The Smogon Mentorship Program

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Hello, and welcome to the Smogon Mentorship Program! For many years, Smogon has been accused of being a closed off community that is difficult to understand by outsiders. It's understandable why this is: like the sciences, we have developed our own sort of vocabulary as a competitive community. While we will continue to be the number one source for competitive Pokémon information on the Internet, we're interested in making ourselves more accessible to the public. That desire brought us to the creation of this program.

What we have set up is a direct system for you, the reader, to communicate with Smogon veterans. A large group of us have joined together to work towards teaching the Internet about Smogon and its many facets. You can check out the list of mentors to learn exactly who we are and what we do around the site. We're the writers, the battlers, and the contributors on the front of the competitive Pokémon scene, and we're dying to share with you what we know. If you're interested in learning more about Smogon's communities, we've compiled a quick description of each of our communities; you can read about all of them here.

Here's a tip right off the bat: Smogon's forums only make up a small fraction of who we are. We utilize IRC (Internet Relay Chat) to communicate, set up battles, and just have a good time on a daily basis. We've set up a specific channel called #mentor that is open to anyone. All of our Smogon Mentors hang out in this channel whenever they're on IRC, so it's a great place for us to get to know you. To start, you can learn how to download mIRC here, which is kind of difficult to do, or you can use this Mibbit link to chat with us directly. Through this, you'll be able to chat with every available mentor live. We're all looking forward to meeting you, and we're nice people! So make sure you drop in and introduce yourself. Feel free to use us as a sort of "tech support" if you have any questions about Smogon or competitive Pokémon.

If you're looking to get involved in our forums, register an account and start posting! We don't really care how many posts you have, and we'd prefer that you jump into our conversations. However, if you'd like to introduce yourself, check out our Introduction Thread to get yourself started. The Smogon Mentorship Program is here to help you get started on Smogon, so feel free to message anyone with the Mentor indicator in their postbit if you have any questions. Welcome to Smogon—we hope that you enjoy your stay!

Written by Birkal. You can send him a message on the forums if you have any questions about the Smogon Mentorship Program.