Type Tier
Water / Psychic OU
Level 100 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
  • Overused


Starmie is probably one of the top 5 Pokemon in GSC. Not only is it fast and sports a very good Special Attack stat, but it also boasts Recover and a myriad of support options as well. Starmie is one of the best Pokemon to use to help set up a sweeper by spreading status afflictions or setting up screens, and its moveset can be changed to suit almost any kind of team. The most important thing to remember when using Starmie is to NOT get hit with a status affliction. Starmie's greatest asset is its Speed, and a paralyzed Starmie is amazingly ineffective. By the same token, poison chips away at Starmie's one stat that is mediocre: its HP. This makes Starmie have to Recover a lot more than it otherwise would, and leads to it being too busy supporting itself to help out its team.

Name Item

Rapid Spin

~ Surf
~ Rapid Spin
~ Recover
~ Reflect / Psychic / Thunder Wave

Starmie is probably the best all-around spinner due to its Speed, access to Recover, and the ability to hit both Ghost-types (who block Rapid Spin) with Surf for good damage. Bring it in and spin the Spikes away, use Recover when necessary, and blast the enemy with Surf when you suspect you can hit the incoming target for good damage. The three moves in the fourth slot are probably the most popular, but they're certainly not the only options. Reflect is wonderful to use against Snorlax switch-ins as well as Pokemon like Steelix or Cloyster, who will often try to Explode on Starmie to try and keep their Spikes on the field—if Starmie is at full health, neither Cloyster's nor Steelix's Explosion (even with a Curse) will OHKO Starmie with Reflect up. Other options include Psychic, which will directly cause trouble for Gengar and has a bonus chance of lowering Special Defense, and Thunder Wave, which is a good status option that can be spread around the opponent's team.

Other Options

Starmie has plenty of options that can almost be switched around at will. In addition to Reflect, Starmie also learns the rarer Light Screen which can help against special powerhouses like Exeggutor, Zapdos, and Vaporeon. Toxic is another status option to consider and is great to use against Snorlax and Exeggutor, both of which strongly rely on their Leftovers to be effective. As far as attacks are concerned, Starmie also learns Ice Beam, Thunder, and Thunderbolt that are all good options to toy around with—Ice Beam will wear down Exeggutor and Zapdos while still hitting Ground-types super effectively, while Thunder and Thunderbolt will spell trouble for other Water-types.

Checks and Counters

Snorlax can take anything Starmie throws at it, but keep in mind that Reflect will reduce Snorlax's advantage and Toxic will whittle away at Snorlax's health. The standard Toxic + Pursuit Umbreon is specifically geared to take out Starmie and is probably the best counter for it; once hit with Toxic, Starmie will have to switch before the poison takes its toll (since it normally won't have Rest to get rid of it), only to be hit with a base 80 Pursuit (dealing around 50% damage to Starmie) when it switches out. Electric-types, namely Raikou and Zapdos, can dispose of Starmie without much trouble, but keep in mind that Starmie won't stay in against them and can leave a mark with Thunder Wave or Light Screen. Exeggutor can be a pain with Stun Spore or Sleep Powder as well. And, as mentioned in the analysis, Starmie doesn't deal with status afflictions well, so if you are able to paralyze or poison it, you've given yourself an upper hand.