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Leech Seed

Type Power Accuracy PP Priority
Grass - 90% 10 0


Steals 1/16 of the target's HP after it attacks and gives it to the user. This attack's effect will last until the opposing Pokémon either switches out or faints. It has no effect on Grass Pokémon or Substitutes. Leech Seed can be combined with Toxic to steal more HP each turn. The effects of Leech Seed are negated if the move Haze is used.

Competitive Use

Leech Seed is not as good in RBY as it is in later generations. Even when used with Toxic, which doubles every turn Leech Seed inflicts damage, it's not a good option, as switching out will simply cancel Leech Seed and turn Toxic into normal poison. All in all, a poor option for Grass-types.

Pokémon Type Tier HP Atk Def Spc Spe BST
Exeggutor Grass / Psychic OU 95 95 85 125 55 455
Venusaur Grass / Poison UU 80 82 83 100 80 425