Type Tier
Normal UU
Level 100 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
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Rati-who? Yeah... you know all those annoying rats that attack you in the grass of RBY and GSC? This is the evolution of those things. I will admit, Raticate sees almost zero playing time because it's quite frankly not all that good. Its typing is not unique (in fact it is one of the most common types), all of its stats are really subpar or borderline average, and its movepool isn't exactly something to drool over when compared to others with better stats. However, there is hope for this cool-looking rodent yet. Super Fang puts huge dents all over the place which is hard to do with UU teams that go up against OU teams. Raticate makes a decent UU lead with its Speed, and can steal fun stuff like Spikes and Sleep Powder with Mimic. It's definitely not the best Normal-type of the bunch, but it is somewhat cool and usually very unexpected. Plus it can always wave around the fact that it can 2HKO Blissey.

Name Item

Super Fang

~ Super Fang
~ Substitute
~ Mimic
~ Body Slam

Super Fang makes Raticate worth using. Raticate has a lot of Speed, so on the first turn it can come out and set up a Substitute against certain other leads. If it's a Spikes user, Raticate can pick up Spikes with Mimic and put proceed to set them up itself. If Raticate just avoided a Toxic or Thunder Wave or better yet Sleep Powder while setting up Substitute, throw that right back at the opponent with Mimic. Body Slam is on the set because speed is important when toying around with Substitute, and there are a lot of threats out there just barely faster than Raticate with its annoying base 97 Speed.

Other Options

You can also generalize Raticate a bit more and follow the format of Super Fang; pick a STAB move of choice such as Return, Frustration, Double-Edge; add Shadow Ball; and the last slot would be filler working with the moves above. You can always use Hyper Beam after Raticate strips the opponent of half its health with Super Fang, but don't really expect a guaranteed OHKO. An Endure + Reversal set isn't promising, but it's there for its other options. Thief, Toxic, and Screech give Raticate that element of surprise, but Super Fang pretty much makes up for it.

Checks and Counters

There's so many, to be honest—Raticate's weak defensive stats make anything an easy kill. Any Pokemon that has a strong attacking capacity hits Raticate hard. The move Counter is always something fun to use against Raticate... Pokémon like Nidoking can't OHKO Raticate with Earthquake, but it can if it Counters Raticate's Super Fang.