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Type Power Accuracy PP Priority
Normal 170 100% 5 0


Faints the user. Damage is calculated as though the defender has half of its Defense.

If the opposing Pokémon survives, it will not be charged with 1 PP for the attack selected if it was second to go. It will also be unaffected by poison, burn, and Leech Seed. If the opponent's Pokémon has a Substitute up, then a Pokémon who uses Explosion will not faint. However, if Explosion is used on a Substitute while playing Pokémon Stadium, then the user will faint.

Competitive Use

An excellent last resort move and a good way to deal with Amnesia users. Despite not being as powerful as in the following generations, it's a better move in RBY than it is in BW, granting an extra kill most of the time for Pokemon that are about to faint anyways. The best users of this move are Exeggutor and Golem. It's a way to deal with Chansey, but keep in mind that you will need to weaken Snorlax to KO it with this move, as it has a decent Defense stat. In Ubers, it's a good way to get rid of Mewtwo before it stacks a second Amnesia or sweeps you with Psychic.

Related Moves

Selfdestruct is a weaker version of Explosion that is also Normal-type.

Pokémon Type Tier HP Atk Def Spc Spe BST
Cloyster Water / Ice OU 50 95 180 85 70 480
Electrode Electric UU 60 50 70 80 140 400
Exeggutor Grass / Psychic OU 95 95 85 125 55 455
Gengar Ghost / Poison OU 60 65 60 130 110 425
Golem Rock / Ground OU 80 110 130 55 45 420
Mew Psychic Uber 100 100 100 100 100 500
Muk Poison UU 105 105 75 65 50 400
Onix Rock / Ground UU 35 45 160 30 70 340
Weezing Poison UU 65 90 120 85 60 420