Type Tier
Water OU
Level 100 Statistics (see level 5, 50, 100)
  • Overused


Suicune is definitely a utilitarian, defensive tank. No physical weaknesses and only one glaring special weakness (Electric) grants it the ability to switch in on a lot of different attackers and Roar them out before they can set up and get rolling. Suicune is a Pokémon that benefits immensely from Spikes support; since it walls so many things, and is hurt by relatively few, it forces a lot of switches. Coupled with Roar, this can turn into two switches per turn, which means two Pokemon hit with Spikes (and hopefully poison) damage, and the forced switch with Roar could pull out something that needs to switch again.

Suicune requires a lot of patience to use since it is such a tank and doesn't have the ability to take out a lot of Pokemon on its own. Recognize its role as a team player, however, and you'll find that Suicune's abilities are excellent on stall teams.

Name Item


~ Surf
~ Toxic
~ Roar
~ Rest

Suicune isn't a complicated Pokémon, but that doesn't mean that it's not useful. This is the oft-seen phazing set, and it's generally easy to get Suicune in on either another Water-type or something that can't seriously harm it right off the bat; think Pokemon like Skarmory and Steelix. From there you can opt to just attack with Surf, but it's important to keep in mind that attacking isn't Suicune's primary purpose. In fact, you'll find that Surf is often the least-used move on this set, as Suicune's walling abilities are used to force switches.

This is where Toxic and Roar come in handy. Since Suicune lacks attacking power, Toxic is used here to spread status and chip away at the opponents that will try and switch in to it. When you feel that status has been spread enough, it's time to start forcing as many more switches as you can with Roar, which helps to rack up poison damage. This strategy can be absolutely brutal if you can reliably get Spikes down, so strongly consider incorporating them if you have Suicune on your team.

Name Item


~ Surf
~ Sleep Talk
~ Ice Beam
~ Rest

This set is another way to use Suicune as a wall, and its ability to block most of the mixed sweepers and sleep-inducers in GSC is pretty impressive. Most non-STAB Thunderbolts just don't have the power to take down Suicune in 3 hits, so it's free to continue using Rest and Sleep Talk as it wishes. Though Suicune's Ice Beam isn't extremely powerful, it's useful enough to guard against threats like Exeggutor, Zapdos, and Dragonite from getting a worry-free switch in. The downside to this set, however, is the free switch ins it does provide for Pokemon like Snorlax, Starmie, and Raikou, so keep in mind that you could also use this to bait these kinds of switch-ins and use them to your advantage.

Other Options

Mirror Coat is always there, but keep in mind that, like Counter, you really only have one shot at using it. However, the ability to completely flip the tables on your opponent by taking out their Zapdos or Raikou is amazing, and surprises like that can easily win a match.

Checks and Counters

Suicune has solid defenses all-around, so it is hard to kill with a few hits. Your best bet would be Zapdos or Raikou, who hit it super effectively and will probably force it to switch out. Snorlax and Tentacruel always run the risk of being phazed out, but assuming they are not, they will beat Suicune one-on-one. Blissey can stall Suicune for a while, but fails to achieve much else. Keep in mind that while not a lot can do major harm to Suicune, Suicune itself rarely possesses the offense to take down something one-on-one, so if your opponent starts trying to stall Suicune out, use that information to make a good switch next time. Also, poisoning Suicune can be effective, as it needs its Leftovers every turn to retain its walling abilities.