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Name Description
Antidote Cures poison.
Awakening Cures sleep.
Bicycle Allows user to travel at double speed.
Bike Voucher Redeem at Cerulean Bike Shop for a free Bicycle.
Burn Heal Cures burn.
Calcium Raises Special.
Carbos Raises Speed.
Card Key Unlocks doors in the Silph Co. building.
Coin Case Holds up to 9,999 Casino coins for use at Celadon Casino.
Dire Hit Raises chances of a critical hit in battle.
Dome Fossil Used to clone Kabuto at the Cinnabar Island Laboratory.
Elixir Restores 10 PP to each move.
Escape Rope Allows the user to escape from a dungeon.
Ether Restores 10 PP of one move.
EXP. All Divides Exp. from battle between all party members.
Fire Stone Evolves Eevee, Growlithe and Vulpix.
Fresh Water Restores 50 HP.
Full Heal Cures all status ailments.
Full Restore Restores all HP and cures all status ailments.
Gold Teeth Return to Safari Zone Warden and receive HM04.
Good Rod Fish for Pokemon. Better than Old Rod.
Great Ball Used to catch Pokemon. Higher chance of success than Poke Ball.
Guard Spec. Prevents stat reduction in battle.
Helix Fossil Used to clone Omanyte at the Cinnabar Island Laboratory.
HM01 Teaches Cut.
HM02 Teaches Fly.
HM03 Teaches Surf.
HM04 Teaches Strength.
HM05 Teaches Flash.
HP Up Raises HP.
Hyper Potion Restores 200 HP.
Ice Heal Cures freeze.
Iron Raises Defense.
Itemfinder Detects hidden items in close proximity.
Leaf Stone Evolves Exeggcute, Gloom, and Weepinbell.
Lemonade Restores 80 HP.
Lift Key Unlocks the elevator in the Team Rocket Hideout, Celadon City.
Master Ball Used to catch Pokemon. Never fails.
Max Elixir Restores all PP to all moves.
Max Ether Restores all PP to one move.
Max Potion Restores all HP.
Max Repel Repels weaker Pokemon for 250 steps.
Max Revive Revives a fainted Pokemon to max HP.
Moon Stone Evolves Clefairy, Jigglypuff, Nidorina, and Nidorino.
Nugget A nugget of pure gold. Can be sold at a high price.
Oak's Parcel Deliver to Prof. Oak in Pallet Town and receive a Pokédex.
Old Amber Used to clone Aerodactyl at the Cinnabar Island Laboratory.
Old Rod Fish for Pokemon.
Paralyz Heal Cures paralysis.
Poke Ball Used to catch Pokemon.
Poke Doll Allows the user to escape from battle.
Pokedex Records all information about Pokemon seen and caught.
Pokeflute Awakens sleeping Pokemon.
Potion Restores 20 HP.
PP Up Increases the max PP of a move.
Protein Raises Attack.
Rare Candy Raises a Pokemon's level by one.
Repel Repels weaker Pokemon for 100 steps.
Revive Recovers a fainted Pokemon to 50% HP.
S.S. Ticket Use to board the S.S. Anne in Vermillion City.
Safari Ball Used to catch Pokemon. Can only be used in the Safari Zone.
Secret Key Unlocks Blaine's Gym on Cinnabar Island.
Silph Scope Allows Ghosts to be detected in the Pokemon Tower, Lavender Town.
Soda Pop Restores 60 HP.
Super Potion Restores 50 HP.
Super Repel Repels weaker Pokemon for 200 steps.
Super Rod Fish for Pokemon. Better than Good Rod.
Thunderstone Evolves Eevee and Pikachu.
TM01 Teaches Mega Punch.
TM02 Teaches Razor Wind.
TM03 Teaches Swords Dance.
TM04 Teaches Whirlwind.
TM05 Teaches Mega Kick.
TM06 Teaches Toxic.
TM07 Teaches Horn Drill.
TM08 Teaches Body Slam.
TM09 Teaches Take Down.
TM10 Teaches Double-Edge.
TM11 Teaches BubbleBeam.
TM12 Teaches Water Gun.
TM13 Teaches Ice Beam.
TM14 Teaches Blizzard.
TM15 Teaches Hyper Beam.
TM16 Teaches Pay Day.
TM17 Teaches Submission.
TM18 Teaches Counter.
TM19 Teaches Seismic Toss.
TM20 Teaches Rage.
TM21 Teaches Mega Drain.
TM22 Teaches SolarBeam.
TM23 Teaches Dragon Rage.
TM24 Teaches Thunderbolt.
TM25 Teaches Thunder.
TM26 Teaches Earthquake.
TM27 Teaches Fissure.
TM28 Teaches Dig.
TM29 Teaches Psychic.
TM30 Teaches Teleport.
TM31 Teaches Mimic.
TM32 Teaches Double Team.
TM33 Teaches Reflect.
TM34 Teaches Bide.
TM35 Teaches Metronome.
TM36 Teaches Selfdestruct.
TM37 Teaches Egg Bomb.
TM38 Teaches Fire Blast.
TM39 Teaches Swift.
TM40 Teaches Skull Bash.
TM41 Teaches Softboiled.
TM42 Teaches Dream Eater.
TM43 Teaches Sky Attack.
TM44 Teaches Rest.
TM45 Teaches Thunder Wave.
TM46 Teaches Psywave.
TM47 Teaches Explosion.
TM48 Teaches Rock Slide.
TM49 Teaches Tri Attack.
TM50 Teaches Substitute.
Town Map Shows your position throughout the game.
Ultra Ball Used to catch Pokemon. Higher chance of success than Great Ball.
Water Stone Evolves Eevee, Poliwhirl, Shellder, and Staryu.
X Accuracy Raises accuracy in battle.
X Attack Raises Attack in battle.
X Defend Raises Defense in battle.
X Special Raises Special in battle.
X Speed Raises Speed in battle.