Gen 3 Yay new competitive team


Aerodactyl @ Liechi Berry
Nature: Jolly [+spe, -spA]
Ability: Pressure
EVs: 252 atk, 252 spe, 6 hp
Rock Slide
Hidden Power [Flying]

With Jolly and max speed EVs, this thing out speeds just about everything you will see at the lead position. If I predict a switch, mainly for those Zapdos running scared because my opponent knows it can't out speed Aero, I set up Substitute to protect it while it deals damage. If the Sub is broken, I set it up again until Liechi Berry activates, and then I unleash its power. A Skarmory switch in will be annoying though, only because none of Aero's attacks can deal significant damage to it. And, up against Salamence leads, Liechi will not boost its attack, but rather compensate for the attack loss due to Intimidate. However, rather than trying to battle Salamence, I will simply switch out knowing that Aerodactyl can't do much to harm it. This allows me to keep Aero's health full for future references, and it can still Sub+Liechi to attack just about everything else. Will also revenge kill Samalence, since that damn intimidate won't get it when it switches in. Other than that, Aerodactyl works great as a lead because of its speed and fairly good attack power, which is boosted by Liechi Berry while it protects itself using Substitute. Hidden Power Flying and Rock Slide offer STAB and type coverage, while Earthquake is just an obvious option because of its power and coverage, primarily for Jolteons and Raikous who can OKO Aerodactyl. That won't happen, since Aero is faster than Raikou, and for Timid Jolteons with max speed EVs, it will have a 50/50 chance of hitting first and coming out on top.

Metagross @ Liechi Berry
Nature: Adamant [+atk, -spA]
Ability: Clear Body
EVs: 252 att, 128 hp, 128 spD
Meteor Mash
Shadow Ball

Agilitygross acts as my physical sweeper. reasoning behind the special defense EVs is so it can take a fire attack and attack right back with its monstrous attack power. With Liechi Berry, and Meteor Mash's 20% chance of raising its attack, few will be left standing after taking a hit from this wrecking machine. It's also quite bulky with HP and spD EVs, as well as its 130 base defense stat, and after it has Agilityed, say goodbye to your pokemon whose jobs are not to take hits. I will explode it whenever it reaches Liechi and I know there's nothing else I can do with Meteor Mash or Shadow Ball. It could be a sacrifice worth while, primarily for those blasted Snorlax. One downside, it may be quite predictable when I'll have it explode, and my opponent will switch to someone that was already easy pickings for the rest of my team, so an absolute force is lost on my part while I take down something weak. My opponent can also switch to a wall like Skarmory and Forretress.

Tyranitar @ Leftovers
Nature: Quiet [+spA, -spe]
Ability: Sand Stream
EVs: 252 hp, 188 spA, 68 spe
Ice Beam
Focus Punch

A modified Tyraniboah. If I can hold off on Ice Beam until the end of the match, my opponent will probably think it's safe for someone like Sala to come in since it looks like a basic boah. Think again. Even without sub it will still survive (unless it has Brick Break, but those are rare on Sala anyway) Only thing that could screw this set's element of surprise is if someone like Zam or Celebi comes in and I don't use Crunch, but that shouldn't happen since no one is stupid enough to send either of those against a suspected boah. With max HP EVs, its Sub will also stay standing against a Blissey's Seismic Toss, and I OKO that damn nurse of death with Focus Punch. Handles walls like Skarmory quite well, since the metal bird causes problems for both Metagross and Aerodactyl. Sand Stream also benefits me greatly, as five of my guys are immune to it, and can cause some annoyance to my opponent. Subpuncing also brings down Snorlax 1 on 1.

Skarmory @ Leftovers
Nature: Impish [+def, -spA]
Ability: Keen Eye
EVs: 252 def, 252 hp, 6 atk
Drill Peck

Basic walling Skarmory. With Impish and max EVs in both HP and defense, it stops just about all physical sweepers in their path. Once its HP has been widdled down, I have it sleep to heal. Its attack stat falls just short of 200 though, so it's not much of a physical threat, but really, that's not Skarmory's job so it shouldn't matter too much. Drill Peck will still OKO physical threats like Heracross and Breloom, and severely damages pokemon like Machamp. Even with mediocre offense, it will still send those three pokemon out of battle, and can do the same to physical Salamence too. However, if I'm up against fighting pokemon who pose little threat to Skarmory (except sporing Breloom, then my first priority will be to dispose of it as fast as possible since that thing is lethal), I won't Drill Peck to damage it; instead, I'll set up as much layers of Spikes as I can, then Drill Peck. Machamp and Heracross will now be dead, and the following pokemon will take 25% damage from Spikes, and coupled with Sandstorm, that's fairly decent damage done just by having someone switch in.

