Type Tier
Ground / Rock OU
Level 100 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
  • Overused


Rhydon is a physical Pokémon that can hit hard. Despite Rhydon's meaty Defense and HP, it is his physical weaknesses (namely Earthquake), rather than the gaping special weaknesses, that keep him from being a very effective wall. Of course, Rhydon can potentially stop a sweep from Pokemon like Snorlax and maybe even KO them, which Skarmory cannot do. Rhydon usually only has one turn to make an impact, so choose wisely. Rhydon benefits tremendously from an opponent having a status affliction, whether it be gaining that extra 10% or so from poison that puts something in KO range, or having a Speed advantage from a paralyzed opponent. If given that little bit of extra help (and even without it), Rhydon is a monster.

Name Item


~ Earthquake
~ Rock Slide
~ Curse
~ Roar

Rhydon makes a good Curse user with his unresisted dual STAB Earthquake + Rock Slide combo. With Roar, Rhydon can guarantee that no opponent will be slower than him after a Curse, meaning as long as Rhydon uses Roar, he won't be Roared or Whirlwinded out. This set can be pretty mean with Spikes down; since Rhydon can't really manhandle threats like Exeggutor and Suicune, he can continually Roar them out upon switching and whittle them down from the Spikes.

Other Options

Using Rest instead of Roar or Curse is probably the most common thing seen. Be warned that unless you have Heal Bell handy on your team, Rhydon is dead-weight whilst asleep. Substitute is also seen sometimes instead of Curse—this helps block status afflictions while Rhydon Roars or attacks potential threats. Zap Cannon is about the only other attacking move of interest. With it, Rhydon can paralyze the foe and gain a Speed advantage. Counter, though never used, can bounce back an Earthquake from a Pokemon for a great surprise kill—this works well against Curse Snorlax. Another rarely seen move is Toxic; though it may seem a waste to stick a status move on a hardcore attacker like Rhydon, after a few turns watch your opponent moan in aggravation as their Rhydon counter is worn down into the ground.

Checks and Counters

Exeggutor and Suicune are probably two of the better Rhydon counters—Exeggutor resists Earthquake and can hit back with Giga Drain for an OHKO or Psychic for lots of damage. Suicune, though it doesn't resist Rhydon's attacks, has mammoth defensive stats and can lay waste to Rhydon with Surf. Just about any Water- or Grass-type will prove to be a good Rhydon counter, but a lucky critical hit can put a lot of things in KO range for him. Skarmory can also be a reliable counter, but beware of Rock Slide flinching and be sure that Rhydon hasn't set up too many Curses.