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The Orange League Continues

Posted on Sep 15, 2012 10:18AM

A few months ago, Smogon increased its scope of the world of Pokémon to include non-competitive Pokémon discussion. The result was the birth of the Orange Islands forum. All sorts of discussion occurs there, from creating In-Game Tier lists to sharing Nuzlocke Challenges.

Now, The Orange Island staff has decided to host an entirely new sort of Competition: The Orange League! In it, contestants face off in all sorts of Pokémon contests, from nailing a high score in Pokémon Snap to snagging the best Pokémon in the Bug Catching Contest. Furthermore, it's a team competition, so grab your four closest friends and make a team! You can also play as an individual or recruit for other members on the forums. For more information on the rules, check out The Orange League Rules.

Last round, Team SteelSeed and Team euheuheuh tied for first, and are now taking part in a sudden death competition to determine the victor. You can read all of the results on The Orange League Leaderboards. Think you can top them? Sign-ups for Round 2 are just beginning! It doesn't matter how long you've been on the forums; everyone is more than welcome to participate. Come check out The Orange Islands sometime to see the plethora of other contests and discussions we are hosting. See you all there! ~Birkal & Jellicent