Swampert @ Leftovers
Nature: Sassy [+spc def, -spd]
Ability: Torrent
EVs: 252 hp, 128 def, 128 spc def
Ice Beam

Just about every team I've used consisted of a Milotic, but just to avoid three pokemon being weak to electric, I took Swampert instead. Also gives me a fifth pokemon immune to Ttar's sandstorm. Is a great counter for all forms of Salamence, since it can take a hit or two then dispose of it with Ice Beam. With great defense stats, it can also Toxic stall a little bit against any random pokemon, and deal damage with stabbed Earthquake. If it's dying, I simply have it Rest, then Blissey will wake it up quite easily with Aromatherapy. It is a perfect partner to Skarmory, since Swampert can take special hits that Skarmory can't handle. Skarmory's only weaknesses are Fire and Electric, while Swampert is immune to Electric type moves, and Fire attacks barely leave a scratch on it, with only 1/2 of the attack being fired, 128 spD EVs, as well as Sassy nature. It works the other way too, since Swampert's only weakness is to Grass, which can be fixed with Skarmory's x4 resistance to it. Prediction is the key though against Zapdos' HP Grass and Thunderbolt. So up against a Zapdos, I'll Ice Beam it if it's low enough on health, or switch to Blissey to handle it's Grass and Electric attacks.

Blissey @ Leftovers
Nature: Bold [+def, -att]
Ability: Natural Cure
EVs: 252 hp, 252 def, 6 spc def
Seismic Toss

I've always liked this Blissey set, as have many others, and for fantastic reasons. First off, it takes on dual roles very well by being a Cleric and Special Wall. One of one, it can also OKO tons of physical sweepers with Counter, since its putrid defense is fixed by its staggering HP. Softboiled is just for healing itself if it manages to get low on HP. Aromatherapy is to help its teammates out if they suffer a status condition. Seismic Toss is to deal damage if it needs to. The only pokemon I can think of that can totally screw this pokemon is Gengar with Focus Punch, as it's immune to both Counter and Seismic Toss. Late in the match, I'll probably just sacrifice Blissey so Metagross can have a more clear shot at bringing down Gengar, so it shouldn't be a huge problem.


THREAT AND DEFENSE LIST: (red indicates anyone that can be a major problem)

Aerodactyl - Tyranitar can take an EQ from it, then OKO with T-bolt. Swampert can also harm this pokemon since it absorbs attacks very well, then damages with Ice Beam.

Blaziken - Meet Swampert. As long as it doesn't have any fire attacks, Skarmory can also take it down. Aerodactyl can dent this thing too.

Blissey - Tyranitar has little problem with it. Sets up a sub, Blissey Seismic Tosses and the Sub is still standing, then it's lights out after it's been hit with Focus Punch.

Celebi - Metagross can leave a giant mark on it with Shadow Ball. Skarmory also takes it down quite easily since it resists Psychic and Grass attacks, then damages with Drill Peck. Aerodactyl can pose a threat to it too. As can Tyranitar, but it gives away the surprise that it has Ice Beam instead of Crunch, so it's best late game.

Claydol - Can actually be a problem since it learns Earthquake and gets STAB from it, which hurts Metagross, who is the only pokemon I have who can leave a giant mark on Psychics with one hit. If Metagross fails, I can Toxicstall it with Swampert, or wall it with Blissey.

Donphan - Sadly, my teams lacks a Spin Blocker. However, I can beat this thing with Swampert or Tyranitar.

Dragonite - Say hi to Swampert and Tyranitar.

Dugtrio - Swampert ends this thing.

