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The Elite Four: Charity Water Event

Posted on Apr 21, 2013 09:50PM
The Elite Four: Charity Water

From April 22nd - April 29th, Sephazon of YouTube is hosting a Pokemon themed charity stream for Charity Water. The donation goal for the event is $50,000 (you can donate and learn more here); the stream is being conducted on the official Elite Four Twitch account. The stream will be divided into three hour shifts, which other great Pokemon experts, let's players, and fans will be taking over. Guests include popular YouTubers Marriland, TheJWittz, and SuperSkarmory; you can find the full schedule here.

Pokemon Showdown is standing alongside Sephazon and his goal by providing him with the necessary tools to get the word out about this charity event. As the premier online Pokemon simulator, Pokemon Showdown will be hosting all online battles that will be used over the week. The PS staff will also announce highlight events of the fundraiser throughout the upcoming days, so stay on the lookout for those announcements. Best of luck to Sephazon and his Pokemon-playing friends on striving for positive change in our world! ~Birkal