Type Tier
Psychic UU
Level 100 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
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Hypno has a lot of good assets, and is easily likable. Its stats are well-rounded and suit it well as a tank. Hypno's awesome in UU teams and can fit into some OU teams. Hypno is a Pokémon to consider if you don't like Alakazam. It won't hurt you to try using Hypno over Alakazam either.

Name Item


~ Thunder Wave
~ Psychic
~ Light Screen
~ Reflect

Hypno is one of the best supporting Pokémon in GSC despite the fact that it is UU. Thunder Wave whatever switches into it, and then set up your screens. Once you have done that, bring out something that can either continue using moves that could work with Baton Pass, or use a Pokémon that can do some serious damage, but are a bit weak in one defensive zone. Using this set with Tentacruel can make it an almost indestructible sweeper, as most non-STAB-boosted Thunderbolts and Psychics will be unable to break its Substitutes after a Light Screen.

Name Item


~ Psychic
~ ThunderPunch
~ Ice Punch
~ Reflect / Light Screen

Hypno gets all of the elemental punches, which means you don't have to sacrifice Hypno's stats to get a Hidden Power for just one type of move type. Choosing two elemental punches and Psychic is required for this set. It's recommended that you go with ThunderPunch and Ice Punch since that will hit all types of Pokémon. Psychic STAB is obvious too. It's then up to player preference to decide which of the screens you'd like to choose. Reflect does help Hypno a bit in its Defense department, but in UU (which is Hypno's primarily used location) it is safe for it to use Light Screen instead.

Other Options

Rest is actually the standard for Hypno (usually over Reflect or Psychic), but it may be difficult to keep Hypno alive while it sleeps. You could give Hypno its namesake move Hypnosis to surprise the opponent for a little double-status fun. Submission and DynamicPunch are good side attacks for Tyranitar and Houndoom if they show up. Shadow Ball works if you seem to have trouble with other Psychic-types or maybe Misdreavus. Seismic Toss will always deal 100 damage, but Hypno is usually better off attacking with regular moves. With the offensive set, you can also consider using Fire Punch to have a range of having super effective moves on most types of Pokémon. You can also replace Reflect or Light Screen with Thunder Wave or even Hypnosis if you're a risk taker.

Checks and Counters

Dark-types are the best counters for Hypno most of the time. However, if Hypno has Submission or DynamicPunch, switching in that Tyranitar might not always be the best thing to do. Houndoom also does pretty well, but sometimes Hypno can get around this too. Really, anything that can physically attack and can eat a Psychic or two can beat Hypno one-on-one, but Hypno isn't meant to stay in more than a turn or two when it switches in. If Heracross gets in for a Megahorn, Hypno might not live to see the light of day. However, if Hypno does survive, Heracross is pretty much done for.