Type Tier
Normal BL
Level 100 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
  • Overused


Clefable is an underrated sweeper that usually flies under the radar. It is only limited by the amount of maintenance required to set it up, which usually is done by paralyzing most of the opposing team and killing any Ghost-types that may be in the area. It is more durable than one might expect due to its nice and plump HP and decent Special Defense. Clefable can take over the game early on, but this will not likely lead to a clean sweep. Best used either as a mid-to-late-game sweeper or in conjunction with a more versatile sweeper such as Charizard or Tentacruel to help pound away at the opponent's defenses until they crack.

Name Item

Belly Drum

~ Belly Drum
~ Moonlight
~ Return
~ Fire Blast / Charm / Encore / Shadow Ball

Clefable is one of the scariest sweepers in GSC when set up properly. Either burn away Skarmory and Steelix with Fire Blast or scare off physical attacks with Charm and let Clefable's decent Special Defense and excellent health fend off the incoming special attacker. Shadow Ball is an option for Gengar if you keep seeing him. Encore is a very fun option to try and catch a Curse user with, allowing Clefable to Belly Drum without having to take a hit. Clefable doesn't have much to fear from Rock- or Steel-types that don't have a phazing move due to the fact that Moonlight grants it an excellent lifespan compared to most sweepers.

Name Item

Mixed Attacker

~ Return / Double-Edge
~ Fire Blast / Thunderbolt
~ Ice Beam
~ Moonlight

This can hit some Pokémon hard on the switch if they expect you to use Belly Drum. Return still gives you some coverage against Pokemon you can't hit super effectively. Fire Blast has the advantage of hitting Steel-types, as well as threats like Heracross, but Thunderbolt lets you hit Water-types like Suicune moderately hard.

Other Options

Clefable's movepool is impressive. Light Screen Clefable is a great support Pokémon, Reflect is good as well, but you have to be careful. Sing is kind of a novelty; it is very hard to pull off effectively due to its low accuracy. Counter is amazing and often unexpected. Sunny Day and SolarBeam are fun moves for a fun team. Sunny Day allows Moonlight to heal more, allows SolarBeam to take just one turn, and boosts Flamethrower's power.

Checks and Counters

Fighting-types generally can clear Clefable out. Suicune can survive a Belly Drum-boosted Return and phaze it out with Roar, but gets heavily crippled by this. Ghosts such as Misdreavus will take care of it unless Clefable has Shadow Ball. Skarmory and Steelix will counter it if it has Shadow Ball, but if it has Fire Blast watch out. Golem and Rhydon can Roar it out after easily taking a Double-Edge. Clefable has to watch out for Encore Pokémon even more than Curse users do, or it will be out 50% of its health for nothing. Tyranitar can handle all of Clefable's attacks, but he is unlikely to be able to KO Clefable (and rarely carries Roar).