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Gol D. Roger, the most powerful pirate who ever lived, was executed at the gallows twenty-two years ago. But before he died, these were his last words that sparked the golden age of pirates:

“My treasure? Why, it’s right where I left it. It’s yours if you can find it, but you’ll have to search the whole world!”

This treasure came to be known as One Piece. Among these budding pirates was Monkey D. Luffy, captain of the one-man Straw Hat Crew. He has since gathered a ramshackle crew, and is now on the final leg of his journey—the New World in the Grand Line, toward One Piece. His crew bears this name because of the straw hat given to him as a child by his mentor Shanks.

It is here in the Grand Line that Luffy and his crew have arrived at the aftermath of a battle between Whitebeard and Marine Headquarters. The giant body of Whitebeard, the only man to ever tie in a fight with Roger, decomposes in the middle of a battlefield, coated in poison and numerous battle wounds.

Dear blue_light,
You are Edward Newgate.

Also known as Whitebeard, you were given the title as the most powerful pirate in the world after Roger's death. You also happen to be the closest to finding One Piece. You are one of the Four Emperors of the Sea—the Yonkou—living in the New World. You are extremely large and old—aged over 100 years. But what most people don't know is that you hold the Shichibukai in the palm of your hand, pulling the strings from behind the scenes.

You have a very powerful spear that you handle expertly. One time only, you can send a PM to jumpluff and Jimbo titled "Night X - Split the Heavens". On the next day, everyone that posts will be sucked into a vortex and killed immediately. Even your presence makes weaklings tremble: anyone that posts after you will be killed.

The members of the Shichibukai include:

You are allied with the Shichibukai. You win if the Shichibukai win.
Similarly, Fleet Admiral Sengoku, the supreme commander of all the Marine forces in the world, lies in a crumpled heap on the ground, his back impaled by a spear.

Dear obi,
You are Fleet Admiral Sengoku.

You are the head of the food chain in the Marines. You also have a large amount of pull in the World Government. You were once an Admiral before being promoted. You command every Marine in the world, while wearing a cute seagull hat. Sengoku, your name, is also suspiciously similar to Son Goku, but that's besides the point.

As the head of the Marines, you carry a lot of power. Every night, you may PM jumpluff and Jimbo with "Night X - Recruiting <user1>, <user2>, <user3>". Those users will become part of your alliance. One time only, you can post "BUSTER CALL" in the Mafia thread. The Marine Admirals will be unleashed and the entire land will be destroyed, thus ending the game.

You command the World Government. Your subordinates include:

You are allied with the World Government. You win if the World Government wins.
The Straw Hat Crew was somber, as the memory of leaving their friend, Silvers Rayleigh, behind was still fresh in their minds: the Straw Hats were being pursued by the vicious Admiral Akainu, when Rayleigh stayed behind to fend him off. He fell valiantly, buying enough time for the Straw Hats to pass over the Red Line.

Dear Thunda,
You are Silvers Rayleigh.

You were the first mate of Gol D. Roger, traveling with him throughout his entire adventure, all the way to the end of the Grand Line. You are a bizarre old man, often intoxicated by alcohol. No one is fooled by your drunken demeanor, though; you're insanely powerful. You're an accomplished swordsman and a "King's Disposition" Haki user—you were able to take out an entire auction house full of people by staring at them.

Every night, you may send a PM to jumpluff and Jimbo titled "Night X - Giving Whiskey to <user>". For the rest of the game, <user> will be so intoxicated that he/she will have to slur his speech in all his posts, making his/her lynch votes undecipherable. You can also use your Haki in this game. One time only, post large, emotional words in the Mafia thread. All of the weak people will be effectively knocked out. You also cannot be lynched or killed at night because you are awesome.

You hold a Silver Sword. You can use this to kill on odd nights.

You are allied with the Straw Hat Crew. You win if the Straw Hat Crew wins.
The Straw Hat Crew are now nearing the end of the journey, but they must pass through the area the Yonkou once dominated, and prevail against the World Government, the political force in control of the Marines, as well as the Shichibukai, powerful but untrustworthy pirate captains who have allied themselves with the World Government.

Who will win? Who will prevail in this battle? Who will ultimately find One Piece?

It is now Night 1. Night 1 will end in 72 Hours, or when I receive all Night PMs.


