Your most Memorable moment from Gold/Silver

When I got the Master Ball. I was like WTF!!! It catches Pokemon without fail! And then I decided to throw it at Lance's Dragonite.
Okay, lol, that's the best one easily. I guess the games wording is a little vague sometimes.

My most mermorable moment is easily right after I caught red gyrados. I was surfing away back to land, all happy and stuff, and then in the water, I found another red gyrados. I was all fuck yeah! I actually caught it too! :naughty:

Edit: No, above user is best. I did that too, a bunch of times. I didn't know what sex was back then, so I was all pissed.
I loved the elite four. I still do. Lance's song basically makes me melt, because it just brings back the excitement that I felt as a child.

And Karen's quote for when you beat her is still my favorite pokemon quote ever: "Strong pokemon, weak pokemon. That is only the selfish perception of people. Truly skilled trainers win with their favorites."
Getting lost in Union Cave... It was dark and scary and I was 7...
Also catching a shiny Heracross only to have my cousin release it shortly after... And finally getting to Blackthorn city through that tunnel which made me really proud because none of my friends could.
Trying to catch a ledyba in the morning. I was playing at 11am in the morning, searching for the whole hour. Turns out morning ended at 10am T.T

Oh and training my dragonair to a dragonite. Once it hit lvl 55, I was like, "That's right you fucker, you wasted 5 hours of my life levelling you, and I finally get something." Turns out I couldn't get any good TMs because I used them all and all the other moves he learned at like lvl 60+. I got so pissed after that.
I would have to say probably when catching the Red Gyarados, and then my game died. So I tried again, and I couldnt catch it, so I tried again, and again, and again, and again...I came really unprepared (three ultra balls), and I think I finally got it on like my 15th try or something xD


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Well, my brother stole both Gold AND Silver from me, but he did tell me HIS most memorable moment...

So, Grem (My brother's character's name) is walking randomly through the routes in hopes of finding a Suicune. Finally, he stumbles upon...

... a Raikou. My brother really hated Raikou, and was disappointed for spending hours mindlessly wandering through the tall grass only to find a Raikou. Half-heartedly, my brother decided, "Heck, let's just throw a Pokeball at it, just because." So, my brother throws an average Pokeball, not a Great Ball, Not an Ultra Ball, a Pokeball, at Raikou.
Yes, I am serious, my brother caught a full-health, un-statused, legendary Pokemon using a Pokeball. YES, HE CAUGHT ONE OF THE HARDEST POKEMON TO CATCH WITH A FLIPPIN' POKEBALL. Afterwards, he did what anyone in their right mind would do. He decided that he must have been destined to achieve that Raikou all along, and used it through the rest of both Silver and Crystal, when it came out. This entire story is true. I was in the room when he screamed with excitement, and looked at it, in his party, in mint condition.
My starter Typhlosion had max stats in Hp/Sp atk/Sp def/Spd. I didn't know how IVs (DVs?) worked then so I was really happy. Well I still don't know how it work in that game.
Let's see.

About 5 years ago I booted up Crystal just for fun. I realized I had not caught Ho-Oh yet so I headed to the Tin Tower thinking I'd end the day with a beautiful Ho-Oh.


Yeah. I had two Master Balls and a bunch of Ultra Balls. My brilliant idea? To go fill my Pokedex and pray I ran into a dog while at it.

While looking for a Skarmory in the route below Blackthorn, I encountered Raikou. Master Ball gogo!

That left just Entei. So I figured I'd go clone my Master Ball, just in case.

*turns game off*

I go to withdraw my Pokemon holding the Master Ball.. Wait, what? It's not there! Or in my party! So I try to withdraw a different Pokemon.. The Pokemon vanished as I was withdrawing it! I guess I should have refreshed myself on how to clone Pokemon in GSC because I guess I did something wrong. To this day though I still don't understand what happened.

Enraged, I left the Ecruteak Pokemon center. Maybe I could fix this glitch somehow? I went to the route below Ecruteak. Into the grass I went, and a wild Pidgey appeared!

Go, Typhlosion!
The trainer sprite didn't budge. Matt vs Pidgey begin!!

lol. I shut my game off after that battle (Pidgey won). To this day I haven't shut a game off while it was saving. And I've developed an irrational fear of Pidgey. The shiny Pidgey whirlwinding me away in FR certainly didn't help any.

Going back even farther though was the sweet memories of getting my first badge. I had Yellow months before I had Silver, but couldn't figure out how to get past the grumpy man blocking you from leaving Viridian lol. Good times..

Oh and Goldenrod. I loved that city. All of my favourite moments came from there. The bike shop manager giving me a bike to advertise, the Radio Tower, the big department store, crushing Whitneys Miltank after many tries, the bike shop giving me the bike, and more..
There was a lot, but also a lot I can't remember XD. I'd have to say finding out that I wasn't done after beating the E4. I actually discovered that there was more to the game by myself. I was so excited! I loved getting 16 badges instead of just 8. It seemed so much more fulfilling.
Most memorable moment to me was trying to get past the third gym leader's (Whitney) miltank which could have easily swept your entire team if you weren't high enough of a level (miltank=lv. 20).
Probably not as memorable as other moments but I caught a shiny caterpie in the bug contest.

Then I ran into a scyther. However, I decided to kill it and keep the caterpie instead od losing it.
The most memorable moment from my G/S/C adventure was getting the metal coat from the Captain to finally evolve my Onix. I didn't know that it could also be obtained from wild magnemite. After receibing curse TM, leftovers, protect and leech seed support, my Steelix could even curse up in the face of Machamp without fire blast. Those were good times. ^^
When my togepi evolved to a togetic. I was shocked to find out it COULD evolve. Since it never really saw a battle AND after I had just ended a battle with a Mankey, that added more to the shock.