Yugioh Team Tournament FINALS [Won by Team Jabba and Friends]


hello, i'm infinitely sexier than kd24 so i will be taking over.
just to clarify some rules Order of Chaos will be legal for both ocg tiers as it was recently released. the latest duel terminal you can use for both OCG tiers is this.

ice eyes also sucks eggs


Team Jabba and Friends vs Team Rock Scissors Paper

TCG: Locopoke vs Stathakis
OCG: JabbaTheGriffin vs reyscarface
TCG/OCG: kd24 vs Pidge

just get it done.....
Sorry, I've been busy lately with Thanksgiving weekend stuff, but I'll be on now to get my match done with Jabba! =)


name a more iconic duo
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my opponent said he didn't have a deck, but I thought this tournament was online ?_?

[i just felt like posting after my two teammates]

edit: gg friend