Type Tier
Psychic BL
Level 100 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
  • Overused


Espeon's movepool sucks, but it can totally screw teams with Growth and some careful predictions. It's also better laid out to sweep thanks to its typing (Psychic has 3 weaknesses, none of which are really common) and an already-high Special Attack. Keep away from physical abuse and Dark-types, though.

Name Item


~ Psychic
~ Growth
~ Baton Pass
~ Substitute

This set is based on the "EspyJump" set of ADV fame. The idea here is to Substitute and prevent status afflictions, then use Growth to boost Espeon's monstrous Special Attack. Depending on what the opponent sends out, you have a few options. Phazers such as Skarmory, Suicune, Steelix will take a big hit from Psychic, or offensive threats will find a Growth-boosted counter thanks to Baton Pass. You can use Morning Sun over Substitute to give Espeon a bit more longevity; this also allows Espeon to attack more to soften up potential counters, then come back and heal later.

Name Item

Growth Sweeper

~ Psychic
~ Morning Sun
~ Growth
~ Bite / Hidden Power Fire

Of course, who needs Baton Pass when Espeon can also sweep by itself with Growth? Because of an instant recovery move and its Special Attack, Espeon is probably the best Eevee to sweep. Boost your Special Attack with Growth and attack. The last move depends mainly on what you want to counter. Bite hits other Psychic-types while possibly allowing a flinch, while Hidden Power Fire will hit Steel-types and Exeggutor. Other attacks for the last moveslot include Zap Cannon for Starmie and Skarmory, and Hidden Power Water for Tyranitar and Houndoom.

Other Options

Espeon's other move options are limited, but intriguing. Espeon learns both Charm and Reflect, and either move is wonderful against Snorlax or Tyranitar, Espeon's two biggest counters. Use it when they switch in, and you're free to Growth up and maybe sweep (watch out for a possible Crunch from Tyranitar, though). If you're scared of your Espeon getting hit with status, you can go the RestTalk route with Growth and Psychic, and finally, Toxic will soften up Snorlax, Tyranitar, Starmie, and Exeggutor switch-ins that might otherwise wall you.

Checks and Counters

Blissey and Snorlax have high Special Defense and have different methods of controlling Espeon; Blissey can Light Screen, while Snorlax can just attack against Espeon's weak Defense. Next are Tyranitar, Umbreon, and Houndoom, all of whom are immune to Psychic and usually carry Dark attacks to boot; note, however, that Umbreon's Pursuit does not take out an Espeon's Substitute in one hit, so Espeon can get off a few Growths and Baton Pass out.

Steel-types are generally OK counters, Forretress and Scizor may even pack Hidden Power Bug, but beware of a possible Hidden Power Fire that will OHKO the Bug / Steel hybrids and ruin Skarmory's and Steelix's chances of phazing.

Other Psychics can also work in a pinch and carry status moves, but all of them are weak to Bite or potentially Hidden Power/Zap Cannon.