, or leave this, this is just what I think.
Discussions are currently going on about what might happen with WSC (I need to talk to some more people about what might happen) and currently you're right that schools/exams are taking their toll.

I'm gonna leave this week open for a further 24 hours if people want to get in some last minute submissions (like ICC), but then it will be a review week, where people can post their ideas about what we can do with WSC. We have some ideas atm, but I want to see what you guys think.

Feel free to start talking before this week officially ends; get the discussion flowing!

Also Eagle4 try not to be so blunt, it comes off as brash and rude
i have one nearly finished, but i don't know how to change it to .png format. Can someone PM/VM or just tell me right here how to do it? thanks in advance

EDIT: Wait i got it. Here it is:


Sorry it's not transparent. it's a Golem (ground), a Gyarados (Water), a Togekiss (Flying), and a Cyndaquil (Fire). It is recolored sort of like a messed up Togekiss, lol.
I kinda agree with Eagle4, though. I've finished university so all I do now is work so I have lots of free time to do spriting, but I get disappointed when I make a sprite and have no competition. Maybe instead of removing this thread completely it could be revised from a "competition" thread to a "challenge" thread. That is, a weekly poll wouldn't be made, but ideas for sprites would still be posted (maybe even twice a week, or two "challenges" at once) so that people who want to test their skills (like me) could still come and try out new things.
Raw WIP here, but if you think it's time out, you can just take this one as a final. This is my shame

Anyway shstak, good idea. I think at the rate this is going, the challenge system would be much more appropriate.
Hm. To be honest, Challenge threads, while pretty cool and a good idea on paper, it usually doesnt stay active for long.

Then again, this thread isn't all that active in the first place...
Okay so WSC is going to become a thread of challenges, not strict competition. The time periods between challenges won't be as hard set. Also, user topics will be very welcome, feel free to pm/vm me or RODAN with a topic or hit us up on irc! HOWEVER, this will not be a total move away from competition
When a challenge ends, points will be awarded to users who have excelled in the challenge. These will go towards an overall tally that may eventually grant you some prizes!
I will post the tally occasionally and it will also be in the second post of this thread at all times!

With that, the first new topics/challenges:

Challenge #1: Make a fusion of a Pokemon under a metre in height (the first 3 groups on this page) and a Pokemon over 3 metres in height (anything from group eleven on the same page)

You want the page of heights again? Here!


I worked hard on this, and I like how it came out. It is made from Mismagius (0.9 m) and Milotic (6.2 m). I hope you like it! (Sorry about the non-transparent background...I don't know how to do that)
SubJ, the face outlines could use some work, honestly. I understand that's how the Solosis line works, but the jaw really looks unnatural here. Fix it up and it'll look great!
OTHER NEW THEME: Retype a Normal-type Pokemon to a dual-type (neither type can be Normal)

As the only entrant to Rodan's theme, Ice-cold Claws wins

And congrats to SubwayJ on winning my challenge with Solosonix!

This means we can start up the Weeklyish Spriting Challenge leaderboard!
Weeklyish Spriting Challenge Leaderboard
Ice-cold Claws: 1 point
SubwayJ: 1 point
Beacause i had nothing to do this afternoon

so a face hugging parasitic creature using fire castform, spd deyoxys and winter sawsbuck called parabulbus for rodan's challenge

and a fire/ice cincinno using emboar, darmanitan, vanilluxe and beartic affectionately known as burnicino for ritter's

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