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The Smog #25

Posted on Mar 04, 2013 07:40PM

The latest issue of Smogon's web-zine, The Smog #25, has been released!

As mentioned in the Note from the Editor, The Smog has never been operating under a greater or more efficient system, and the results of our labor are reflected with each release. This time around, our latest issue comes exactly one month after our previous one, making it the fastest consecutive release in the three-years history of The Smog. More important, as we become prompter with our public releases, we continue to work hard to maintain a variety of topics filling in our pool of articles to ensure we are always bringing content that appeals all types of audience. If you like what you read, then by all means head over to our forum thread to give us some feedback and a Luvdisc!

If you aren't familiar with our previous issues, you can always check them out in The Smog section of the website to get your fill. If you're considering joining The Smog production staff as a writer, an artist, or a coder, look into The Smog sub-forum for more information. Don't hesitate to send the Staff private messages if you have questions; we won't bite! ~Setsuna