Type Tier
Rock UU
Level 100 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
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I've always liked Sudowoodo, couldn't really tell you why, but I like the fake tree. He's the only pure Rock-type in GSC, before the days of Nosepass and Regirock, and that's a plus in some ways, though it mostly stinks, and it certainly wishes it was the first Grass / Rock type instead (it looks like a Grass / Rock, anyway). As it is though , Sudowoodo is pretty much an inferior Golem and Rhydon who can't do much besides set up Curse and Selfdestruct, but its accepted in the UU environment unlike the other two, and can actually do OK there. All in all a cool Pokémon.

Name Item

Physical Attacker

~ Curse
~ Rock Slide
~ Earthquake
~ Selfdestruct

Sudowoodo is the only pure Rock-type in the game. But that's not really a good thing; Ground / Rock types have STAB on Earthquake at the expense of being weaker to Grass, Ice, and Water moves. Anyway, Sudowoodo is just an inferior Golem, and you need to use it as such. Switch in on a Normal move, start setting up with Curse, and hit what you can with the appropriate move. When you're done go out with a boom with Selfdestruct. This is Sudowoodo's only good moveset, really, and works pretty well in the UU environment and, because of the lack of Ground typing and average Special Defense, Sudowoodo can actually take a Surf or two and live to Selfdestruct.

Name Item

Mixed Attacker

Leftovers / Miracle Berry / None
~ Selfdestruct
~ Rock Slide
~ ThunderPunch
~ Fire Punch / Ice Punch / Thief

This is a comedy set, sure (meaning you shouldn't expect it to work), but you might surprise and paralyze a Water-type switch-in, or freeze or burn a Grass-type. When Sudowoodo's almost done, blow up what you can with Selfdestruct. Thief is always nice on bad Pokémon, use it with Miracle Berry probably, to absorb a status and then Thief the opponent's Leftovers.

Other Options

Sudowoodo gets an obligatory mention of RestTalk—everything can use that though, but Sudowoodo certainly isn't particularly good at it. Sandstorm stinks, but every Rock Pokémon can use it if it suits your team. Toxic is nice for a beat down Pokémon like Sudowoodo, but there is no room for it in its movesets. Psych Up could be put over Curse to surprise a CurseLax with Fire Blast and proceed to sweep a team (not really, though), or at least damage them slightly. Curse + Rollout is funny, and can actually do major damage to non Ground- or Steel-types. Hidden Power Bug can be used for Exeggutor if you don't want to Selfdestruct on it.

Checks and Counters

Suicune, Vaporeon, and other strong Water-types will force Sudowoodo to Selfdestruct; Exeggutor, Meganium, Tangela and other strong Grass-types have the same effect. Golem, Rhydon, and Steelix will easily Roar it out, hit it with Counter, or beat it in a Curse war. Skarmory will Whirlwind it out or Toxic it.