Type Tier
Fire / Flying BL
Level 100 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
  • Overused


Moltres's main problem is its shallow movepool. If it had Drill Peck and SolarBeam, it'd be a monster, despite its type. Speaking of its type, that really screws it over. It has a bunch of weaknesses compared to the two more commonly used legendaries (Zapdos and Raikou), can't tank like those two, and Fire attacks aren't too useful on their own. Moltres is good for fun teams, but not recommended for serious teams.

Name Item

Charcoal + Sunny Day

~ Fire Blast
~ Sunny Day
~ Hidden Power Grass / Hidden Power Water
~ Double-Edge / Reflect

Yes, that's Charcoal. It's mainly just for killing power. Not much else it CAN do, as Moltres's movepool is VERY limited. Sunny Day + Fire Blast + Charcoal has a chance to 2HKO Snorlax, Hidden Power whatever you need, and use Double-Edge so that Blissey doesn't make you cry TOO much (you still can't beat it). Reflect is just there so that you aren't OHKOed by Rock attacks and last longer against Snorlax.

Name Item


~ Rest
~ Sleep Talk
~ Fire Blast
~ Hidden Power Grass / Hidden Power Water

Because of how sparse Moltres's movepool is, you aren't missing much by using Rest + Sleep Talk.

Other Options

Wing Attack is also there as Moltres's only viable Flying STAB besides Hidden Power. Return will damage most things about as much if not more, though.

The Hidden Power choice depends on what you want to hit. Grass is the best all-around choice, as it hits Water- and Rock-types (especially Rock / Ground Pokemon) super effectively. Water covers those Rock-types, but loses the coverage on Water-types for the ability to hit enemy Fire-types. Hidden Power Electric hits Water-types while not losing coverage on enemy Moltres and Charizard, but you lose the super effective hit on those Rock / Ground Pokemon. You can also use Hidden Power Ice if you are afraid of Dragonite, and it does something to the Rock-types that are part Ground, namely Golem and Rhydon.

Checks and Counters

Blissey can wall Moltres even if it has Sunny Day on its side, because Softboiled will perpetually erase the damage that Fire Blast does (which is less than 50%) until Fire Blast runs out of PP. Double-Edge will never even 3HKO Blissey without critical hits, and Moltres will suffer massive recoil damage in the process. Snorlax can take a few attacks, but can't quite withstand Sunny Day-boosted Fire Blasts. If Moltres doesn't have Hidden Power Electric, Charizard can come in and 2HKO Moltres with Rock Slide. Suicune and other Water-types are also afraid of Hidden Power Grass, but otherwise can come in with impunity and 2HKO with Surf; Sunny Day will reduce Surf's power, but the Water-type will win eventually. Dragonite hates Hidden Power Ice, but can hit Moltres with Thunderbolt, which bypasses the Sunny Day-induced Water power reduction. Aerodactyl resists Fire, outruns Moltres, and has a chance of OHKOing it with Hidden Power Rock. Rhydon abhors Hidden Power Grass and Hidden Power Water and has weak Special Defense, but can OHKO Moltres with Rock Slide if need be.