Type Tier
Dragon / Flying BL
Level 100 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
  • Overused


Dragonite's power lies in its ability to hit hard from both offenses, and it has the resistances to take a few hits. It learns a ton of useful moves and they can be combined in a vast number of ways. If you want an attacker, it can hang with the best of them. If you need something to tank hits or paralyze with Thunder Wave, it can do that too. Don't underestimate it, because that is when it will come out of nowhere to mess you up somehow.

Name Item

All-Out Attacker

~ Ice Beam
~ Thunder
~ DynamicPunch
~ Body Slam

Though lacking of a powerful STAB move, Dragonite can still hit everything in the game pretty hard. This set is one of many to take advantage of Dragonite's offensive capabilities. Ice Beam and Thunder cover just about everything with a special weakness—Thunder is listed for its higher paralysis chance, in addition to added damage against the tougher Water-types (Suicune in particular). DynamicPunch, though inaccurate, will dissuade switch-ins like Tyranitar and Miltank with its possibility of causing ridiculous damage, and Body Slam is a good all-around attack; though not extremely powerful, if you score paralysis, life will be hectic for Raikou, Miltank, and other Pokemon that can take a wide variety of attacks well.

As mentioned, there are other options for this set that can be switched almost at will. Among these move options are Double-Edge, Fire Blast, Hidden Power Ground, Wing Attack, Surf, Hydro Pump, and ExtremeSpeed.

Name Item

Haze Support

~ Rest
~ Haze
~ Double-Edge
~ Reflect

This set is almost painfully simple, but it's definitely a good helper against physical attackers, especially those that set up. Come in when the opponent does whatever, and set up Reflect. Behind this wall you can now Haze and pacify your opponent whilst they can't do much—Dragonite has the Defense and HP to take a load of hits. When you have an opportune moment, Rest off the damage it sustains. Double-Edge, a very general attack, will hit most things for neutral damage. This set is especially helpful for Pokemon utilizing Curse and even Swords Dance, even more for teammates that use these in conjunction with Roar, Rest, or Substitute.

Other Options

Dragonite can also help out its team with supporting moves. It learns the always-useful Thunder Wave, which is especially wonderful since most Pokemon that switch in on Dragonite (bulky Water-types, Miltank, Raikou) absolutely rely on their Speed to be effective. Dragonite also learns Light Screen which can help out a sweeper that might need a little extra help.

Checks and Counters

For an attacking Dragonite, there aren't too many surefire counters, as anything coming in can stand to take a load of damage. Raikou is probably the best idea here, as it absorbs Dragonite's special attacks with ease and wields Reflect to buffer its team from Dragonite; however, potential paralysis from Body Slam or Thunder Wave will cripple Raikou. Others include Pokemon like Miltank, Umbreon, and Suicune who can absorb a lot of hits, but remember Dragonite can cause them problems if it predicts its attacks correctly. Keep in mind that most Ice Beams will 2HKO Dragonite because of its quadruple Ice weakness.