Dusclops - Damn Wil-O-Wisp harms Metagross badly, and if I try to Aromatherapy it with Blissey, the thing Pain Splits and takes a huge chunk out of Blissey's HP. One on one, Metagross can probably beat it though, but it doesn't go without problems.

Flygon - Like a lot of other pokemon, this thing is stopped and killed by Swampert.

Gengar - Focus Punch can take care of Blissey, Giga Drain ends Swampert, Thunderpunch knocks out Aerodactyl and Skarmory, and Fire Punch can dent Metagross. However, it would need this exact set to obliterate my team, but one on one, Metagross can take it quite easily.

Gyrados - Fortunately, Aerodactyl won't need to fear water attacks from it, but Intimidate is annoying though. As long as Tyranitar has a Sub up, this thing is doomed. Can be painful though, as it knocks out Swampert with Taunt. Skar can wall it.

Heracross - Walled to death by Skarmory, and OKOed with Drill Peck. With Aerodactyl's speed, it can also knock it out with HP Flying.

Jirachi - If Aero has a Sub up, it can handle Jirachi. Swampert can also take care of this thing, but I have to be aware of Calm Mind. Luckily, Swampert has max HP, is Sassy, and enough spD EVs to take a few hits and kill with EQ.

Jolteon - Aerodactyl could beat it with the Sub up, and Swampert will end it so long as it doesn't have HP Grass. Worst case scenario, Blissey needs to stall it, but it's actually a favorable scenario for me.

Ludicolo - Will be beat with HP Flying. It just doesn't have the defense to survive.

Magneton - Swampert, after it!

Medicham - Aero is faster, so it's OKOed by HP Flying. Skarm could probably also wall it.

Metagross - Swampert. Easy. If I predict an Explosion, switch to Skarm.

Milotic - My favorite pokemon for a reason, but if I'm not using it, it's a pest. Late in game it can be Toxic-ed and stalled. Early to mid game could be difficult though.

Raikou - Same thing as Jolteon.

Regice - Tyranitar can OKO with Focus Punch.

Salamence - Tyranitar can kill it, as well as Swampert, again. (is it a bad thing that Pert is relied on so much?)

Sceptile - Thunderpunch/LeafBlade/FocusPunch/Substitute can, and probably will be, a giant pain in the ass. As long as Metagross is still standing, I shouldn't have too much problem taking it down.

Skarmory - Tyranitar ends it quite easily.

Slaking - This thing is painful. I can Toxic it, try to wall it with Skar, then Tyranitar can take over. It requires sacrifices though.

Snorlax - One on one, this thing is owned by Tyranitar. Tyranitar is faster so it sets up a Sub, Lax either Belly Drums or Curses, then Focus Punch says goodbye.

Starmie - Metagross can take it.

- Tyranitar can beat it.

Swampert - Without a Grass attack, this thing can be annoying with Rest and great defenses. Best option is to Toxic it, have it sleep, then Tyranitar Subpunches.

- Can be painful. Toxic it, then stall it for as long as possible.

Umbreon - This thing will never carry an actual attack, so Ttar can kill it even without a Sub.

Vaporeon - Can be annoying. Ttar can probably take it down, but it'll be difficult. Worse case scenario is I have to blow up Metagross.

Weezing - Has mediocre HP and spD, so Tyranitar should be able to leave a giant mark with T-bolt.

Zapdos - Tyranitar can beat it easily. Aerodactyl, semi easily. If Liechi has activated, it can OKO it with Rock Slide.
For Skarmory hp grass or electric might be useful to take care of pesky rock and water pokes. STAB surf or sleep talk on Swampert could replace ice beam, and then you could switch to skarmory if you anticipate a grass move. On Blissey I suggest changing counter to reflect or toxic because many pokes like Scizor/Machamp can OHKO it. Otherwise the team is totally amazing, I wish I could train as well as you.
For Skarmory hp grass or electric might be useful to take care of pesky rock and water pokes.
HP Grass or Water will do sh*t damage because Skar is Impish and has crap spc att.

STAB surf or sleep talk on Swampert could replace ice beam
Ehhhh. Ice Beam and EQ already cover everything Surf does. Swampert is meant for taking hits, and EQ and IB are for coverage and deal damage if I need to. Protect and Curse were other moves I considered instead of Ice Beam.