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All role PMs should be out now :) If there are any problems I will get to them tomorrow morning/after school! (there shouldn't be though...)

1.) TAY
6.) CyzirVisheen
8.) Stellar
9.) Puggy
12.) Colloquy
16.) Sikh Assassin
18.) billymills
20.) matty
22.) timw06
23.) ArcticBlast

2.) Gmax - Rob Lucci - World Government - Thief/1-time BPV/Day Ender - Killed Night 1
10.) ikitsune - Zoro - Straw Hats - ??? - Suicided Day 1
4.) Earthworm - Luffy - Straw Hats - Re-director/One-time Hooker - Killed Night 2
3.) Raikage - Alvida - Shichibukai - Thief - Killed Night 2
7.) LightWolf/Junior - Dragon - Neutral - Wolf/Persuader - Lynched Day 2
13.) SEO - Boa Hancock - Straw Hats - Hooker - Killed Night 3
21.) Stoo - Going Merry - Straw Hats - Unkillable - Sank Day 3 (Beginning)
17.) Pyromaniac - Magellan - World Government - Silencer - Lynched Day 3
24.) Ace Matador - Kizaru - World Government - Illuminator/Persuader - Fell apart Day 3
11.) ExplorerAce - Smoker - World Government - Neutralyzer - Lynched Day 4
5.) Serenity - Kuma - Neutral - Item Mover - Won Night 5
14.) Fishin - Aokiji - Neutral - Secret Silencer - Won Day 5
15.) Veedrock - Franky - Straw Hats - Tracker/Re-director - Fell apart Day 5
19.) LonelyNess - Blackbeard - Shichibukai - Kidnapper - Lynched Day 5


Some notes:
  • Jimbo will help with fake claims if need be. Sarenji will proofread.
  • Expect the unexpected; not everything follows the manga/anime.
  • Devil fruit users will have their devil fruit listed in their role PM. For example, it might say: "You have the Jimbo Jimbo no Mi Devil Fruit. This Devil Fruit..."
  • I'm human, so there might be some mistakes in Role PMs (unlikely though as Sarenji proofread and he isn't human). They're also not completely uniform in format.
  • Deadtalking will be allowed to some extent. Conversations between a dead player and his teammate is allowed, but only if they are discussing strategies and moves. Knowledge acquired after death cannot be transferred from a dead player to a living player. All talking with the dead when they are not on your team is therefore ill-advised.
  • The game will start on Night 1. Night 1 is like any other night.
  • Days will last either 48 hours or 24 hours after the first lynch vote is cast. After 24 hours with no lynch vote, the deadline will be set. (You cannot extend the deadline to more than 48 hours)
  • Nights will last either 48 hours or until all pms are received.
  • All pms should be sent to Jimbo and jumpluff
  • If you do not wish to use a day or night ability you should send a pm to Jimbo and jumpluff stating "Day/Night X - Idling"
  • No screenshots of any kind may be distributed at all.
  • You may c/p anything that I say to you, which means you can fake conversations with me.
  • I should be notified of all channels, spreadsheets, google docs, paste bins, etc that you create.
  • You can hold and give/receive as many items as you want. Items are given away at the very end of the day or night after everything has transpired and received at the beginning of the next day or night. To give away an item, send a pm to Jimbo/jumpluff stating "Day/Night X - Giving 'Item' to User".
  • Priorities are set and kept secret.
  • You can target dead bodies with your abilities, but it does not mean that anything will happen.
  • If you wish to change your vote during lynch you must edit the post containing your initial vote.
  • Please remain active. Don't join if you forsee yourself being away for any extended amount of time. I really hate subbing people out but I will do so if I deem you inactive (I will nudge you first)
Why don't you ask/read about it in the topic discussing these rules? ._.

Hosts are allowed to reserve a certain number of spots for players. Reserved players get to skip the randomization of their priority and get in immediatedly. They don't ignore priority; a reserved priority 2 player only gets in after every priority 1 is in the game.


take me anywhere
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Just to be clear.

The deadline for Night 1 is Wednesday at 7:00 PM EST.

(I gave more time so people can chat if a lot of people think that's dumb tell me I guess!! Nothing is stopping you from sending in your PMs though ;D)
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