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Type Power Accuracy PP Priority
Normal 15 75% 20 0


Prevents the opponent from attacking for 2-5 turns. Either Pokémon may switch at any time, but the user is only permitted to use this attack until the 2-5 turns are up. Ghost-types do not receive damage, but they are still immobilized by Bind. If the target switches, the duration of this attack will be renewed and an additional PP will be used. If the user switches out, the target is still immobilized for the duration of that turn. All the hits will do the same damage as the first hit. If the first hit is a critical hit, all subsequent hits will be critical hits too.

Competitive Use

RBY partial trapping moves might be the most obnoxious moves ever. For its duration, the target will be able to switch but it won't be able to attack. This gives the user free switches and it slowly gets your health down until you are in Hyper Beam KO range. It's a move basically used to buy turns and win very, very slowly. You won't see Bind used much though, as Wrap has better accuracy.

Related Moves

Wrap is an equivalent move, but with higher accuracy.

Fire Spin is a Fire-type equivalent, but with lower accuracy.

Clamp is a more powerful Water-type equivalent.

Pokémon Type Tier HP Atk Def Spc Spe BST
Onix Rock / Ground UU 35 45 160 30 70 340
Pinsir Bug UU 65 125 100 55 85 430
Tangela Grass UU 65 55 115 100 60 395