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Jump Kick

Type Power Accuracy PP Priority
Fighting 70 95% 25 0


If it misses, user loses 1 HP. If the user knocks itself out, then the opponent's Pokémon will not attack during the same turn. The effects of poison, burn, and Leech Seed will be ignored on that turn. The Pokémon will not lose 1 PP for the attack it was about to use.

Competitive Use

Jump Kick is a decent move; however, it has poor distribution and is redundant considering Hitmonlee also has access to the much more powerful Hi Jump Kick. It's thus not seen in competitive games.

Related Moves

Hi Jump Kick is a stronger equivalent with less accuracy.

Pokémon Type Tier HP Atk Def Spc Spe BST
Hitmonlee Fighting UU 50 120 53 35 87 345