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Black and White 2 Changes Article and Discussion

Posted on Jun 24, 2012 03:01PM

With Black & White 2 introducing so many changes, it can be hard to assimilate all of them quickly! Luckily, Theorymon and Seven Deadly Sins have made it easy to scope out the new changes to the games. Just go to the Black and White 2 Changes article located helpfully in our Black/White articles section, and scope out all the juicy details on the changes in the new games. This article includes comprehensive information on all the new forms, including Black/White Kyurem and the Therian Genies, as well as a comprehensive and easily searchable list of all the new Move Tutors and the Pokemon that benefit from them. Go check it out!

While you're at it, why not discuss Black & White 2 within our forums? Jump over to the General Metagame Discussion thread for some competitive conversation, or head on down to the Orange Islands forum for the latest chat on Black & White 2. Once you've gotten your fill of information, try your hand at the new metagame on Pokemon Showdown! to your heart's content. ~Seven Deadly Sins