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Type Power Accuracy PP Priority
Normal - - 10 0


Recovers 50% of the user's max HP. This move will fail if the user's HP is full, has 511 below max HP, 255 below max HP, or no HP.

Competitive Use

Softboiled is one of the best moves in the game, and it, or its equivalent Recover, is mandatory for any defensive Pokemon and even some offensive ones. Chansey is the only user this move, walling special attacks and even physical attacks with Reflect, recovering all damage received. A Chansey without Softboiled should be frowned upon and discarded.

Related Moves

Recover is an exact equivalent.

Rest heals user's full health and status but puts it to sleep for two turns.

Pokémon Type Tier HP Atk Def Spc Spe BST
Chansey Normal OU 250 5 5 105 50 415
Mew Psychic Uber 100 100 100 100 100 500