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CAP 4 Aurumoth Playtest

Posted on Nov 19, 2012 12:53PM

The Create-A-Pokemon community would like to present to you our newest creation: Aurumoth! It was a intrepid 68 day process to complete this Pokemon from start to finish. The journey that brought us to today was fraught with grandiose debates and massive polls. Aurumoth, the Gold Standard Pokémon, is a Bug / Psychic Seraph Moth that capitalizes on the concept of high risk and high reward trade-offs. It's got a smattering of abilities and moves that all revolve around risk in the competitive scene.


Since we've finished creating our new Pokemon, it's time for the official CAP 4 playtest to begin! The playtest is limited to a two week period where competitive Pokemon battlers will battle in a metagame consisting of Black 2 & White 2 OU plus Aurumoth. This isolated test will determine how well Aurumoth held to its original concept. Whether you're playing mindgames with Dragon Dance and Illusion or going for a late game sweep with Weak Armor and powerful coverage, you'll find that Aurumoth can fill a variety of roles. If you like to experiment and battle in a fun, creative, and combative environment in OU with an entirely new competitive Pokemon, check out Pokemon Showdown! to see what we're all about! And while you're at it, sign up for the CAP 4 Playtest Tournament to try your luck on the competitive scene.

If you're interested in CAP in general, head on over to the CAP forum, where we're running a plethora of side projects. First of all, we're finishing up the pre-evolutions for Pyroak, our Fire / Grass Lizard from Generation 4, in the CAP Pre-Evolution Workshop. Also, we've decided that Aurumoth should have two pre-evolutions, so stay tuned for us to begin that process in the upcoming days. Scope out the CAP sub-site if you're looking to discover more information on CAP. We're always looking for new members to get involved with our community, whether you're a competitive battler, an expressive artist, or simply a wandering mind looking to create something entirely unique. We're bustling with activity, so why not join in the fun? ~Birkal