Type Tier
Fighting UU
Level 5 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
  • Overused


Being the fastest Fighting-type helps Primeape's cause, although its Speed is only above average when compared to other types. Primeape hits hard, and is a simple Pokémon to use, but is ultimately effective. Low HP as well as defenses cause a ton of trouble, so Primeape would best be used on a team that uses Thunder Wave and Stun Spore. Taking advantage of paralyzing status effects to impair faster Pokémon will make Primeape all the more devastating. It's able clean house with the best of them during the late stages of a match due to its high Attack and stat enhancement options. Keep Primeape a secret if at all possible, because unless the opponent has certain Pokémon, Primeape cannot be completely shut down.

Name Item

Physical Attacker

~ Cross Chop
~ Rock Slide
~ Hidden Power Bug
~ Meditate / Substitute

The three first attacks cover most of the Pokémon in OU. Rock Slide will hit Flying- and Bug-types, Hidden Power Bug will hit Psychic-types, in particular Exeggutor, and Cross Chop does a deadly amount of damage to everything else, which is accompanied by STAB, and is also Primeape's signature move. Substitute can ease prediction, and Meditate is an easy to use and helpful move. Strike at them at will and watch as their carefully placed defenses erode. If one prefers a more cautious approach to using Primeape, Substitute will help you block all status ailments and aids its weak Defense.

Other Options

Body Slam is a great option over Rock Slide if you are willing to sacrifice type coverage for a physical attack that paralyzes. Counter is pretty tempting if you're struggling against Skarmory and Zapdos, but requires a good deal of prediction capability seeing as Skarmory does so much more than attack physically and Zapdos is almost as effective using Thunderbolt in the same situation. Thunder will hit Skarmory hard and has a long shot at paralyzing Starmie, but Primeape's Special Attack is lacking, so while the surprise is effective the impact may be lessened. You can also use Screech if forcing switches plays into your game, such as on a Spikes team, but for the best individual performance Meditate is more useful. All of those moves are viable options despite their drawbacks; it just depends on the rest of the team and the style of play one uses.

Checks and Counters

Nidoking and Nidoqueen are natural counters to most Primeape sets, as their typing allows them to shrug off Fighting, Rock, and Bug moves, unless Primeape carries Earthquake. In UU, Primeape will also have a lot of problem with Gligar. Faster Psychic-types cripple Primeape before it even gets a chance to move, not allowing it to set up at all. Tentacruel's resistance to Fighting-types along with being faster than Primeape will end most hopes of sweeping. Primeape has major problems with Skarmory and Heracross, but they can both be overcome by boosting with Meditate late-game while they switch in. Zapdos's Speed along with its incredible attacking power stops Primeape dead in its tracks.