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Team USA East Wins The World Cup of Pokemon VIII

Posted on Aug 10, 2013 04:58PM

Smogon's 8th official World Cup of Pokemon is now down in the history books with a telling story of Team USA East's victory over Team Asia by a score of 6 to 2. After losing in the finals of last year's World Cup of Pokemon, Team USA East entered this year as arguably the favorite to take home the title of strongest Pokemon nation in the world, and there's no doubt that they delivered to live up to people's expectations. The results of the series can be viewed here.

A warmhearted congratulations goes out to team captain Stone_Cold and his crew consisting of august, Bad Ass, BKC, CTC, dragonuser, gr8astard, idiotfrommars, Jayde, LizardMan, Nails, ShakeItUp, Thatsjustpeachy, Tobes, and yondie on their well-earned victory! Don't hesitate to pat each of them on the back by leaving a message on their profiles, and stay tuned to see if Team USA East successfully defends their title come 2014! ~Bloo