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Smogon Frontier VI Conquered

Posted on Aug 19, 2012 04:29PM

For three weeks and several hundreds of challenges, the Smogon Frontier remained standing. Challengers brought everything from standard sand to year-old Quagsire stall teams to Baton Pass chains, but not one was able to prevail. Not even renowned metagame changer xtranus.

It ultimately took the efforts of one Philip7086 to defeat the Frontier. He went 11-2, skipping McMeghan and losing to M Dragon and Iconic. In the subsequent rematches, he won convincingly, taking home the trophy after defeating Iconic in the final match of Smogon Frontier VI.

Congratulations, Philip7086, and thanks to everyone who participated in the latest season of the Smogon Frontier! ~Eo Ut Mortus