On Blissey I suggest changing counter to reflect or toxic because many pokes like Scizor/Machamp can OHKO it.
Hmm. That doesn't sound like a bad idea. Machamp is walled to death by Skarmory, but it would offer some insurance if he died.

Otherwise the team is totally amazing, I wish I could train as well as you.
Heh. To be quite honest, I didn't put a lot of thought into constructing this. I just slapped it together a team around a Salamence (DD/EQ/RockSlide/Flamethrower was imo a kickass lead, which I discovered accidentally) and a personal favorite of mine in Milotic. I then found Aerodactyl to be a more efficient lead, so I replaced Sala with it. It gave me three pokemon weak to electric, so I switched Milo with Pert. Only until the end did I realize all but Blissey were immune to Sandstorm.

I would test it if netbattle was working. >.<
Updated it with full description and threat and defense list. What do you guys think of my team? So far, I'm 3-0 on netbattle with it, but I'm still very open to suggestions.
For Metagross, replace Shadow Ball with Earthquake. A STAB Meteor Mash will do nearly the same amount of damage as Shadow Ball will to things such as Gengar. Earthquake allows you to cover Fire and Electric types which resist Metagross's STAB attack. I'd also recommend that you use a 160 HP / 252 Atk / 96 Spe on Metagross.

For Skarmory, I would recommend you use Hidden Power Flying with Whirlwind, so you can screw over Mr. Mime based Baton Pass teams. Use the spread 252 HP / 156 Def / 100 Spe. This will allow you to outpace the standard Tyranitar with Dragon Dance before it Dragon Dances.
HP Grass or Water will do sh*t damage because Skar is Impish and has crap spc att.
Well actually in 3rd Gen Hidden power is actually physical. So there is no downside to HP Water or Grass.
Also maybe run more defense on your swampert considering that Blissey can take all the special attacks fired at it and can Aromatherapy. Ya recommend what the poster above me said. EQ over Shadow Ball for those pesky Fire and Electric types. Meteor Mash can do basically the same amount, bar the good accuracy.
not true Pokemon. in 3rd Gen hidden power is phisical/special depending on the type that is used. so if it's fire it'll be special, but if it's ground it'll be physical. However, counter will work on all hidden powers
Lightsabre is totally right. When I asked for that edit it was a total screw-up on my part, I forgot that hidden power changed from special to physical depending on type
Bleh. I'm really not a fan of having three guys learn the same attack, which is the only reason I took Shadow Ball. Besides, I really can't think of any fire pokemon I've seen so far. Raikou and Jolteon are also the only electric types I've seen.

I can change Roar to Whirlwind, I just put Roar on there because it's easier for in game. As for the EVs, I can test it if it works better.
Sorry if you dont need any help with this team anymore but, I just haven't rated a ADV team in a while :P

First off Suicune does not lose to any tyranitar. Ever; barring CHs. If you switch in as Suicune Calm Minds, it will easily 2HKO you while you only 3HKO back. Last pokemon Suicune will disintegrate your entire team if you don't have metagross to explode on it.

Your team just really needs to decide what it wants to be, its halfway between stall and offense, what that results in is the aforementioned Suicune ravashing your team. Similarly other bulky water pokemon can be a probably since Aero, Ttar, and Metagross all get walled by them. But I really don't like changing up teams to much, so here's what you do, bring in a Gyarados over aerodactyl. Now if you see those pokemon you can simply set up on them. Additionally this will greatly help your agiligross sweep. Gyarados will help you take care of Claydol, Dusclops, Swampert, Milotic, Vaporeon, and Suicune.

Regarding metagross, you should replace shadowball with Earthquake, steel is a terrible attacking type, and he could really use the added coverage. What exactly are you shadowballing anyway?

