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Registration Open for Global Battle Union 2012 International Challenge

Posted on Mar 14, 2012 05:13PM

Registration for the largest competitive Pokemon tournament ever held is now open! Up to 50,000 entrants will be accepted from around the world and will be matched up randomly in battles between March 22nd and March 26th. The one who climbs to the top of the ladder will be declared the victor! For a list of full rules and how to register, check out the official page by The Pokemon Company International. If you'd like to discuss your experiences, we have a thread in the forums. Or if talking about your battles in real-time is more your thing, you'll be sure to find others battling as well on IRC. You have until the 21st to register and lock in your team. Please be warned that if you are intending to compete in the France or Spain National Championship, you should read this important information before entering the International Challenge.

During the Autumn Friendly last year, Mattcoww took some testimonials from Smogon users to publish in Nintendo World, Brazil's official Nintendo magazine. As anyone who's spent any amount of time on NetBattle knows, Brazil has a very large Pokemon playing population! If you can read Portuguese, check out the images below to see what they said.

Note: The main article text has been removed in respect of their copyright. ~Firestorm

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