Other "Yugioh: The Tournament" March '12: Round 2

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no fucking extensions btw

Ice-eyes vs Pele
Max vs Sergio Augero

atm sergio is getting an activity win and the other match will probably be coin flipped. get it done
Progress update - Pele was briefly on just now at our scheduled play time, but has now disappeared.

EDIT: Yeah, sorry, I was a little bit pissed. Will get it done on the extension.
My bad, I have been busy over the last week so I haven't been active enough. I can get it done tomorrow if sergio will allow for it, but otherwise he deserves the activity win.
You know Ice-eyes, you could have messaged me over DN or something. Or even better, you could have responded to the PMs I sent you while you were online asking when you wanted to take the match
Not open for further replies.