Anyway hope it helps :P
Thanks for the rate, and I would have tried the changed you suggested if I still used this team. :P

I've built a stall team with pretty good success, and an offense one that I've yet to try out.
aero loses a lot of power when it doesn't use CB. there are so many pokemon that can ohko aero that you will rarely stay in for more than one attack anyway. cb becomes crucial in making that one attack count. the downside is that you'll just have to predict more instead of relying on the sub

metagross should have enough speed evs to reach 198, so after one agility it reaches 396, faster than anything in ou (besides like. ninjask. or electrode. lol.)
someone mentioned this already but shadow ball is useless on metagross, it doesn't give you any additional coverage. eq will hit bulky waters harder and random stuff like forry. repeating moves between your pokemon is not an issue. lum berry is also an option

your ttar will certainly have the element of surprise on its team, but i can't imagine ice beam being more useful than crunch. 3 of the pokemon you highlighted in red (claydol dusclops and gengar) get completely messed up by crunch. it's also just a reliable stab that's useful in a lot of situations. mence isn't a huge issue for your team since it doesn't like sandstream, and you have swampy and skarm as counters. the opportunity to use ice beam is rare and if ttar has taken a bit of damage, he's not gonna live through an eq from mence or flygon anyway. at best, your ttar is severely crippled after an eq from flygon or mence

skarm should have whirlwind over roar (p-hazes soundproof pokemon)
you may want to divert some of the def ev's into attack or sp def, or give it a little speed to out-whirlwind other skarms
when your def gets as high as skarms, each additional point of def makes less of an impact, while a small ev investment in sp def will make a much larger impact

your team seems perfect for protect swampert instead of rest. protect gives you lefties recovery in the sandstream and helps swampert's toxic do its work. additionally, you can scout for hp grass. i don't understand why you would invest so heavily in special defense. you don't ever want to stay in against an hp grass anyway. swampert will be coming in on things like metagross, salamence, tyranitar, aerodactyl. blissey completely walls off special threats even more so than skarm walls of physical threats. i would chill out on some sp def and give swampert some special attack ev's so it can ohko mence

bulky waters stop most of your pokemon. something like cm cune could be very dangerous. i think your team could benefit from more offense in general. putting eq on meta and cb on aero start to alleviate this issue. you may even consider thunderpunch.

the team is pretty solid and standard overall. good luck finding someone to rse battle :P
Solid rate. I haven't been using this team as much, mainly because it has too many holes (as shown by the multiple pokemon in red)and trying to fix them would probably too difficult. I've built a stall team with some success, and an offensive one, which has been my most successful by far.

good luck finding someone to rse battle :P
Heh. There have been a lot more users the past couple days. And wait, haven't I battled you before? Not with this team, but another one. Your name seems familliar.
Spikes could be a problem for your team with five pokemon being hurted by them. Skarmory can easly come into Metagross, Swampert, Blissey and Aero, as without cb you will not do much to it. Bulky Waters can give you a problem (especially Swampert) as they will come easly in your three main attackers and Bliss can only sponge them for a time (cursepert will beat it). Suicune with Spikes is a real problem.

I recommend to put EQ instead of SB in metagross and give Aero (or even Meta) choiceband. Without it you wont do much to fhysical walls like cune, swamp or skarm. Dont think you can beat Suicune with Boah! The other real problem (which is the same abaut the ph.walls is your big hole against water attacks.

You can try another sweeper instead of one of your three. You cant try CB or SleepTalk Heracross. In can really benefit from BulkiWater switches. With some HP Evs (like 196 I think, you will want 222 Spe for Tyrano), in can take few surfs. It is another reason you will want to use a Rapid Spiner... or Maggy! Other things like Zapdos are useful options for yout team, or any other spc sweepert. A Wisher can be another useful option to support Boah, and Metagross. You can use Celebi, who may help agains Waters. If you want wish you can try sala, who works well with metagross, and maybe with Tyranitar too.

Edit!: Like Gotei said give Metagross some speed, SpD is not really needed
and Crunch can be more useful than IB. Whirlwind is recommendable. AND GIVE SWAMPY DEFENSE, NO SPD, i didnt realise it. SpD does not go well with swampert, as other waters will generally beat you and hp grasses as well. Defense is needed to switch into tyranitar,aero and others, that skarm cannot handle. In your swamp rest goes well with aromatherapy, protect with toxic and SS. You can decide XD. And CBLax is another funny option to consider, it comes easly in waters and electrics (use something like adamant 252Spdef, 252 atk 4hp, as you wont take phisical hist with it. However it normally goes bad with bliss.

I usually battle rse in netbattle, so if you want to battle with me... Maybe you should use another team. I know this XD