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The Smog #26

Posted on Apr 07, 2013 08:30PM

The latest issue of Smogon's web-zine, The Smog #26, has been released!

As always, the team is trying interesting and fresh things, with the introduction of the new Spotlight articles, as well as some fresh articles like kd24's ADV Player Bio: reyscarface, a competitively-focused interview-style article with one of Smogon's most successful modern ADV players. However, regular readers will still be excited to see familiar series continued and revisited—for example, kokoloko's Underused 201: Battling is an indepth exploration of battling strategy that even non-UU players should find informative, and cookie has written another installment of How Moves Work. Meanwhile, Ubers fans will be delighted by shrang's Enlightenment: A Guide to Working Out Arceus Formes from Team Preview, and those with a mind for speculation will find Crystal_'s GSC and ADV Underdogs that Would Have Hit Big in RBY fascinating. Finally, Layell has the masterminds behind the hilarious and incredibly ambitious Pokemon Showdown April Fools Day prank covered in The Many Styles of the April Fools' Sprites.

Of course, there's still plenty of entertainment, strategy, metagame, and community content left for you to discover, so enjoy! As always, please do drop by the forums and let us know what you think in our release thread! ~jumpluff