WSC Megathread IV ~ Challenges #5 and #6 underway!

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Grass/Dark Kecleon

I had trouble getting it the way I wanted it to look, no thanks to not saving my first, scratched rendition. I suppose using the in-game sprite actually takes more effort to modify. :P

At first, it was too grass-y and not dark enough, whereas now it feels too dark and lacks grass.
Ok you have 24 hours left for both challenges! Mine has a fairly good number of entries but Rodan's only has two so get cracking!
As a reminder

My theme ~ Theme #3: Retype a Normal-type Pokemon to a dual type where neither is Normal
Rodan's theme ~ Theme #4: Fuse only alternate forms of Pokemon (eg. Rotom-W Giratina-O)
Sorry for this remaining open, I was away without Internet unexpectedly for 3 days :/
When I next catch RODAN, we'll start up the new challenges and determine the winners, and until then feel free to enter any last minute submissions!
Happy spriting~ :)
As I will probably not have Internet for the next three days, closing this off now

I'll leave Rodan's contest open as it only has two entries.
Rodan, you can close it and start up your new theme whenever you want, and when you do so choose the winner too.

For mine, it is now CLOSED and the winner is Quanyails. Congrats!
That means the leaderboard looks like this now:
Weeklyish Spriting Challenge Leaderboard
Ice-cold Claws: 1 point
SubwayJ: 1 point
Quanyails: 1 point
And finally, my new theme!
Theme #5: As it's the new year, fuse Pokemon whose Pokedex numbers can be found in 2013. This means you can use Pokemon with the dex numbers 2, 20, 201, 1, 3, and 13


viva namida
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howdy; i have chosen quanynails to win! conglaturations!

THEME #6: Dawn of a new day. Fuse solrock with any pokemon(s) that ability benefits from the sun (eg chlorophyll)
For RitterCat's challenge:

Used Venusaur, Raticate, Weedle, and (shiny) Unown.

Edit: Rodan's:

Solrock, of course, Cherrim, Tropius, and Shiftry.

It was supposed to have Solrock spikes for plates, but then I added Cherrim and then it became all cherry-blossom-y. Maybe I'll scratch a sprite next time to get my ideas straight. XD
Quanyails I can't resist saying this without posting a sprite and potentially breaking rules but I LOVE that Tropius sprite it is so beautiful

OK now my personal message of "I should compete" has become "I MUST compete"

EDIT: I apologise for my seemingly half-hearted attempt after a long hiatus from spriting

So it's 2013...How much have you grown? On the surface, and beyond it?


Look at my shiny CT!

This is for Rodan's challenge. I used Solrock, (duh) Bellossom, Charmander, Charmeleon, and shiny Charizard.
Sorry, couldn't get it to be transparent.
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